+ Quick knit a-line maxi skirt tutorial

top: f21  skirt: self-made  shoes: zigi flats c/o pb-j shop
This skirt is so dang comfortable and pretty that it has now become my go-to comfort item, replacing my stretched out prego jeans. Perfect for my midterms this week…yes…that is why I have been absent for a week or so, I’ve been studying and finishing up midterm projects. I put so much time into it, that my blog gets pushed back. But it is worth it! What I’m learning will help my end goal, and therefore you guys! But I will say I’m excited for getting back to blogging full time in May. Soooooooooo excited.
Beck is my little photographer (and photo-bomber), seriously, he takes a lot of photos for me and he loves it. He took the picture of my shoes. Literally allllll  him. Isn’t he so good! Can you get over these cute moccasin flats by the way? They have a leather bow! Also perfect for this week.
If you have 60″ wide jersey knit fabric, then you will need about 2 yards (you will cutting it out like below, nothing is on the fold)
If you less than 60″ wide then at least 3 yards (you will be cutting out 2 length’s worth, so the bottom or the top will be at the fold)
Elastic (size of where you want the skirt to hit)
1. Cut out a rectangle (for me it was a square of 60″ x 60″ then fold vertically. If you don’t have 60″ wide fabric, see if the width you do have will still work for you (like 54″ wide may work…just depends on how wide you want it), I would say 55″-60″ is best, but you can squeeze by with something smaller for sure that is at least 4 to 10 inches wider than the biggest part of your hips. If not, then you need as much fabric as the length you want the skirt times 2 and you will fold it like a hamburger, not like a hot dog.
2. Once folded, cut out this shape below on the right, like a very long triangle that has a flattened head, making the very top 3″ your waist size (which will actually be half your waist size on the front and back piece). The 3″ straight top is for the elastic installment later. This is so when you fold the elastic under the second time there won’t be any bunching at the waist band. Make the top your waist size and slowly taper out. Then started tapering.
3. Pin the two sides up together.
4. Sew the sides up.


5. then add your measured out elastic to the top of the waistband by turning the skirt inside out and lining up the elastic band’s edge to the opening of the skirt. Then sew a zig-zag stitch around the top.
 6. Then turn the skirt right side out, then turn the top of the elastic inside and sew the top of the edge of the elastic (the one with the zig-zag stitch) with a top stitch. I used a straight stitch and made sure to stretch it as I sewed. But you can use a zig zag if you like.
7. hem the bottom a 1″.


  1. I love it! Where did you get your fabric? It is so cute!

    • I got it as a remnant over here at some fabric outlet store. I died when I found out that they sell fun printed knits here….died. Where are there places like this where I’m from!?

    • Do you remember the store name? I live somewhat to San Fran and I’d love to go over to buy some fabric. There aren’t enough fun fabrics in sac!

  2. I was just searching for this kind of pattern ! Thanks for sharing :0

  3. Oh my goodness, such a beautiful skirt! Love the colour and the polkadots. I wish I had your figure to be able to wear one myself!

    Cheers, Anni

  4. What a perfect little photographer you have!! 😉 I can’t wait for the weather to warm up and to wear ts and maxi skirts every.single.day.

    xx Ashleigh

  5. Very cute. Will have to keep an eye out for some well priced fabric.

  6. It so cute. Thanks for sharing ^_____^

  7. I love maxi skirts and think even a sewing challenged person like me could figure this one out! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love the fabric choice!!!

    -Ash P

  9. Love this! What type of fabric did you use? I read and re-read the tutorial but didn’t see it (or else, I’m blind) — it drapes like a knit but from afar looks like a nice soft cotton blend :)

  10. You like maxi skirts and they look great on you because you’re so tall and fit.

    • Well thank you! But I’m really only 5’2″ haha, best compliment ever thinking I’m tall. I wish I was tall! I’m standing on my tip toes in most of these shots…shhhh don’t tell.

