+ high low gathered back shirt tutorial and the beautiful view of san francisco

 I didn’t know how small this city was until I could almost squeeze it into an entire photograph. At the top of twin peaks, you can get the prettiest view of the city and a little glimpse of windy roads sandwiched between rolling green hills. I want to come here every week! The houses and buildings are so packed together, with millions of people in this little place. Crazy. Isn’t it so beautiful?
This shirt was super fast to make and easy to do….just a few snips and stitches and you are ready to go! Doesn’t it seem it would be harder? I love how loose and comfy it is. You can make it even tighter if you like around the chest, But it mostly needs to be a little loose so the gathered part in the back can be flowy. My husband took the pics, which means I didn’t get a great frontal shot, but I think you get the idea.

Extra supplies:
1 to 1. 5 yards of flowy fabric (mine was knit)
1. Take a loose shirt and lay it on your fabric (if you are using knit, make sure the stretchiness is running horizontal) cut around it. Always add more length and width than you think. Lay that piece onto your fabric, and cut out a half rounded version like the picture below. Then cut out a rectangular piece that is as long as at least 1.5 to 2 x the width of the shirt (horizontal) and the make it as long as you want. But it will be coming down from your mid to lower back. But keeping it long just in case will not hurt!
2. Gather the top of the long side of the rectangle piece to be the width of the half back shirt piece.
3. Pin it to the rounded edge, right sides together and sew.
4. Topstitch (stitch on top) the remaining inside raw edge that was just created, by folding it up to the flat rounded piece in the inside of the shirt and sewing a straight stitch an eighth or quarter inch on the outside following the round back.
5. Lay the front piece onto the back piece and sew up the sides and shoulders. Leaving the neckline, sleeve openings, and bottom open.
6. Cut the neckline to as open as you like minus a half inch for seam allowance….less is more, you don’t want to cut too much out! Hem the neckline and sleeves.
7. Iron down the gathered piece in the back softly so it doesn’t stick out too much.


  1. this is super cute.
    also this makes me super excited to move to the city.


  2. Love love love the picture of the Flying Ollie!

  3. I just shared this link on our business webpage. Love the photography and swanky tutorials you always share!


  4. Gorgeous! I shared it on our FB page and I am totally going to make one! I’m also totally obsessed with your blog! I can’t wait to see what you do in fashion design school. I was super excited to hear you went, you’ll be amazing!

  5. Yup, SF itself is tiny, area-wise. We always say, it’s pretty much an island, spare the part where it’s connected on the south. Being a Peninsula and all.

    San Jose is actually the Bay Area’s largest city, population-wise.

  6. Beautiful pics! Do you live in SF? I’ve been reading your blog for months and didn’t realize you were local!



  7. San Francisco looks amazing love the material you used in this DIY.

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  8. your baby is so adorable! love the city view! :)

  9. Love that shirt and I’m on spring break right now so I’ll actually have time to do this tutorial.
    Your pictures are so great – nothing I love more than a great city view!


  10. What a great design, I love how the peplum is just in the back like a bustle. REally awesome, I think I need to make this one! San Fran is so beautiful! I used to live in Presidio as a kid (my dad was in the army). IT’s such a rad city!!

  11. glad to see you’re loving San Francisco! There’s a lot of quirks here! It’s a a bigger city than it looks 😉

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  13. love the shirt btw

  14. love it!

  15. I made this following your tutorial :) check out my blog for pictures http://watchmariasew.blogspot.com/

  16. Very Cute!

  17. cortney says:

    Hey do you still have the tutorial for the slouchy baby beanie in the picture? I can’t seem to find it! :(

  18. So want to go to San Francisco some day! I think this top could be made from a man’s shirt too! There’s an amazing amount of fabric in an X-large man’s shirt. Very nice tutorial!


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