+ Take out your jean’s waistband tutorial…aka make your pants bigger!

 Oli the photo-bomber
I’m so excited about this tutorial! Everyone has a pair of pants in their closest that just doesn’t’ fit for whatever reason, and now, you can make them fit!! Just by easily seam ripping and adding a few pieces of extra matching fabric. Or you can make your pants 2-toned or unique by mixing in a unique fabric. Like some black leather or a fun pattern to add a completely new twist to yours pants. Now you don’t have to throw out those pants that don’t fit anymore or maybe you can make a pair you have just a little more comfortable. This is how you can do it!
Thanks to Hana from foggy dress for letting me use her pants, help with the kiddos, and the modeling for this tutorial!
wearing…my red peplum top (tutorial here) and thrifted levi jeans.
tight pants
extra strong material (I used denim but you can use something patterned and fun)
thread that matches the topstitch on your jeans (I used a beige color)
1. Try on pants, and determine how many inches need to be added to the waistband. Do this by measuring the gap between your button and button hole.
2. Seam rip your side seams 2 to 4 inches down, and your waistband 4 to 5 inches apart.
3. Now cut the waistband, aligning it with your seam rippedside seam. 
4.Cut your extra piece of denim to match your measurements, then cut that piece in half. Give 1 inch seam allowance for each piece (that extra piece will look like sewn in piece on image 6).
5. Pin & sew the piece of denim, right side together (the top side of your jean with the top side of the denim piece), to one end of the gap in your waistband.
6. Take the other end of the same denim piece, and pin & sew to the other end of the cut waistband, joining the two ends together. 
7. Fold new piece back down in half, and align with how the waistband was before. Iron the new waistband edges under mimicking the old waistband, so they fold nice and flat aligning with the old waistband.
8. Add a square piece of fabric behind the V shaped opening between the newly opened side seams.
9. Pin under the newly opened side seams, so the raw edges are hidden, creating a “V”, lining them up with the newly sewn waistband piece’s seams.
 10. Now slide the newly inserted fabric and the pinned under side seams in between the opening of the waist band (try to get it to line up with the newly added waistband’s seams). Pin closed.
11. Topstitch everything closed, including the top of the waistband, the edge of the waistband, and where the side seams are now. Mimic how the jeans topstitch. You can make the thread match the thread of the jeans, sometimes its a dark blue, sometimes its a yellow, but you don’t have to.



  1. I’m bookmarking this in case I need it later! Will never let go of my favorite jeans!

    • Thanks so much for this pattern I have some jeans I don’t want to get rid of and this is just greeeat!

    • Ingenious! Pictures are great. Fixed a pair of jeans and the process works beautifully. Only suggestion I’d like to offer is if you have a walking foot, use it to get over the thick seams in the waistband. It helps. Thank you for saving my jeans.

    • How did the find jeans that were too small for her?

  2. That’s a really cool DIY <3 And the pictures are just GORGEOUS !!!

  3. Thanks! You post the best tutorials!!

  4. Such an innovative idea!! I’d love to see some posted pictures of the waist band taken out and “fun fabric” added in! :)

  5. This is great!! I’ve got quite a few that need this done. I’m assuming once the extra pounds are gone that I can go back and take out the extra fabric?

  6. Smart fix. I don’t know if it’s my ever-changing, matronly body, or the quality of jeans lately, but they are rarely comfortable for me after a few washes.

  7. Very smart!! Going to try this and no one would know! :-)

  8. This is how I made my maternity jeans – I just used extra wide elastic where you put in new fabric. Stayed on much better than the store bought kind, and I loved that the fly still functioned.

  9. Love your blog! I would LOVE a tutorial on doing this in reverse – I have a very curvy figure, so the waist of jeans always gaps in the back. How do I take them in?

    • Dear Stefanie You might want to look into articles about sway backs and high hips. My sewing buddy and I have just realised that we are both sway backs. That is why we have to alter every pant and skirt pattern we use or buy. I have seen a couple articles in Threads magazines or maybe searching the web be of help. Its not a bad thing its just that your a curvy gal.