  11. Love the skirt…your tutorials are so easy to follow!



  12. Brilliant!

    Did you ever end up hiring a virtual assistant? I’d be interested still if you didn’t.


  13. Oh geez, gotta try this! I’m thinking, with a thicker elastic. THANKS!

  14. I can never find skirts long enough, now I have the worlds simplest solution, thanks!

  15. I have been looking for a maxi skirt to make. I am going to give this a go!

    Nikki x@ Bead It and Weep

  16. Looks very cute, is this material a knit blend?
    would this work with a jersey?

  17. woooohhhhhh obsessed and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. You really did well for this maxi skirt. You’re so good at doing DIY stuffs :)

    The Girl Behind The Pen

  19. I’m not a skirt girl, but this tutorial has changed my mind!

  20. I’ve never been a maxi skirt person, but seeing you wear them and rock them really makes me want to try them! Especially because I think we are about the same height! Love all your tutorials Liz. You are seriously an inspiration to me.


  21. I need to try this! Looking beautiful and TALL by the way!

  22. Perfect skirt! It looks so easy. I’d love to try it, but I’m still afraid of trying to make anything wearable. Maybe i should just take the leap.

  23. Lovely skirt , very easy to do , great idea :X



  24. Thank you for sharing!!

  25. Love it! That’s gorgeous – I love how it drapes and the lines and the color!

  26. Your skirt is adorable! I wish there was a store near me that sold patterned jersey knit :/ As soon as I find some I’m making one!


  27. Lovely DIY! I love the result, so pretty.


  28. That is one beautiful skirt. Still haven’t got the chance to shop for knit jersey fabric to make some skirts. :) Thanks for sharing!

  29. I LOVE this skirt! I’ve never liked skirts, but I think you just changed my mind- and even a novice sewer like me may be able to pull this off! I love the pattern, too. Oh, and if anyone wants to know, Hancock Fabrics has patterned Jersey knit… ONLINE!!!! Thanks so much for posting this tutorial.


  30. I can’t believe I’ve just discovered your blog: it’ so inspiring!!

  31. Thanks for the tutorial. I just finished the mine. It was very easy. I used a light printed cotton fabric, I have this fabric for almost 6 years, when I saw your skirt I realized that it was a perfect desing to my fabric. Thanks a lot!!!

  32. I love that you are so driven and following your passion!

  33. For step 2 did you mean waist measurement divided by 2 plus 3″for the top of the skirt?

    • I just rewrote it to make more sense….No…it was correct, it is the waist size (half waist size for the front and for the back piece) at the top for 3″ of the top so the elastic band fits nicely around the top. You don’t have to do this, but it will help eliminate bunchiness, but just a little.

  34. What size elastic did you use?

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  37. I Cheap Womens Tops
    long green dress form about 4″ longer than the pattern since I wanted a bit of height.

  38. Thanks so much for posting this, love the skirt on you and the color.

  39. I love the fabric you chose, the fabric options where I live are seriously limited. Also how cute that your son took that photo, it’s pretty pro, he should b proud!

  40. I echo the love for the fabric, and I also love the way you attached the elastic – I haven’t come across that method before and it’s so much nicer than a bunchy waistband.

  41. i love the skirt…

  42. I LOVE this skirt! Your hair is AMAZING!

  43. I have recently fallen in love with maxi dresses/skirts. Feeling a little embarrassed to ask, but could you explain how to choose the width of the bottom of the skirt? I’m a little confused about the hip width plus 1/3 x 2. Sorry, novice sewer here, and I just want mine to look half as cute as yours!!

    • Oh sorry….your width of your hips so like 40″ hip plus 1/3 of your hip width so 12″ (1/3 of 40″) + 40″ (width of hips) = 52″ and X 2 is actually +2 (I will change that!). So then the width around the bottom will be 1/3-ish bigger than your hips making it a little flowy.

      So my width of knit would need to be at least 54″…but if you can’t find knit that wide, then you will have to cut it by making the top or bottom the fold, which you will cut the fold later of course.

