+ 4 favorite styles of spring jackets….with say yes to hoboken

A few days ago I helped out the very talented Liz from say yes to hoboken (one of the first blog I ever started reading) model some of here stylish jackets for spring. It was pretty fun to shoot….you’ve got to love the random stares, the changing in a dinky cafe bathroom that has no lock, and the occasional soda and banana chocolate chip bread buying in order to use that bathroom or outside table.  Check it out over on her blog….and check out her blog because you will be hooked!


  1. How fun!! That’s so exciting!!

  2. Those are awesome! I especially like the black one and the green one :)

  3. I love these looks! So cute!

  4. love the selection , sounds like it was fun fun fun.

    xo Meg

  5. You are a really great model.

  6. You’re gorgeous! I really love the black one 😉

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  8. Hey, you’re zoo beautiful !!
    I was wondering why you have two blogs (the bloodspot one, and cottonandcurls.com) ?

  9. All four looks are great but I really love the leather jacket!



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  11. So cool that you got to work with Liz S! Samesies, I have been reading her blog FOREVER. You model so well, too! =)

  12. Cutesy, edgy, flirty and fun! Love all of these styles of jackets.


  13. So great jackets, Women’s Jackets looks very handsome.

  14. that is amazing!!! Congrats!

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