    • I have the same problem – I call it more of a hollow back than a sway back. ( A person can stand sway back w/o having a hollow back.)
      I solve it by putting 2 darts in the back on each back hip area – about 1/2 way between the back seam and the side seam. I sometimes use a safety pin if by myself. I pinch the top where I want it and put in an ending pin to mark the bottom of the dart. I usually have tops that come down long enough that the darts don’t show. I sometimes turn my pants or shorts inside out to mark the depth of the top of the dart and also bottom. Just depends on what works easiest.

    • I have fixed pants for friends with the same problem. Make a slit on the inside of the waist band just behind the side seam. Using a safety pin attached to 3/4 inch elastic, thread the elastic through the waist band. Adjust the elastic to fit your waist. Zig zag stitch through the waistband and elastic in a matching thread.

  10. Brilliant! I can save all my fav old jeans!!

  11. a pregnant womans favorite post!

    • Been looking through the archives today, couldn’t find so decided to put my email to subscribe. Low and behold this came in the email you sent to me incase I missed might be interested in. Love it I’m on peritoneal dialysis and have gotton a little bigger “only in the waist” this was the best idea I had seen. Now I am going to attempt to try it. I like to redo clothing and curtains also, find it to be fun, always looking for ideas. Thank you

  12. that’s a good and handy tut ! thanks !

  13. I have been looking for a tutorial like this forever! I bought these pants last summer that I absolutely loved, but never fit in (stupid buy I know), now I can actually make them fit! Thank you!

  14. AMAZING IDEA!!! LOVE IT! http://inspiringtrend.blogspot.com/

  15. Any way to use some sort of elastic fabric? Then you won’t have your waistline cutting into your belly.

  16. You are so clever! Love your tutorials!!

  17. Love this! Is there any chance you might do a video of this, I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around the sewing part.

  18. such a wonderful idea – i have many pairs of jeans that just hardly fit me (super skinny jeans!), before i had my little one and now no longer button. i really love them and can’t seem to part with them… secretly hoping that someday my hips will miraculously shrink an inch.

    i am so going to be doing this!

  19. Ahh! I saw the subject in Feedly, but presumed it was for baby pants!!! Shortly after, I found an amazing pair of jeans at the op shop that were too small…if only I had read it!!!!!!

    But I’ll keep it in mind for future great thrifted denim…

  20. brilliant!! my biggest problem is the waist (unfortunately) giving me the dreaded muffin top. thanks so much for posting this!!

  21. I need this!! YAY! Thank you thank you!

  22. I think it would be great to put some stretchy material in for someone like me that can’t wear tight fitting things around my waist!

  23. Thank you for this tutorial- it is exactly what I have been looking for! Can’t wait to try it.

  24. Oh my goodness what a GREAT idea! I would have never ever thought of this!

  25. Great Idea can’t wait to use this.

  26. Genius, as usual!

  27. cannelles says:

    MERCI beaucoup c’est vrais que quand on aime un d’jeans et qu’il devient trop juste c’est vraiment super de l’agrandir un peu,MERCI a la blogueuse de ce tuto

  28. Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is fantastic, as well as the content!

  29. You saved my trousers! I love you soooo much!!!!

  30. thank you soooooo much , this is a brilliant tutorial, just finished my jeans and they are perfect :) the photos are essential and i couldnt have done it without them really appreciate your help.

  31. Jody W. says:

    How about a tutorial to raise the waistband of low rise pants several inches?? I’m not a teenager anymore, and my underwear don’t need to put on a show, heh.

    • I don’t know if you ever received an answer to raising the waistband on low rise pants, but here is my fix; I purchased a pair of pants at great savings, only to get them home & find out that they had a low waist. (I didn’t try them on in the store) If I was going to be able to wear them I need to raise the waist & also hem them. I turned the pants inside out & sewed the crotch seam. (sew front to back- not leg seam), from just below the front zipper to the back seam about mid rear-end. Trim the seam & finish, zigzag or serge. Try on, instant crotch length & it also shortens the leg length in just a few minutes.

