+ Exercise in style…get ready for the swimsuit season

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With swimsuit season peaking around the corner, two thing comes to my mind….time to get swimsuit ready and I’ve got to look cute while doing it! So here are my favorite picks for exercise gear this year. I feel 10 times more motivated to workout when wearing something cute.
Why workout? Because this year I’m focusing is on strength. My husband makes fun of how I can barely lift a frying pan (no seriously, its sad – I’m that weak people) and my abs haven’t seen a crunch in nearly 4 years. So, yes, I’m due for a some strength and endurance training. My favorite workouts are tennis, stairs, spin, and anything on the big exercise ball. Here in San Fran, my workout will be pushing 50+ pounds of kids and strollers up and down hills, I’m thinking that will be great for the gluts ;).


  1. Just looking at your roundup makes me feel guilty for not having been to the gym in almost a month (to be fair, I’ve had to unexpectedly travel several times the last few weeks, but still)! Time to get my butt in shape, too :)

    Blonde in this City

  2. I already bought a pair of Nike free run, they’re perfect!

  3. Those tanks are cute. I agree, cute workout clothes actually makes you want to work out!

  4. I need to spice up my workout clothes with some bright colors. Read about my favorite workout, yoga, here: http://lolos-pinch-of-happiness.blogspot.com/2013/04/laura-loves-yoga.html

  5. Oh I love these picks and I agree with you. Feeling good in what you are wearing while working out, really does make all the difference. I am currently trying to get my bikini body ready…. Time seems to be going too quickly thou.



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  7. I love all of these pieces! Number 4 would be a good choice for my workout wardrobe!

  8. I love number 7 the Nike Shoes! Hope I win:) (I liked them on facebook)

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    Thanks and God Bless!

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  10. Cute Outfits!