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Now closed :)
winner is….
Speaking of looking stylish when exercising… how does a $100 gift card to albion fit sound? 
They have such pretty workout clothing and swimwear….and obsessed with their tennis attire (I may have a  healthy obsession with tennis these days). This little pleated tennis number is by far my favorite work out piece in my closet. Overall, the outfit’s material is quality, thick and soft, it contains my milk bags (I mean chest) very well and looks super cute when dangerously spiking it over the net at little 3 year old boy. Can’t wait to get back to my weekly tennis lessons with the ladies (sister-in-laws) this summer! Now I’m ready!!
How to enter:
LIKE Albion Fit on Facebook 
Leave a comment below with which item you would choose

Additional Entries (post what you did in additional comments):
Pin your favorite item you just commented about (above) on your pinterest
Instagram about it (include @albionfit @cottonandcurls)
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Any other way you want to spread the giveaway!

And if you don’t win or you don’t feel like waiting us the code cottonandcurls15 to get $15 off at albion fit!


  1. I liked them on Facebook and would choose the jaw dropper swimsuit!!

  2. I am in love with Albion Fit! I would love to get this workout tank! Thanks for a great giveaway!


  3. I would get the heather grey signature hoodie and a long crew neck. So cute for the weekend!

  4. i like the optimum capris

  5. Love racer tank or the signature hoodie.

  6. I like them on Facebook and love the optimum capris.

  7. I liked them on FB :) I would totally get the signature hoodie in silver and the black optimum capris.

  8. I would get the OPTIMUM CAPRIS in BLACK

  9. I liked them on Facebook, and I would choose the polka dot bikini (http://www.albionfit.com/swims/big-polka-dot-suit-top-black-white) and the jade long sleeve with the thumb holes (http://www.albionfit.com/sport/go-long-crew-with-thumb-holes-jade). I love thumb holes, they make me happy.

  10. Liked! I love the Optimum capris – I’d probably get them in black.

  11. I love that skirt too!

  12. Liked them on facebook! LOVE the charcoal, red, and white rainbow skirt. I’ve been wanting to get a running skirt for a long time! I also love the long sleeve white crew shirt for layering while running during colder months (I live in AZ. A long-sleeve crew is perfect for cold days here!) Or I’d just have to get the big polka dot top! Oh dear… choices choices!!

  13. Pinned my favorites!

  14. I liked them on facebook and pinned my favorite item on pinterest (Blousy swim top – baby due in late July). Gorgeous! Pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/109212359686388420/

  15. facebooked!

  16. Tweeted!

  17. Already liked them on fb. Love that tennis skirt and a bunch of their swimsuits.

  18. The mantra yoga pant is calling my name.

  19. Liked and pinned :) http://pinterest.com/pin/220817187952097057/
    Midnight Dip Swimsuit in Black

  20. I liked them on facebook! And I would go with the classic Optimum Capris in black.

  21. Love their swim suits! I’m especially eyeing the Red and white Showstopper.

  22. Liked & Pinned. I’d pick the White Classic Racerback & Charcoal/Red/White Rainbow Skirt so I can have this outfit. :) http://pinterest.com/pin/16184879883481224/

  23. I liked Albion on Facebook!!!!

  24. I LOVE the the black and white “Showstopper” suit!! And I liked them on facebook:)

  25. I would choose any of their Capri yoga pants or hoodies. All of heir stuff is super cute! :-)

  26. Annnnnnnnd I tweeted:)

  27. i liked and pinned it! i would choose the lovely workout capris. they look stretchable to allow for movement and comfort! -plus they are adorable

  28. i liked them and I am LOVING that tennis outfit! not that I really play tennis.. but looking at your outfit makes me want to start…

  29. Love the tennis skirt in green or gray and those long crews with thumb holes look so comfy! I liked them on FB.

  30. I liked Albion Fit on FB, and I would LOVE to get the zig and zag swimsuit…so adorable!

  31. This tennis skirt looks so cute !

  32. I liked them on facebook! I love the draw cord top!

  33. I pinned one of their swimsuits.

  34. I love their signature silver hoodie!

  35. I liked them on Facebook and I would totally pick the Match Point black skirt. I’m starting to get into tennis, so it’s perfect!