    • Wide elastic band or material that stretch like a t shirt or cotton yoga pants stitch around waist of pants leave original pants waist use buttons to close the front make it wide enough you can even fold over the pants waist it will looks like the bottom of a cami

  32. Thank you so much for sharing this! I bought a pair of pants that I just had to have and I could barely squeeze into them. I tried your tutorial and now they fit perfectly! I’m not the best at sewing but this was a very easy to do. Thanks again!

  33. Take out your jean’s waistband tutorial…aka make your pants bigger! oakley sunglasses http://www.discountsunglassesshopoutlet.com/

  34. Emily Jayne says:

    I did this although I didn’t follow the steps exactly but it really worked. =) Thank you!

  35. krystal says:

    Thank you so much this just saved me a fortune!!!

  36. This is awesome! I have an idea: buy your jeans longer than what you need, take the hem up yourself and keep the scraps for when you need to do this.

  37. I have the opposite problem. When I buy jeans to fit the rear, the waistband if too large. Can you help me with my problem to remake the waistband to fit the waist.


    • Waistband too large? An easy fix is to make a caseing across the back for elastic….
      On the inside of the waistband, use a seam ripper to make 2 slits, one on each side. Make sure you cut through the inner fabric only. Run a wide piece of elastic through the opening. Pin in place. Tuck one end of the elastic under the slit so it doesn’t show. Lay flat and zig zag across the opening through all thicknesses of fabric. Your zig zag stitching will show on the outside of the waistband so match your thread to the color of your fabric. Adjust the elastic by pulling until it is where you need it. Pin in place. Trim the elastic if needed. Tuck the other end of the elastic under the slit, lay flat and zig zag through all thicknesses of fabric.

  38. I have been doing this for years. If I find a pair of jeans that fit in the rear, they are often too small in the waist or after a couple washings they are too tight. Since I don’t wear anything tucked in, this is the perfect solution to being comfortable. I’m surprised to see a tutorial on it. A great way to save a good pair of pants. Thanks for the tutorial.

  39. Teresa Ayerra Ballesteros says:

    I loved your tutorial about making your favorite jean bigger. So I am interested in being notified when you publish a new post. Bye. Your baby is so beautiful…

    • I enjoy your waistband tutorial to make pants bigger but my problem is the pants fit OK but it’s the waistband that needs to be made smaller.

      • That was my specidlity, open the back seam and a just the waist band as much as you need . Must of the time you only need to open 4 in the most and close it again

  40. I just used your tutorial to let out a pair of pants I got on Thredup.com and now they fit me perfectly!! Thank you so much!

  41. Unnur Sigurðardóttir says:

    brilliant thank you

  42. I wonder if this would work with the back seam. Do you need to do both sides of the jeans?

  43. I got lost on step 5. Will try to re-read over until it makes sense. Love the idea.

  44. Great Idea! I’m hoping it’ll work out well. Thanks for all the pics to help guide us through! Got any ideas on pants that are WAAY too small? Like, so small they won’t fit all the way down to the ankles? I mean, sure, I could add material on each side all the way down each pant leg, but I feel that’d just be tacky. I’m wanting ANY ideas on what to do with “waay too small jeans”…any type of ideas would be great. I am a 5’0, 27 yr old, female, beginner/intermediate sewer whom just received a brand new sewing machine (I have YET to even open) as a gift from my fiance. I have many old jeans and T-Shirts to start with that are WAAAY too small….and I just don’t have it in me to give ALL of it away! I went from 82LBS to 130LBS in about 3 months due to an illness, so I just want to be able to do/make SoMeThInG–ANYTHING with all of my really nice left over clothes :)
    I’d also appreciate any ideas from anybody that will take the time to help. Feel free to E-Mail me with any sites or ideas you have at: StephanieJo1986@GMail.com. ***Make sure to put “CRAFT IDEAS” in the subject line so I know its not bologna mail 😛 ***

    ThAnKs!! ~Stephie-Jo~

    • Hi Stephie,
      My idea would be to use fake leather for the band of fabric that you add to the side seams ; it is the rage right now, both tuxedo pants with that line on the side and leather accent!

