+ My Brazilian Blowout – getting summer vacation ready part 1

I have always been curious about a brazilian blowout and its effects on my hair and quite honestly it has always been negative. There have been talk of it making your hair fall out or major damage. So I found myself questioning it for years. After my new sister-in-law and a friend from Fashion School told me about their very positive experiences, I gave in. I have always had naturally curly hair, the longer it became, the more kinky, frizzy and unmanageable. I used to have beautiful ringlets that I would sport everyday, up until college. Then I grew my hair out and around the same time, moved to very dry utah. I knew that my hair was tame-able with mousse, gel, and the usual products, but I didn’t know that the dry factor plus the length of my hair made it quite hard to achieve those pretty curls. So….I resorted to blowdrying and straightening and curling my hair constantly. I rarely would style my hair naturally curly (I should say kinky), which can and could be a heart ache because I loved my curls and It takes forever to dry my hair. I have since come to figure out my way around these issues by styling my hair after it air dries and whatnot. But when I actually committed to a brazilian blowout (despite my fear of my hair falling out) I was so excited!
The whole process in the end took a whole 1 and a half hours. And I have a lot of hair so that is saying a lot. There was no permanent damage – my eyeballs didn’t fall out (another concern) and happily my curls didn’t disappear. The BB basically de-frizzed my hair, made it shinier and healthier looking, makes it dry 10x faster (literally), still has the option to let it curl naturally (in the picture below, I brushed it through multiple times, I did not try to let it curl), it still curls very easily with a curling iron and flat iron, and way easier to brush out (as most of you curly or fine hair people know, brushing out your hair is almost impossible, sometimes I wouldn’t brush my hair for weeks). Basically now I can brush my hair after the shower and be on my way. I have NEVER been able to do that in my life. Ever. I have always had to put a lot of time into my hair.
This makes it perfect for my busy busy life. I haven’t had the “stick it up in a bun right out of the shower because it is unruly” problem since I’ve had it. I love it and will definitely do it next summer. The blowout will typically last around 3 months, but because I wash my hair every 5 to 7 days (I’m sorry if that grosses you out) mine should last even longer! Wahoo! And I’m not worried about losing my curls forever, I will see them again in 3 to 6 months. If you guys have any questions about my brazilian blowout I will love to answer them! If you are wondering about who did my BB in Utah her name is Laura of Ella Bloom Salon, Spa, and Boutique (801-785-6777) – she will give you a discount if you mention me. This is not a paid  review, just an opinion.
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I was actually quite lucky, because as I was getting my brazilian blowout done, a L’Oreal representative gave me some of these amazing products to try out! I never get lucky like this. They are sulfate free and better for your hair. I love the mythic oil the most, it isn’t a greasy feeling, but more like a glossy shiny product made from natural oils. (I’m not getting paid to say this and this isn’t a review, I really do love these products!)


  1. As a Brazilian, who have been doing Brazilian Blowouts, both in the US and in Brazil, I gotta say I totally understand the feeling of freedom when you wash your hair, for the first time and leave the house, without spending hours getting it done! It’s just fantastic! I also like how the treatment seems to leave my hair more hydrated and manageable than when I have nothing done to it! Your hair is gorgeous, btw!

  2. Cherlyn says:

    I really enjoy your blog, your work and recommendations! You are very talented.
    Your hair looks great but…
    As you may or may not know, Brazilian Blowout contains high levels of cancer causing formaldehyde (11%). Unfortunately, information is not always transparent to consumers and hair stylists.
    Not trying to be preachy just looking out for the health of other women.
    Of course, there are a lot of things out there that may potentially cause cancer and we have a right to choose what we want but I just wanted to pass this on for you and your readers to consider if you do decide to go this route. Thanks again for your blog and all your talent!