  36. I also pinned one of their swimsuits – so cute! http://pinterest.com/pin/37647346857197169/

  37. I like them on facebook and I love the jaw dropper swimsuit.

  38. I tweeted about it.

  39. I pinned my favorite item.

  40. I liked them on Facebook and if i was to win the gift card i think i would buy the match point pleat skirt in white! Especially since i just started playing tennis for my school it would be nice to have an extra skirt for my matches!

  41. How are we every supposed to decide!? I love their swimsuits, but your rocking that tennis skirt and making it awfully convincing.
    (I liked on Facebook!)

  42. I’m loving the 26.2 Jacket in Coral!

  43. I also posted it to my facebook!

  44. I also posted it to my twitter account. Thank you so much!

  45. I liked Albion on Facebook.

  46. I love the Go Long Crew in Heather Gray. Thank you.

  47. I pinned my favorite item (bjs988).

  48. I tweeted @JillSnethen

  49. Oooh! Great find! I love that show stopper black and white swim suit! Liked, pinned and tweated!

  50. Wow! What cute workout clothes!! I would love the go long crew w/ thumb holes (i’d love several!!! i am always cold in yoga!) and a pair of optimum capris.

  51. I liked on FB under my website profile (house of tubers). Thanks!

  52. I liked it on facebook. I love the criss cross plum one piece suit.

  53. Liked on Facebook. I need a new swim suit and am eyeing up the Poppy Gown Swimsuit.

  54. Pinned!

  55. Your tennis outfit would get me playing again this summer! Thanks for the giveaway.

  56. I liked them on FB!

  57. I am pinning away, I can’t just find one favorite!

  58. I liked them on FB and LOVE their swimsuits! As far as workout clothing… I would choose the sweetheart sweater. LOVE IT!

  59. And I just pinned my favorite swimsuit!

  60. I LIKE Albion Fit on Facebook

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  61. I would choose the love racer shirt in either grey or seafoam

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  62. I Pinned my favorite item


    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  63. I tweeted about this giveaway


    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  64. I shared on facebook too


    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  65. I liked them on FB as Jasanna! Love the black and white showstopper suit!


  66. I love their signature hoodie and racer tanks!

  67. I liked Albion fit on fb. I like the graphite balance Bermudas & the sporty skirts

  68. i’d choose the blousy suit top or the icon in black! liked.

  69. So many cute things! I’m leaning towards the icon bathing suit or the black yoga pants.

  70. pinned!

  71. liked on fb!

    i would love the signature hoodie in silver, or the so meshed suit!

  72. The So Meshed Suite is to die for! I liked it on facebook!

  73. The So Meshed Suite is to die for! I liked it on facebook!

  74. Instigramed :-). @mkqueener

  75. I liked them on facebook! and I would probably get the optimum capris! need to loose this baby weight… and who wouldn’t want to work out in cute clothes!

  76. I’ve liked them on facebook. I love their swimsuits, especially the poppy gown swimsuit.

  77. Liked on FB & would choose the charcoal Gown Swimsuit :)

  78. I liked Albion Fit on FB & like the charcoal one piece.

  79. I have my favorite item pinned http://pinterest.com/pin/431008626808501455/

  80. Liked them on face book. and I pretty much loved and would buy anything on their site but most likely go with either the Love Racer in Sea Foam or the Icon swimsuit in Emerald! So cute!