  45. You are so amazingly creative! I just found you and will follow your blogs. Expanding waistline is one thing I never was able to do. YOU ROCK!

  46. melle e says:

    I think you just saved my “skinny jeans”.

    I lost almost 100 pounds 2 years ago. A 6 week run on prednisone brought 20 pounds sticking back all over my belly again. :( add that to a thicker middle and no hips or butt, just a junction where my legs attach to my back, and I’m always finding jeans to be I’ll fitting.

    I would love to wear those Levis again though. Starting back on paleo/southbeach blend up that really worked for me to lose weight and control my blood sugar levels. If in 2 months my Levis don’t fit still, I’ll be doing this. Even if I don’t use it on my jeans, I can see using it on some of my other super cute summer cspris that just give me muffin top. :)..twill would be an easier fix than denim anyway. Thanks for this!!

  47. Annette says:

    Hmmm… This looks too good to be true! :) I’ll have to give it a go as soon as the weekend rolls around and see if I can’t make my favorite jeans fit once again! (I’m taking you at your word that a beginner sewer can do this. lol) Thanks so much!!!

  48. I am an avid cyclist and so my thighs are large enough as to make pants shopping difficult. I often find pants listed as “loose fit” or “relaxed fit”, which have a large enough waistband that I need a belt (Unless I bring in the waist, which I have needed to do).

    I recently did something similar, where I kept the waistband the same length but added material to the inseam down to about the knee. This was more work than bringing in the waist on a larger size, but I ordered a pair online that ended up being cut too tight around my legs and I did not want them going to waste. Doing this was to make the pants baggier. It actually turned out really well!

  49. Budsayamad says:

    so cool, easy and very useful
    thanks for share your idea :)

  50. Deziree says:

    This is great! Thank you!! One question- what kind of material did you use? It looks like a stretchy knit fabric. Did you get it at a craft store? I just don’t want to have to sacrifice an old pair of yoga pants if I don’t have to…

  51. Emily Gabor says:

    I can’t find the red peplum top tutorial! It is such a cute top, but when I click the link it says page not found. Where can I find the tutorial?

  52. Queannah says:

    If I need to add a bunch more to each side, more than a few inches, should I rip further down the side?

  53. This was awesome !!! Just did it to a pair of my favorite jeans . Worked great !!! Thank you so much !!!

  54. I just did this to a pair of my jeans that I’ve had for about 6 years. They didn’t really fit anymore in the waist however after doing this we are a go again. I have so many jeans that I love but can’t fit anymore as the years have gone by. Will continue doing !!!!!

  55. This looks to be really easy, but like someone else commented, I’m not sure I completely follow on a step or two. Just need to sit down and give it a try probably. I have a closet full of clothes that do not fit due to medical issues that have caused a weight increase —- and due to grandma age spread.

  56. Great! that’s just great! I love the idea and the tutorial. Thank you very much. Just one question: Can I use stretchy fabric? It would be so comfy!

  57. I now how to fix my regular pants doing this!! thanks a bunch. jean..

  58. I now know how to fix my regular pants doing this!! thanks a bunch. jean..

  59. Auntie Brenda says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this for awhile! Today I tried it on some shorts I wanted to wear….after ripping out several times…..success! Even a little loose, might need a belt! The 1st time I sewed the square piece to sides of jeans not the waistband. I was confused here. Sew onto waistband sides 1st.
    Or should I say read entire tutorial before beginning!!!LOL!
    Thank you for sharing this very helpful idea!

  60. Can I just say – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have held onto a pair of chocolate moleskin jeans for literally a decade because I loved them so much and hoped that I would one day fit into them again. Alas, 3 children later I am slowly coming to accept that my waistline will never be quite the same again!! :) But as the pants still fit everywhere else, I decided I had nothing to lose, and gave it ago. Am sitting here after around 2 hours work – IN MY PANTS!!!! They are SO comfortable and I can’t WAIT to wear them out again tomorrow for the first time in 10 years. Thank you thank you!! And have totally overcome my ‘pants fear’ with this project – next up I’ll try and create a rub off of this pair in their altered dimensions and see how I end up!! :)

  61. This is a great idea!! I wonder if you could do the same technique to make them just a bit tighter?

  62. Martina says:

    great advice

  63. This is fantastic, have bee looking for something like this forever now! Any DIY’s for increasing the crotch depth on low rise jeans so the dreaded plumbers crack doesn’t show?