    • I was worried about the formaldehyde too….but the type of brazilian blowout I got wasn’t that kind (that is why I almost canceled my appointment a million times, I thought I was going to die or I was going to go bold). Apparently, the BB I received involved a chemical that would act like formaldehyde, but without the cancerous-ness. It is a more updated, less risky one. I’m not sure what it was called, but apparently BB have come a long way since the big BB scare of 2011 (don’t real know the year but it sounds good when I put it that way). That is what convinced me to proceed!

    • Cherlyn~ The formaldehyde/cancer scare is false with regard to keratin treatments. The news media was irresponsibly unscientific in their reporting, and the very issue was created by the chemical relaxer industry to salvage market share lost to Brazilian keratin.
      Hundreds of studies on NIH’s Nat’l Center for Biotechnology Info website make it clear that the brief, short-term, and low-density formaldehyde exposure of a keratin treatment isn’t sufficient to cause ANY health problems including cancer or birth defects. The only people in whom negative effects were seen are those with decades of high-concentration, extended exposure such as chemical resin manufacturers, and even there the negative health effects were only marginally higher than the non-exposed population.
      Oregon OSHA similarly found that the worst side effects of keratin treatments were momentary watering of the eyes or burning sensation in the sinuses during application in some but not all persons. Of course, if you’re willing to use fan to divert the steam during application, this won’t happen. There is absolutely no need for the masks mentioned by Ash.
      It’s time for us to stop parroting all the misinformation about Brazilian keratin. It’s safe, it’s absolutely the best available frizz controller, and you can even do it yourself for $20-30 per treatment (see Uncurly.com).

  3. Dominique says:

    I just googled and it seems that Brazilian blowouts are banned in Canada and most of Europe :/
    Oh well..at least I could get a perm if I wanted one.

  4. You sold me. As someone else with curly hair, the thing I resent most is that other people can brush their hair in the morning and be on their way! NOT FAIR. I am definitely going to try a brazilian blowout now.

  5. I’m insanely interested in a Brazilian blowout, but I have super curly hair and am afraid of paying all that $$ to have just mildly less curly hair. I’ve tried googling to see before/afters on other super curly haired people, but haven’t had any luck. If able, would you mind sharing a curly haired photo? Also, if you find someone in SF who can do this, share that too :)


  6. I love the mythic oil!! I’m addicted. I just love the smell too. Sometimes when I’m in a rush i just run this on my hair tips and cuticle and figure at least i look somewhat put-together and nice smelling! 😉

  7. Like you I’ve heard both good and bad things about B blowouts so thanks for sharing! As a fellow curly girl, I must say that if you can’t get your curls to cooperate then you are not using the right products! I learned this the frustrating, embarrassing, tear my hair out way. Seriously, I had hair that looked like a Halloween witch. Anyways, EVERY head of curly hair is a bit different and you have to find what works for you. Good luck on your product quest!

  8. I had hair your length and struggled with all the same things, 3 hours to dry and a tangled mess to brush. I wish I had taken the plunge and done something like this! Now my hair is above my shoulders, which incidentally fixes all those problems. I will definitely consider if I grow my hair out again.

  9. I’m from Finland and I’ve never even heard of this Brazilian blowout thingy 😮 But with quick googling I found out the reason for that: it’s banned in EU because of all the dangerous chemicals they use in it.. and they don’t ban things here very easily :s

    So I guess you really hate your curly hair if you’re willing to take that big risk to get rid of it. Even if your hair doesn’t fall out (as you said you were afraid of it), you still risk “storing” those dangerous chemicals to your body and moving them on to your possible future kids. Maybe I’m overthinking this 😀 I always thought that USA is more concerned about all those dangerous chemicals in cosmetics and everything so I’m wondering why it isn’t banned in there.

    Not trying to make you feel bad or anything ^^ You did what you did and sometimes you have to suffer for beauty and practicality. Who knows what poisonous things for example UV-gel nails contain.. and I have been making those for years now for myself and other ppl. Just like someone said earlier in the comments: you can get cancer from pretty much everything nowadays -.-
    You know those colors they use in make-up? Those have been proven to cause cancer and still they are allowed to use them in the make-up.
    So in the end, I guess nothing is safe 😀 And if you enjoy beauty stuff, you gotta take some risks from time to time.

