+ Quick big bun tutorial with my 3 tips…and a video!

I through this bun on when I’m out of time, have crazy day, or when I should be washing my hair but don’t (this is usually the reason). I have a few hair tips that I’ve realized a few of you may not use! I know a lot of you have shorter hair, but I just did this on my friend Liz, who has fine and just below shoulder length hair and it worked wonderfully…and without a sock might I add.

So what are the helpful tips you may or may not use in your bun styling…

and the very loose twisting technique.

I picked up these really cool twisty bobby pins, called Spin Pins, after a stylist had stuck them in my hair. Just a few of them alone held my hair up in what ever position and tightness on my head. In that case it was a low very loose chignon, and just a few twists…bam it stayed for a good few hours.
I have been using extra large bobby pins for years now, I think since junior high or elementary (ie my mom used them one me!) and I haven’t stopped. They hold a lot of hair at once. Perfect for buns, chignons, and when I want to add some extra perkiness to my pony tails and high buns, I slip ones of these in with the hairband. It prevents anything from sagging down through out the day!
My key to a big bun (without a sock) is making the twist of your hair as LOOSE as possible when you twist it around your head. The tighter the smaller, the looser the bigger. Like I repeated earlier, I’ve tried this on short, finer haired ladies and it turned out great!! You basically twist it once, wrap it a little around your head, then twist a little bit again to finish the wrap. Then you twist your spin pins in or slide in your extra large bobby pins around your bun.
**If you have short or finer hair, do one loose twist as you are wrapping it around the base of your ponytail, then it may only look like a half bun. This is when you take your (the spin pins come in smaller sizes!) mini spin pins or small bobby pins and work them into your hair, slowly inching the sides of half bun to become a whole one.


Get your details above…these are the quick ones instructions:

 1. High pony tail
2. Loose twist or half twist if needed
3. Wrap around …and half twist again half way through wrap if needed.
4. Bobby pin it
5. Poof it out
6. Done!



  1. omg the ending with the kids climbin around was so adorable. you’re a natural in front of the cam!

  2. Thanks for the cute video. you’re adorable!

  3. This is great! We have the same hair – long, thick and straight (I wish I had all the rest of your stunning features oooh well 😉 and I love having my hair in a bun but did not know about those spin pins so have a hard keep keeping my hair in a bun. Yay, so excited! Thank you for posting this. By the way is that your bathroom? Stunning!

  4. Cuteee!! I’m sort of in love with my “springs” as my husband calls them. They are the best invention ever. And boy oh boy — nice sweater!

  5. I love spin pins too! The Goody ones are pretty expensive (especially because I keep losing them…they just roll off the bathroom counter into oblivion). I’ve found some cheaper alternatives on eBay!

  6. Cutest hair tutorial video EVER!

  7. wonderful tutorial! you are the CUTEST!!!!!!! I am going to share this video with everyone :) Also i have never tried those spin pins but now i wish i would have picked some up at market :) just lovin it ! xoRach

  8. I”m going to have to try this…I’ve been doing the sock bun but I like the look of this much better!



  9. Oh my goodness that was adorable and a great tutorial!

  10. Love it.. Mine always looks like i rolled out of bed!


  11. This is so cute. Great blog.

  12. Great tutorial a big bun is my go to look !

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  13. Great tutorial! Thanks for posting it =]

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  14. stinkin cute video! I love the unbuttoned-onesie-tp-destroyer in the end!

  15. HI Liz,
    would it be possible to put the video (and the other you made a few days ago…) here another time without sound (or rather music)? Because in Germany i can’t watch it due to the music thats in it (for reasons of the rights of publishing)- and i’d luuuuuuuuuuuv to see how you make the bun (’cause it dosen’t really work when i make it…). That would be awsome!!
    Lovely greets from Germany

  16. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  17. i loved the little hands helping mom with her girly stuff!!! lol i love this bun and mine always wants to fall throughout the day. i’ll have to grab some of those twisty things.

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  19. I desperately need a better go-to hair style. With my little ones around, there is minimal time for doing hair. I love this idea and the video was so helpful and fun.

  20. Gorgeous! Next step: share with us your hair routine, that would be soooo cool :)

  21. may you show us your perky pony tail? Its always so sad to see my pony tail sag throughout the day.

  22. Dude, you (and your babies) are rediculiously adorable. With a 2.5 and 3mo old, I rock the high bun almost every day. Psyched to try your techniques!!

  23. Dude, you (and your babies) are rediculiously adorable. With a 2.5 and 3mo old, I rock the high bun almost every day. Psyched to try your techniques!!

  24. YES, I have and love those pins! SO SO easy!!

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  26. seriously lizbit. why are you so freaking cute?! xoxo, aesa

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  28. Just tried some spin pins based on your suggestion – I think they may have changed my life. I will never again leave home with 40 extra bobby pins jammed into my pocked. Thank you thank you thank you! PS – love your blog!

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  30. i love this! Can’t wait to try it with my really curly hair, i think it would look pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Man, I wish I had your gorgeous, fluffy hair!
    I also wish I could find some of those awesome bobby pins here in Sweden. Never even seen them here!

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