+ Road trip

This is what I did last weekend….visited the relaxing little town of Gualala. I love this place. It reminds me of family and sweet memories, it is full of adventures on rocky and sandy beaches and hikes through tall redwoods, and bonfires with roasted marshmallows (or in this case…Beck’s fake ones he kept sharing with me). Basically the best part about this place is that there is no reception and no 4g. So you can relax and become unattached from the world. You live in you hiking/camping clothes, smell like smoke the whole trip, eat horribly and often and I love it!I get teary-eyed watching this, Beck is getting so big – he is becoming such a big boy.

I love this video-making kick that my husband is on, he is basically a contributor for my blog now. thanks babe.


  1. This sounds like a perfect weekend, it looks so beautiful!

  2. ahhh looks like so much FUN!!

  3. really sweet.

  4. Such a sweet video!
    It looks so peaceful and fun :)

  5. This video is so wonderful! I bet those are some great memories!

  6. Such a sweet video…I love the Wes Anderson themed music on all of these!

  7. What a sweeeeet video! I cant believe how big Beck is getting! Lovely family :)

    xx Ashleigh

  8. magical! my family has gone to gualala every summer since i was 10 years old! (i’m from the easy bay.) it really is such a beautiful, peaceful place. i thought it was our family’s secret! haha

  9. Looks like a lovely place to go and relax. My mom had some of those huge shells (I can’t recall what kind they are) that she used to serve shrimp scampi in for special occasions. Isn’t it funny how things can make you remember things from your childhood?! It does look like you had a very enjoyable time. Tell your DH he did a good job editing…. I need to get my camera out and try some filming.

  10. Such a sweet video of you and your family. It’s so nice to see families bonding and doing something so traditional as camping!

    I adore it!

  11. Graham and I loved watching this video. Makes me miss you guys.

  12. What a fun day of exploring with the kids! Lots of lovely memories.

  13. Love it! :)

  14. ah, so sweet! loved it!

  15. If I could film a movie about what I hope my life looks like one day, this would be the movie. Husband wife and kids camping and enjoying life. Perfection. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video. :0) – Amy

  16. what a gorgeous video ! sometimes all you need to reboot is to detach from all things social media related.

    xo Meg<3

  17. Enchanting. I totally have the chills. It makes me miss California terribly.

  18. Such a beautiful family! Love love the video.

  19. That video is precious and that place looks magical!

  20. we love weekends like this!!! we are in arkansas and we spend a good chunk of our free time soaking up nature!!! i loved watching this! we went fishing and hiking last weekend! i should record more of these adventures. it was great to watch you guys playing !

  21. What a wonderful treasure you have for the future!! Those seals…I gasped. Perfection.

  22. This is the most adorable video ever! What a fun memory that is forever captured.

  23. family time! priceless! :)

  24. Hi there! Sounds awesome but this is the second time I cannot watch one of your videos because of some license/rights issue (I am guessing you are using some music that is under a special license here in Germany) and they block this video from being watched in Germany. Very sad …

    Have a nice day though anyway,

  25. that place looks magical…and that video was so artsy and precious! that was an impressive camp fire too, i might add!

    -britt (zealouslyzika.com)

  26. Such a sweet video! We took a trip to Gualala several years back, and it’s still my favorite – good memories with family and time for quiet reflection – I loved it!

  27. Beautiful video,place & family

  28. Everyone loves it whenever people get together and share thoughts. Great website, keep it up!