    • It does sound sketchy, but I did my research too. It was something I wanted to try once and I’m glad I did. I also think it depends on the treatment too. When I got mine done, the lady showed me the ingredient list of the BB and it didn’t have an phemaldehyde in it. Not sure if it was a new safer treatment, but I found that only going once was worth a try! Thanks for the concerned comment.

  10. Can you revisit this in the 6 months and let us know how your curls come back. I have had the same problem with loosing my perfect surls in college. I still wear mine curly most of the time (out of pure laziness) but id like to see if this option could work for me.

  11. Desaree says:

    I’ve definitely thought about getting a BB, but I never have known anyone who’s done it, so I just put it in the back of my head. I’d definitely be interested to give it a go now. Thanks for this tid-bit of info, Liz.

  12. Never heard of this. I don’t have super curly hair, just wavy, so its manageable. I’d love to see pics of your curly hair. It looks so gorgeous straight, I was surprised that its not naturally straight.

  13. ira lee says:

    what the heck IS a BB? one comment im scared, the next makes me want one!! lol i’ve got long thick frizzy grung-ey hair! i’m gonna google it! lol

  14. What a great post! I’ve always wanted to try a Brazilian blowout, but I’ve been too afraid that my curls won’t “curl right” after I do that. It’s definitely becoming more of an option though, because I just don’t have the time to work through my hair these days–but I’m still nervous about it! I definitely commend you for going through with it!! :]

  15. Have you ever tried the Curly Girl method? Lorraine Massey (the woman who “created” it) has a book, “Curly Girl,” and a line of products at Ulta called Devacurl. The idea behind it is that curly hair is different from straight hair and needs different treatment/products. I straightened my hair for years, but wanted to stop damaging my hair and let it “do it’s thang.” LOL! You’ll probably have to wait until your blowout grows out, but give it a shot.

  16. Daniela says:

    Hi guys!
    I’m from Brazil and I must say to you. All of our methods of straightening hair use formaldehyde. Some people might say that they don’t use, that is another product, but it’s not. I have curly hair and once I had one side of my head a short cut so I had to be through this process. You can identify how strong the product is when they start drying your hair. You can see the steam rising and it hurts a little bit the eyes (sometimes the skin of your head starts to peel off). The formaldehyde is always there whether in small or big doses, because our phenotype is not something that we can change without this kind of help. Think about it!
    Sometimes I get tired of my hair because it is not totally curly or wavy or straight. Near my neck is very very straight. And in the middle is wavy and then at the top is curly. It was so lengthy (around my waist), because I didn’t want a big volume. But it was terrible, heavy. My problem was solved with a nice haircut (around 25 cm were taken off) that gave movement to my hair. Sometimes the great change is where we are not expecting! :)

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  19. Brazilian Blowout is one way to achieve that straight look that many women dream of. Keratin treatment brings damaged hair back to life and makes it incredibly strong silky and shiny. It gets rid of frizz, gives it the moisture injection and improves the texture of the hair.

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  21. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your article seem to be running off the screen in Chrome. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know. The design and style look great though! Hope you get the problem fixed soon. Cheers

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  24. I have a big hair loss problem after a Brazilian Blowout. I have lost 60% of my hair in a period of 12 months. I used to have a lot of hair, very thick and super dark.

