+ DIY No sew crop top! (with hemming option)


This crop top is so easy to make and fun to wear because it’s breezy and has cute pickaboo openings to show off what going on underneath like you swimsuit, tank, sports bra, or what have you. Perfect for those summer vacations or something to keep you cool at the gym. Planning on making quite a few more of these with my husband’s old tees

Large non-stiff tee shirt
If hemming: thread, sewing machine, iron

*if hemming keep in mind the additional seam allowance needed. Read #4 for instructions
1. Cut the sleeves off.
2. Cut the neckline. At this point figure out how skinny you want the shoulder straps and cut the neckline or sleeve further in or out
3. Cut the bottom to be a crop top
4. Optional – hem the shoulder and neckline a half inch and bottom by an inch. If you are hemming make sure to add the seam allowance when cutting.
no sew crop top


  1. That’s a cool idea! A project cannot get any easier than that!


    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  2. such an easy, cute fix for a t-shirt!
    love that first photo of you!

  3. so easy to do, I love it!!


  4. This is lovely, I’m definitely raiding my husband’s old tshirts! Great pictures too and I love your sweet little floral shorts, where did you get them?

  5. Just did this, in college I get free t-shirts ALL the time! Often they’re XL like the one I just used, so I had to take in the edges and sew ‘em up (super easy fix)

  6. Beautiful<3

  7. I’m definitely going to try this! So pretty!

  8. So easy….love it nd u look gr8

  9. This is an amazing project!! So much potential and so easy to do!
    hmmm I feel a dip dye ombre crop top DIY day coming up!

  10. that is awesome! thanks for this post! and girl, you’re gorgeous!

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