  44. this might be a stupid question, but I just tried to make this and I think I’m doing the elastic or something wrong. I tried to put the skirt on after attaching the elastic and I couldn’t get it over my hips! I was using a knit fabric so just a little stretch to it. Does the wait measurement need to be bigger? I don’t understand how it would be able to go over the hips if the fabric is cut to the waist size. I’m very much a beginner sewer though…

    • Well, you’re right it should say hip size, I always make it hips size. But because it is knit (it has to be a pretty stretchy knit), that it should be good to stretch over your hips. But I will change that to be hips measurement. So sorry!

  45. I just found your blog. This is great! I’m just learning to sew. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Amanda @ Running In Heels

  46. Have you tried measuring your waist dividing it by two then matching that up with the fold and cutting at an angle that way to create the skirt would be easier then cutting out a front and a back? You only sew one edge that way not two.

  47. im just confused on how much fabric i need you said about 2 yards but when you fold it over there dosent seem to be enough material to cover my legs

    • That is if you have 60″ yard wide fabric that is selvedge to selvedge…which normally if you buy knit fabric from Joanns or someplace like that it will be 42″ to 54″. My was extra wide. So, like it says in the instructions, you need to buy 3 yards and fold it in half hamburger style which depending on your height. So you would be cutting the bottom out or the top out on the fold versus the the middle or sides. Hope that makes sense!

  48. Hi, sorry for the stupid question but I’m a novice: “…making the very top 3″ your waist size (which will actually be half your waist size on the front and back piece). The 3″ straight top is for the elastic installment later. This is so when you fold the elastic under the second time there won’t be any bunching at the waist band. Make the top your waist size and slowly taper out.”
    Should I measure the top width (and 3 inches down) to my 1/2 waist or my 1/2 hip measurement?

    • It should be a tight hip measurement! So you will get a little bunch at the waist after you see in the elastic. Unless you’re fabric is very stretchy you may be okay to make it your waist size add long as it still goes over your hips.

  49. Kristina says:

    Great tutorial!

    Quick questions:
    Did you use a stretch stitch, serge, or anything else since working with a knit?

    What width is the elastic?


  50. I’m a very novice sewer and am not very good at reading patterns yet :-\ I just want to make sure I understand before I cut my fabric! When the fabric is folded in half and your picture says “your hip size” are you saying that the bottom of the skirt will be as wide as your hips for one piece? (The base of the skirt would be 2 pieces of 35″ for me…70″ around my ankles sounds really big! Or is it that each piece of the skirt is 1/2 of your hip width so that it would actually be 35″ around at the base?) You make it look so easy and your pictures are lovely!

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  52. So pretty!:)

  53. Wow, this is beautiful! Thank you so much x

  54. Would I have to adjust the pattern at all if I wanted to make this a high-waisted skirt? Thanks so much!

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  58. So pretty! Love the print :)


  59. Wow! Looks great. The instructions are so easy. Thanks Liz!

    ~ Tarquin @ himherandthem.com

  60. This is the easiest, most straightforward tutorial for a maxi dress that I have found! You put into words and pictures what has been floating around in my brain. Thank you! I’ve already found beautiful fabric. I’m only five feet tall, so I’m excited to have a long skirt that actually fits ME!

  61. Hi,
    you are such a beautiful woman and you look great in this maxi skirt. I love it! I wish I could see you wearing it in real live.
    Best regards

  62. Supercute!! I love the polkadot fabric!!!

  63. Just wondering if this pattern would work for a non-stretch rayon fabric? If not, what adjustments should I make, or can you recommend a tutorial/ pattern? Thanks!

  64. You look amazing! LOVE those skirts. Maybe I will get brave and try one for myself. :) You know how much my sewing machine scares me!

  65. Just admiring your work and wondering how you managed this blog so well. It’s so remarkable that I can’t afford to not go through this valuable information whenever I surf the internet!

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