    Right when the stylist was done with the treatment the floor was covered with strands (I guess from breakage) and right then and there my hair started dripping out of my head (hairs have the bulb attached). It has not stopped for 12 months. I lose about 200 hairs from washing and detangling plus about 150 every day. I don’t style anymore, nor color not even pony tails. The woman applied the solution to the scalp and did not rinse properly and not knowing this I ended up washing my hair two days later. I was not concerned because it is supposed to be good for your hair…. and not for the scalp? I retrospect the solution stayed on my scalp for two days. From what I have read Brazilian Blowout has a maximum of 10.4% folmaldehyde. I did not feel any discomfort until two weeks later when my scalp started peeling in pieces as big a 1cm. My scalp has become really sensitive to everything, feels tight, itches and super dry and lifeless. I think I don’t produce any oils as I only wash my hair every four days and even by the fourth day I don’t feel any oils on my scalp. My temples are gone and my sides super thin especially the right side. The diameter of my shafts is much smaller than my regular hair. I have some regrowth but very little and the quality of the hair unless is gray hair is really poor (super thin and rough) and notice when I wash that I lose a lot of 1” hairs. I see a lot of zig zag hairs. My hair has been growing at a slower rate than pretreatment. About once a month I feel scalp pain in different areas of my scalp.

    I have seen 5 dermatologist and gotten all the tests and everything looks normal. They all claim that my scalp looks healthy (even the one I saw when my scalp was peeling) and dismiss the treatment as the causing agent. They all say is female pattern balding. I know myself and my hair and it all started the day of the treatment.

    I have tried remedies from super natural to super aggressive (steroid shots) but none have helped on the contrary accelerate the loss.

    I am not alone with this problem. There are many websites where women report having the same symptoms after a Brazilian or Keratin treatments. Nobody can help as doctors are not familiar with these treatments. I think I got chemically burned and my follicles were damaged and cant produce hair anymore. I am taking Viviscal, vitamins d And e and omegas.

    I know there is severe damage to my scalp as folmaldehyde kills cells and was wondering if there is something I can do to keep some of my hair. At the rate I am going I will be bald in another 12 months (if I do the math) unless something changes. I have lost hope as in 12 months the shedding has not changed (other than for the worse). This has changed my life I feel like I live in hair loss limbo.

    I would recommend staying away from this treatments. Even if it does not touch the scalp, the gases can seep in to it. It may take several treatments. If you need to hear more stories like mine please go to http://www.short-hair-style.com/reaction-to-keratin-hair-treatment.html

    • I am in my 60’s and have had a few B Blowouts. I have never had any hair loss or other issues. The only problem I have ever encountered was that right after I had the treatment, my hair was a little “oily” feeling, but I didn’t have to use conditioner for a long time! My hair was incredibly smooth feeling and it lasted several months. Some people can lose hair after a trauma or surgery (I did, after a facial laser treatment), but not for long. I have never heard of any hair loss due to this treatment.

    • Jennifer says:

      MAGR – I am having a similar experience. My hairdresser did not rinse the BB after the hot iron part. I went home and did not wash for 36 hours, only rinsed and followed with conditioning mask per hairdresser’s instructions. My hair is long, blonde, fine, but with some body and curls in places. Within one week, I noticed frayed singed hair all around my face. I began to cut off what I could afford to. My hairdresser blamed me for not washing out the solution and gave me some hair regrowth shampoo and conditioner.
      I went to another hairdresser who cut my hair to shoulder length, reshaped the hair around my face and told me to try to only wash once a week. I am now two weeks in the process and my scalp is beginning to peel. I also am noticing hair breakage/fall out at the nape of my neck. Why this may work for some, it is simply not worth the risk. I trusted my hairdresser who I have been going to for over seven years, and who has been trying to talk me into it for six years. I would also give a big warning to those with fine and highlighted hair that the process can be way too much for the strength of the hair. Oh! Post application, under a hairdryer, the chemicals are very potent and burn eyes, throat, etc. How can this be a good thing for your hair overall? Or you?

      • I cannot understand why your hairdresser would allow you to go home before she finished the blowout process. THEY are supposed to flatiron , then wash your hair and then blowdry it before leave. I have had my color done at the same time, right before the blowout, and have NEVER had any problems. My hairdresser paid a lot of money to get trained to do the Brazilian Blowout, so I really don’t understand anyone who does not adhere to the instructions on how to do this properly. Losing hair was never a concern I had, only the possibility of the fumes being harmful. Since this is something that I do maybe once or twice a year, I feel that when I have my hair colored every month, it’s probably a lot more damaging than the BB will ever be. I still do not believe that the hair loss and scalp damage that some people are getting is due to this procedure at all. It could be a variety of things, but having the BB done the right way will not cause that.

