+ DIY home inspiration: antlers and deadheads


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I know that my site is primarily a sewing and fashion related site, but for today (and hopefully a few odd days here and there) I’m going to make an exception because I’m re-opening up my antler shop! I’m posting a few inspirational photos on how to decorate your house with pretty deer and elk antlers and dead heads – and for a particular set of you out there…these will spark some DIY ideas! Because of the antler’s shape and tines (spikes), you have a vast amount of DIY possibilities – whether it is a decorative piece or holder of some kind (jewelry, coaster, coat, washi tape like the images above) for example.  Whatever it may be….you can’t go wrong with these beautiful pieces in your home.


  1. Can’t wait to see your shop! I loveee antlers as home decor, especially in non-hunting lodge kind of spaces, where they’re a little more unexpected. There’s this one guy on etsy that makes faux taxidermy pieces and there’s a seafoam dear with glitter antlers that I love and I’ve been obsessed ever since…so I’m gonna go look at your shop, I’m sure I’ll love it! xx

    Allie @ callmesassafras.wordpress.com

  2. I was so not into the whole antler-decor thing at first–I think my aversion came from living in an area of the country where taxidermy=redneck. Ha! I love them now, though, after seeing the modern twist on them. Crisp white walls + vintage elements are SO much better than camo.

  3. sorry for speaking out but why would you want a dead animal’s skull in your home? I just don’t get it…

    • That’s totally fine! I hated it at first…my husband woukd bring them home and I would shove them in the garage completely embarrassed. But now it has become a huge part of my life because my husband loves to find antlers and deadheads….so naturally I had to embrace his love and after a while I came to appreciate it too and fell in love. But of course this is a trend and it will fade (not for my husband of course).

  4. Deb MaaMaa says:

    I love it!! I also love your green dresser/nightstand. If I try to put hem in our home my non-hunter husband thinks I’m ripping on him : 0

  5. Lacey Parr says:

    Liz, we love the deadhead we bought from you earlier this year! It is now gracing our mantel. I agree with some of the other commenters, antlers and the like used to mean redneck to me! But now I just love the clean lines and natural beauty of them! I’ll have to check out your shop for a smaller one for our bedroom.

  6. Where can I find your shop? I’m quite interested in purchasing antlers for my husband!!

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