  64. I was looking at my mail this morning and i saw this. Now i can fix my grand daughters jean pants. I no longer have to run and buy her new ones. with this i can fix them and she can still use them. Thank you so much.

  65. Becky Warwick says:

    I did this to two pair of jeans last year. It worked great. I had to look it up again now tomdoma pair of cords. Thanks for sharing this great process.

  66. thank you you ! this is going to change the life of my 12 year old son who cant fit into the school uniforms and I have taken him to countless tailor shops. if you know anyone
    that I could mail his pants to please please pass on my emai; even though im sure
    they might need tweaking for last minute tweaking but the panels would be in
    thank you thank you

  67. Shannon says:

    LOVE this! I have two skirts that are too tight – I’m using the same method with them TOMORROW. Thank you!

  68. Chandra says:

    Way to go : )
    You have just saved me more money that I don’t have to spare to fix my work jeans. I unbutton the button so I can feel comfortable with all day driving. Thanks a million!


  69. I am going to try this to a old pair of jeans. Trying on new jeans is frustrating as my legs are usually too skinny for skinny jeans. About 2 sizes smaller than what is comfortable in the waist. Thank you for the tutorial.

  70. This is great! I tried it with a stretchy denim and a small piece of elastic. Hubby has only one working arm, due to a stroke, so belts are not good. I was able to use this pattern, and the above material to redo an old pair of his jeans so he can wear them again. Needless to say, he’s thrilled!

  71. Just doing this right now. Waistband bit already added and just need to add the triangle and my lovely jeans are saved. Thanks so much for this tutorial. Seems so obvious now but I am sure I would not have figured it out myself 😉

  72. Gweneth Johnson says:

    That is a great idea. But I think I would find it easier to cut the V shape on the fold of the material or cut two pieces. There would be much less sewing and easier to take out later.☺

  73. Harriet says:

    To get a perfectly matching piece of jeans material, use the INSIDE of your left back pocket, without anybody noticing anything. How?
    1. Sew across the top of that pocket, so that it is locked up at the top. Who uses that pocket anyway?
    2. Turn the jeans inside out.
    3. Carefully cut out the now superfluous inner square of material of the pocket.
    4. Presto: a perfect bit of material, usually just big enough to widen your jeans’ waist.

    • I done this to my Mothers dressy pants, I sewed up her right pocket just across the opening (she had a stroke and couldn’t use it any way) then used that fabric from inside the pocket facing for the wedge, it matched perfect. I inserted the wedge in the back of her pants to make them about 4-5 inches bigger at the waist and tapered down where I had opened the seam . It made it so much easier to get them up and down. They had a band so I just added elastic to the back half of the band to make them more comfortable for her.

  74. Have used this on skirts and jeans and slacks.

  75. tout simplement génial !!!
    Fini de donner les pantalons où mon ventre ne passe plus !!!
    Merci pour cette info

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  77. Have read tutorial over and over and am confused! Is this meant to be done to only one side of the jeans, or both? Do you cut ONE piece of denim, and then cut that piece in half, and use both of the subsequent pieces on ONE side of the jeans? Or do you cut ONE piece of denim, cut it in half, and then use one half for each side of your jeans? Or do you cut TWO pieces, cut them both in half, etc. etc?

    I looked at the pics, and it seems that the repair is done on both the left and right sides of the jeans. But the instructions don’t say “repeat on other side,” or how many pieces need to be cut in the very beginning. Would love some clarification, thank you so much!!

  78. I really like your writing style, fantastic information, thank you for putting up :D. “God save me from my friends. I can protect myself from my enemies.” by Claude Louis Hector de Villars.