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  27. My hair was exactly like yours. Super thick, curly… I got the Brazilian and it changed my life! My hair was super smooth, straight and shiny– I loved it!
    Fast forward three years later and two treatments later… I have lost soooo much hair. Of course I never really noticed the hair loss after the first treatment because my hair had always been super thick, anyone with super thick hair could care less if a few strands fell off. By the time I got my second BB, I thought it should just be a continuation to having smoother hair- the first time had excellent results right? Same for the third time… Only by then I was just getting it bc now my hair was strings and dry, I felt I had to get the treatment to at least keep it straight and shiny… Which it does, but with less hair on my scalp. I have now stopped all treatments.

    I’m just saying, I was promoting the BB treatment to all my girlfriends and family members, it’s one of my biggest beauty regret. You will lose 50% of your hair. Guaranteed!

  28. I got my first BB treatment in 2009 and did two treatments in 2010, two treatments in 2011 and one last treatment during the summer of 2012. I still love the results the BB treatment; HOWEVER, keep in mind that you will lose hair over time. I was the only person from friends and family who did it so I didn’t know what the long term effects would be. Now after a few years of doing the treatment, i’m here to tell people what happens in the long run: you lose hair, at least 50% and your hair becomes stringy, especially if you have chemically bleached hair like mine. I haven’t done the BB treatment since last summer and I don’t plan on doing it because my hair is beginning to get fuller (luckily my stylist avoided applying the product to my roots so my hair follicles did not get burned). I still crave the results, but unfortunately it’s not worth it.

  29. Xandria Hart says:

    My hair is really thick and I am finding after every 4 weeks the treatment isn’t really effective. Is it ok to do a blowout every 4 weeks?

    • Probably not…but I have no idea. Have you tried a keratin treatment, I heard those are supposed to last for a year and it has better results.

  30. Olivia Weiner says:

    Hi! I have long, very curly, thin hair. I like my ringlets, but it’s such a hassle to straighten them so I’m thinking of doing this blowout. After the effects have worn off, will my hair look different/more frizzy? Will I permanently lose my curls? Does the treatment completely straighten your hair or will if just make my hair wavy?

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  39. Archana Kumar says:


    Thanks for the post. I had a question… Are the ‘After’ Pictures without a hair straightener? or do you have to use the straightener to get that effect?


  40. Just stumbled across your blog (new follower/stalker! Haha) and I have to say this is probably the most detailed post I’ve seen about the BB. I’m going to schedule an appt for next weekend, and I’m super nervous and excited at the same time. :3

    Are you still getting the treatment? And since it’s been a few months is your hair still healthy? I know that different heads of curls respond differently to this kind of treatment so I’m preparing myself for the best and worst results, but seeing your photos are making me hope for the best results now. :)

  41. I’m in the same situation.. so after you had this brazilian blowout was your hair damaged or started to fall out? And did you get your curls back after sometime(how many mnths exactly?)? because i love my curls too but i am so sick of it nowadays and really need a change..

  42. I got a Brazilian blow out too and my hair isn’t falling out though I got it on Tuesday and now its Thursday and my hair would fall out preemptive blow out and the blow out made my hair stronger.

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  44. Hey! My hair is nearly identical to yours except different colors and what not.. but I was wondering how my hair is going to turn out after… am I going to loose the curls forever? Or is it as long as the treatment lasts? Im really concerned about this because I’m getting my Brazilian done tomorrow!

  45. Hello, I have hair that’s almost identical to yours. It grows very, very fast. I also try to wash it every 5 days because it’s highlighted and dry.

    You said you were expecting it to last maybe 3-6 months. Curious to know how long it lasted? Thanks!