  81. I liked them on facebook and would love the pinup bikini top!

  82. I like the Optimum capris. I need some good basic workout pants desperately!

  83. I would like the Nike shoes:)

  84. I would love the icon swimsuit in emerald!

  85. And I liked them on facebook

  86. I also pinned the icon swimsuit on pinterest:


  87. So FUN!

  88. I would pick the mantra pants! Perfect for yoga and around the house. I also liked them on FB

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  90. Liked them on facebook! I love the zig zag charcoal swim suit! im a lover of chevron :)

  91. I also regrammed on instagram :)

  92. I liked on Facebook, and I’d pick the Icon Swimsuit in Black :)

  93. I liked them on facebook and I would pick the optimum capris in black!

  94. I love their charcoal gown suit, I need a new suit for the summer. It would be just perfect, I liked them on facebook too!!!

  95. The swim suit was so cute I also pinned it so I could find it later.

  96. I like them on FB and would get the optimum capris in graphite and love racer top in pink
    lynnbulk83 at yahoo dot com

  97. Liked them on facebook. I’d like zig and zag swimsuit in charcoal. :)

  98. I like Albion Fit and LOVE all their clothes! I would pick the go long crew in all colors 😉

  99. I have lots of items pinned of Albion~ here’s a new one :)

  100. i like them on fb and would pick the optimum capris
    erincyoung (at) yahoo.com

  101. i pinned my favorite item
    erincyoung (at) yahoo.com

  102. i tweeted about this giveaway
    erincyoung (at) yahoo.com

  103. I’ve been needing a tennis skirt. I see the one I want.

  104. i want the capri pants!! OPTIMUM CAPRIS, GRAPHITE!! and a race top! i want i want

  105. I liked them on facebook! And, if I could have anything–the Midnight Dip swimsuit. Ay, carumba!!


  106. Liked on FB and really like the Alta sports bra!

  107. the signature hoodie in silver! looks both comfy and stylish. win win. I liked on facebook.

  108. Like them on FB and I would get the Blousy Swim Top in Black.

  109. I like albion fit on facebook…and would choose the Optimum Capris, Graphite


  110. Facebook fan. amy bolda pugmire
    I love the LOVE RACER, SEA FOAM

  111. I like them on Facebook and I would get the Draw Cord Top

  112. I like them on fb and I would choose the Ballerina Suit in plum

  113. I LIKE Albion Fit on Facebook and adore the Signature Hoodie in Heather Grey!

    vandango33 at gmail dot com

  114. pinned: http://pinterest.com/pin/41939840252512157/

    vandango33 at gmail dot com

  115. tweet: https://twitter.com/egood33/status/323888021307019265

    vandango33 at gmail dot com

  116. shared to FB: https://www.facebook.com/elisabeth.good1/posts/320147984779045

    vandango33 at gmail dot com

  117. pinned this giveaway: http://pinterest.com/pin/41939840252512164/

    vandango33 at gmail dot com

  118. Tennis skirt pinned. This would turn tennis into an even better date idea than it already is! http://pinterest.com/pin/200902833349840127/

  119. Those pleated skirts are so cute they make me want to take up tennis as an excuse to wear ’em! :) But seriously kudos to albion fit for providing petite fit pants! So my pick would be the Mantra Yoga Pants, for sure!

  120. I love their swim collection. I’m also in need of some more yoga pants.

  121. I liked them on FB

  122. I love the showstopper swimsuit!

  123. Love the green match point pleat skirt!

  124. I liked Albion Fit on Facebook! I would choose the jaw dropper or the silver ruffle swim suit. It’s a toss up between the two.

  125. I liked them on facebook! I love the classic racerback!

  126. like albion fit on facebook
    I love SHOW STOPPER, BLACK AND WHITE swimsuit!

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  128. Liked them on facebook! I would love the gown suit in Navy.

  129. I would get one of the Match Point Pleat Skirts!

  130. Those are some cute tennis skirts they’ve got! I’ve been dying to get into tennis and waiting all winter and spring for it to be warm enough. (Liked them on facebook.)

  131. I liked them on Facebook and would choose the love Racer in Coral

  132. Perfect GA for spring outdoor activities :)
    I adore those swims: http://www.albionfit.com/sport/wrap-skirt-with-pockets-white-charcoal

    enjoy ^^

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