+ DIY Lined graphic tee

I’ve been obsessed with graphic tees, naturally, especially Marc Jacob’s vertical striped one and Jcrew’s horizontal striped tee. And this top may be one of the easiest and affordable graphic tees you can make. Just a few pieces of tape and fabric paint and done!
IMG_3590c IMG_3526c
top: thrifted/refashioned (tutorial below)    pants+hat: h&m     shoes: forever 21

tee shirt
fabric paint
sponge brush
painter’s tape or freezer paper
optional (if sewing tee smaller): sewing machine, thread, needle, pins, scissors

OPTIONAL (if you are sewing a tee shirt smaller)…if you are just wanting to paint then skip to step 5!
1+2. Cut neckline by aligning side seams and shoulder seams and cutting off the ribbing. Then hem the neckline by sewing the edge under at least a half inch.
3. Cut off the sleeve ends if you want them to be shorter.
4. Roll the ends twice, then tack needle and thread or sewing machine.
5. take off a few rows. I just eyeballed it, but you can measure if you need.
6. Paint and let dry!
7. Take off the tape once all dry. Done!

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  1. cool!

  2. This is so simple that makes me go “duh, how did I not think of it?” but then it is so creative that I go “yeah, that’s why.”

    Thanks for the tutorial!

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  3. no simple so original!!! I love it!!


  4. I absolutely love this diy can’t wait to try.

  5. I love it!

  6. wow!! this is my next project :)

  7. So cool! How come I never thought of that…
    Quick question: how long did you let it dry before taking the tape off? Did you wait until it was dry to the touch or did you let it dry overnight?
    Love your blog! :)

  8. Cute! This looks fantastic – so striking and fun! Thanks for such a great tutorial.

    – Roz

  9. Great idea! Love the tee!


  10. so simple but looks so effective. I love it.


  11. Brilliant idea to use painters tape! Love your fun blog so I am following you on Pinterest now!


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