    • @Nataly – you don’t loose your curls from the BB. It just really smooths your hair and takes away frizz. I have some wave in my hair naturally and I always flat iron since I like that look. Right after I have the BB, there is no need for me to flat iron, but after a few weeks or about a month, some of my wave comes back. Then, when the blowout is completely gone, (for me, it’s about 5 months) all my natural wave is back (which makes me want to have another blowout) :) I usually wait about a year in between, though.

    • All of my info is based on having your blowout done by someone who has been through the training and is a haircare professional, who knows your hair AND that proper ventilation (fan) is being used. Sometimes the fumes can sting if a fan is not on during the process. My hair stylist knew beforehand that I have had it done before (by someone else) and all of my issues/concerns about the results. This way she can suggest what will work best for me.

  46. I got a brazilian blowout over the summer hoping to keep my locks shiny and frizz free for the remainder of the year. At first I loved it, raved about it to all of my friends. But now that it has been a few months, my hair is falling out left and right. I just have to run my hands through my hair and I pull out enough hair to make a wig. Bottom line- DON’T DO IT. It not only ruined my hair but causes me much stress in covering up the thin spots.

    • I am really concerned that your hair is falling out from the blowout. Did you get it done by someone who is a Certified Brazilian Blowout professional? If so, did this happen to any of their other clients? I would definitely talk to the hair stylist and ask them those questions and why they think this is happening. The product is not applied directly to the scalp. In fact, because my hair is a little too “limp” in the first few weeks, my stylist now applies it even further away from my scalp than before, but I still get great results. Due to this treatment, I’m not using my flat iron as often and, that alone, has made my hair more healthy looking. I should add that I am in my 60’s and have hair that looks like I’m much younger!

  47. suzette says:

    Hi. I’m from south Africa. I have had a few BB done and every time I’ve had had a bad itchy scalp . A little hair loss and my stylist has always blamed it on me not taking care of my hair bla..bla.. The usual excuses after reading this blog and looking up the process of BB quite a few stylist here don’t rinse ur hair after they apply and iron they tell us to leave it in for 3 days or longer. my last BB i felt nauseas and ill the entire day after and vowed never to do BB again . But now that I know what went wrong ill try it again .

    • Yes, hair LOSS is completely unrelated to the BB. It is due to genetics/family history, stress, hormonal changes, illness, NOT by applying a hair treatment. Unfortunately, there are people (stylists) out there who are not properly trained (or they skip a few crucial steps), and then not blame themselves for any negative results. My daughter just had her 3rd BB done in 3 years and it looks great and so healthy! I will be having my 4th one (in 5 yrs.) and can’t wait!!

      • I’m sorry, but Trish you are being irresponsible. How can you say for sure that the hairless she is experiencing is based solely on genetics especially in the face of the testimony here and elsewhere. Not cool/

        • First of all, I did not say the hair loss she is experencing is based solely on genetics. I said it could be from several different things; illness, hormones, stress, AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, the BB treatment not being PROPERLY done. I think the person(s) that are being irresponsible are the ones that are not finding out the REAL reason for the hair loss. If anyone is having hair loss, then I feel they should be diagnosed by a medical professional to see if there are any health reasons why this would be happening. Also, if a BB is done on someone with extremely over treated hair, weak hair, severly damaged hair, etc., then they probably should NOT do this treatment and their hairdresser (especially if it’s someone who knows their hair well) should tell them so. On the other hand, anyone having this treatment should use common sense. No one knows your hair better than you do!

  48. Magdalene says:

    I was wondering if there were any chemicals used in your hair. Is this similar to chemically straightening your hair?

    • The BB treatment does contain chemicals but so does regular hair color, perms, etc. I do not think, however, that it is similar to other chemical straighteners, because the BB is meant to be a smoothing treatment for frizz and will improve the health of your hair. You can still have curl, if you want, especially if your hair is curly to begin with. I believe other chemical straighteners are more damaging to your hair and health. Just make sure you have the original Brazilian Blowout done by someone who has been trained to do this.

