+ Get Spring ready with Fab

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With the few exciting glimpses of the sunny warm spring weather this last month has made me yearn for some Spring essentials I’m missing in my closet (and in this case…my garage as well). And for those things you don’t feel like DIYing, you can find it on a design-curated shop called Fab! The have modern, colorful, fun assortment of products….I couldn’t stop discovering innovative and unique designs for everything Fab offers designer products on every end of the spectrum for a great deal. But you have to act fast…items are listed for a limited amount of time and quantity.  I found the most perfect little things for a typical day in spring; a mint bike for our daily adventures, vintage quilt for picnics, messenger bag for mommy things and school, modern sunnies and a hat, lace peplum top, dainty necklace, pretty bright yellow flats, modern watch, and studded headphones. Oh my goodness, I’m obsessed. 
As Fab says, “smile. You’re designed to.”


  1. loving everything spring right now! that bike is too beautiful!

  2. love, love, looove the bike.

  3. Great bag! I can’t wait for Spring! I’m so sick of all this cold.


  4. great post I love the yellow sandals

  5. I could die for that bike <3 Lovely color!

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