  79. Hi i need someone to make my very cute jeans to fit me, they need to be made bigger @ the sides from my thigh up and the waist needs to have material added in so i can zip and button them up, i dont know how so who could do this for me ??? Patch jeans so cute (HELP ) let me know thks Lisa

  80. 新百倫鞋

  81. About a year ago a friend gave my husband a bunch of jeans and 2 pairs did not fit him quite right. This solution is practically identical, just remember to factor in the seam allowances plus the amount of ease plus about a half inch additional for each side if doing one on each side. For one of the other non-fitting pairs I hid the adjustments in the center back preserving the appearance of the side seams.

  82. my uestion is how to let pants or jeans out when they have elastic for a waistband .thank you

  83. Craftygal says:

    Would this work on faux leather jeans? They aren’t real thick, so I’m sure they’d be easy to sew. I’ve even been used to doing some leather sewing by hand, so I will do this by hand if need be. I got these buttery soft “Dollhouse Jeans” in faux leather, and I guess they run small. The site I got them from, said “no returns” they are also very low rise. I’m used to wearing a low rise Jean, but these are especially low! Lol. Just curious if anyone thinks it would be worth a try?? And what would be the best material to use in the sides? I have some extra faux leather, and other black material that would match well. Thanks!!!

  84. DNeehsa says:

    I have used this method about 4 times now, worst part about it is sewing thru the waist to the next yoke seam….that space is small and the stitching becomes uneven or missed. I have learned to live with the less than perfect sewing as I always wear a top that falls well over the waist and I have four pair of jeans with lots of life still in them to wear! Is there any tip to help sew this tricky part of the extension?…..is a walking foot the only answer?

  85. I’ve done this for a few years now as a solution to make new jeans fit better. Sad to be cutting into expensive Levi’s, but there’s no avoiding it. I have wide hips for a guy, and if I were to buy a size that fits at the waist, then everything else below looks baggy and billowing. Instead I buy what fits in the crotch and thighs, and it ends up super-tight in the waist… I simply make this alteration and it works like a charm.

  86. To eliminate bulk use wide elastic instead of a denim patch. Even more comfort at waistline. Use with stretch going across the width of pants. I use this all the time as to get jeans to fit in legs I go down two sizes which makes for tight waistline.

  87. To eliminate bulk use wide elastic instead of a denim patch. Even more comfort at waistline. Use with stretch going across the width of pants. I use this all the time as to get jeans to fit in legs I go down two sizes which makes for tight waistline. Thank you for sharing your technique .

  88. Nancy Jones says:

    Hi. Love the new tutorial. I would love to see the tutorials for the red peplum top, but it doesn’t exist. Could you please send it to me, or repost it? Thanks so much
    Nancy Jones

  89. Jennifer says:

    I am interested in getting a new sewing machine which would be a good one to stitch both jeans and other cotton/synthetic clothes?

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I want to be able to do this as soon as i get my new toy :)

  90. DNeesha says:

    I got a Singer 4411 on sale…it has all the necessary features and it is a real work-horse! I bought it to sew upholstery to make lined & piped cushions for home but I find I use it for most simple straight sewing too (I also have a ‘bells & whistles’ Janome).
    The Singer handles denim real easy, but it still needs a bit of assistance over the yoke adjoining the waist etc extra thick bits – depends on the type of denim how ‘worn-in’ it is etc….get a Jean-a-ma-Jig or a Jean-Genie (Australia) gadget when you get your new machine……very helpful!

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  96. I haven’t tried this as yet, but I truly plan to. The only difference I might try is to use stretch denim material to make them more comfortable and not slide down since my waste is now the same width as my hips.

  97. Anne Arato says:

    This fired up my curiosity and inspires me to help my son (finally!) and get him into a pair of jeans. Thank you! He has Cerebral Palsy, and due to one hand with less function he needs pants he can pull up and down on his own, instead of buttons and zippers. Very few pants are made with elastic in the waist in jeans. He has to wear sweats and one kind of slacks made by Walmart. So this will help us. I will put either fabric with an elastic waistband at the top, stretch fabric with the same, or all elastic in the “V”. I might color the elastic with sharpies in a blue color as it is permanent.

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  100. I want to use white eyelet lace with a redo top with same lace trim.

  101. That really sounds sexy..what a brilliant idea!


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