  49. I have thick healthy waist length hair that will have soft waves if allowed to dry on own. I love my hair. Sadly I recently did a drastic diet change and had significant weight loss over about 2 months. (On purpose) Last week I woke up to find a head full of severely broken hair. It resembles a rats nest, and looks like I haven’t brushed it in days. Never had problems with breakage before now. There are hairs on the crown of my head that range from 1 inch to 5 or 6 inches long, all kinky and spiraled shooting all directions. The thick hair in the back feels like straw. I’m devastated at the damage. I will see my hair stylist today to discuss treatment options to make this less noticeable while I go through the long process of allowing those damaged hairs to grow or fall out. Will be discussing a BB. Do any of you feel it’s a bad idea to do a BB on such damaged hair just to lessen the appearance of these broken hairs? It is ridiculous and unkempt looking, I need to do something.

    • Personally, I would not consider doing a BB on your hair, in it’s current condition. I think you should work on getting your hair healthy again. You could try some natural topical treatments, such as organic coconut oil, which has many healthy benefits. Most importantly, I think you should see a health profressional to find out what you need to do to get yourself healthy. I’m not a doctor (or even close) but I do know that losing too much weight too fast is not a good thing. You need to get healthy on the inside before you start doing anything on the outside!

  50. I have had the BB once a year for 2 years now, only at a professional salon I trust.

    I experienced my eyes stinging while the product was on, but no complications afterwards.

    It is totally worth it, for me. I am a nursing student and can’t be bothered with my hair. I normally have very thick, curly, frizzy, Italian hair. The BB makes it so that I can just leave my hair to air-dry and do nothing to it at all, not even hair spray, and it looks great. A little bit of a wave and some body, but it looks as if I worked to get it this way. It also lasts longer between shampoos. I used to have to wash my hair at least every other day or it was a frizzfest. Now I wash it only 2x a week, and could probably go longer, which is healthier for your hair anyway.

    I do a lot of “natural” things – like no fluoride toothpaste and aloe/apple cider/coconut face wash, etc.

    I make the big exception here. And truthfully, Formaldehyde is released in our own body’s cells, besides a number of other products we come into contact with. I believe the horror stories, but with any chemical or drug, you will have a percent who unfortunately suffer terrible reactions.

    • Amy, I agree with you 100%!! I’ve been answering e-mails on this site for some people who seem to think the BB is making their hair fall out and I believe that is a whole other issue! I love having this done on me, usually once per year. My hair stylist always uses a fan while putting the product on and I have never even experienced any stinging. I know, lots of things contain formaldehyde, but everyone wants to pick on this particular procedure!

  51. I have strong curls and my stylist thinks I should have this in every 6 weeks, I think it is excessive. What’s your opinion/ Thank you.

  52. I have had keratin done twice a year for 5 years. My scalp built up a reaction over time and yours will too. The last Keratin process, my hair dripped out of my head. This has been for 2 years and has finally slowed down. No matter what they say.. this is not real keratin but chemicals. The chemicals will touch your scalp to a point no matter what you do. If you think about the scenario…. you are flat ironing chemicals at 350-450+ degrees and burning a silicone based product that coats your hair and then the coating fades out over time with washing. If the product was a real keratin then you would just need to condition your hair only to improve structure. Believe me, I was fooled and loved them as well. Over time your hair will break down and your scalp will too. This has nothing to do with heredity or stress! Please beware and stop frying chemicals in your hair. I wish I thought about the entire process before hand and wasn’t so stupid.

    • If you want to believe that then there’s really nothing that I can say. I don’t think that this happens to everyone. I am 70 years old. I had my first Brazilian Blowout about 5 years ago. I’ve had at least five more since. I have to say my hair only gets better with each one. In fact, I have said before, my hair is a little too oily when I first get it done. I usually have to wait about a month before I even condition my hair. I know, at my age, my hair is not nearly as healthy as it was when I was younger. But the Brazilian Blowout said I do get only make it look shiny, healthy, and like “young” hair!

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