+ Shoemint Givemint!

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I’m so excited about this giveaway! I wish I could enter. I’m loving all the many different styles…Especially all the strappy leather boots and colorful suede pumps. Next on my buy list are the cute black emma ankle boots (above). Honestly, I may be obsessed with shoemint shoes which are collaborated/designed by Rachel Bilson and Nicole Chavez. They are affordable, quality (with real leather/suede), and cute. And with all the new monthly arrivals I’m constantly checking their free members-only site with personalized everything (I feel so special).

ONE winner will win 1 pair of shoes (US and canada only) –
1. Click HERE
2. Sign up at shoemint for free(you will not regret it)
3. Leave a comment back here with what your favorite pair of shoes are from shoemint!

If you aren’t feeling lucky or you’re impatient like me – go ahead and click this LINK to get 20% off your first purchase! With free shipping and returns it is stress-free worry-free shopping experience.


  1. Octavia Harding says:

    Emma! In that wine color. Would wear it all fall and winter long!

  2. michelle j says:

    the black Emma boots are tooo cute!

  3. Totally dying over the Milly taupe snake. Or really any and all of the boots!

  4. I like the black Lane boots!

  5. I love the Ulla or the Shiva heels or the harper sandal, GAH talk about indecisive.

  6. emily anne-marie says:

    looove the kali in rose gold!


  7. Oh my girl!! Already a member of shoemint!! But, I am gushing over these: Jordane, Elizabeth, Lynne, Caroline, & especially these boots: Sienna and Milly!! LOVE!!! Thanks for the giveaway pretty lady!!

  8. Loving Caroline in brown. Classic design!

  9. Hi Liz, my favorite is Lily, nothing better than a pair of combat in the winter, jeans, leather jacket over the refashion shirt that you show us. Also thank you for the tip on the ribbing collar.!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love the Elloise wedge in either color and the honey flats!

  11. I love the Emma in wine….I already have black booties, so I could use a color! I also love the Lori…..T-strap with a bit of edge!!

  12. Jessica says:

    I love the Charley and the Lilly Boots. Simple yet chic!

  13. Jennifer says:

    I hadn’t heard of shoemint before! Thanks for the heads up about it.
    The Lule suede pumps with the stitching detail are to die for! Love so much.

    Also – did anyone else see the draping chains? What a cool idea! I could totally jazz up my shoe collection.

  14. Heather Miller says:

    OOOOH so cute. I love all the colors!!! How can you choose just one??

  15. Dee Snow says:

    I am trying wedges so I think I like the Lori out of that line

  16. I love any shoe with a wedge! Super cute.

  17. I love a few styles: Lane, Caroline, Ruby and Charley!

  18. LOVE the black Lolas!

  19. i love shoemint and i love those emma boots in wine. thank you for the great giveaway!

  20. Chelsea says:

    I am totally loving the Emma boots. Still deciding on what color I like the best.

  21. The Emma boots! I want every color but probably the wine ones are my favorite!

  22. Stephanie says:

    I love the black Lane boots and the black Caroline flats!

  23. I love love love the Emma boots in Wine or Olive color!!

  24. I’d totally get the Emma or the Sienna boots! SO CUTE! :)

  25. flossie says:

    I also like Emma! Great Fall shoe

  26. My favorite is the Elizabeth in Tan.

  27. I love the Lola in black. Classy, Classy, Classy.

  28. I love the Caroline shoes! Love them!

  29. I love Lily. And I love ShoeMint.

  30. Love the Emma boot in suede cognac. so cute!

  31. I am loving the striped Ciella, the black Romy and the nude Jordane.

  32. I really love the sienna in the green or the karen in black!

  33. My favorites are the Hellin shoes in orange. My go-to platform sandals broke this summer and I haven’t been able to afford new shoes :(
    But I have to say that those gingham heels were pretty darn cute too.

  34. Love the Bess heels in blue!

  35. Michelle Warnke says:

    I have been wanting some Supergas but if I win this I would probably get: Charley in Black http://www.shoemint.com/shoes/charley?id=14094

  36. i really really want the kali shiny shoe!!
    so cute

  37. I’m loving the Emma boots. The brown is super cute!

  38. Jenny Z. says:

    love the sienna boots!

  39. I love the black sienna boots. Perfect for fall.

  40. I like Emma and Lulu – don’t make me choose which one I like best, it’s too tough. :)

  41. I LOVE ShoeMint!

    Great Giveaway!



  42. I’m signed up!

    I love the Bess heels :)

  43. Already a member. YOSI SAMARA SNAKE in navy!

  44. Love the Sienna boot in black!

  45. I’m loving the Sienna boots in black. I’d probably wear them just about every!

  46. I gotta say that I’m really loving the Emma! Both black and olive color boot is fierce :)

  47. Annaliese says:

    The Eila nude sandals would be so fun to wear!

  48. Candice says:

    Bess!!! In that cute blue color!!!!

  49. LOVE the Charley flats in the nude leather. I feel like I would wear them out and buy another pair and wear those out and…

    They seem like the perfect go to shoe that you could wear with anything! Love their collections.

  50. I definitely want the emma boots!! So great for fall!

  51. I’m already signed up for Shoemint!! I cannot disagree with you! Those EMMA boots are amazing!! Need! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  52. I just signed up! I love those Emma boots in Olive suede. Now I cannot wait for winter!!! :)

  53. best giveaway EVER!!
    I LOVE the Katie flats :)

  54. Kristine Dumo says:

    I love the Emma boot in olive and cognac ! Perfect for pairing these boots with winter colored clothes and accessories !!

  55. Im in love with LOLA in black of course!! Im a shopaholic lol

  56. Madison Hamilton says:

    I love love love the Kali!!! It’s the perfect metallic loafer!

  57. I love the Katie’s in the red leather or natural canvas

  58. Oh, that Milly boot. Calling my name!

  59. Allison says:

    The Sienna boots in black

  60. Georgia says:

    I love the Sienna boots in black! I’ve been in major need of a cute pair of boots like these. I can see the outfits now 😉

  61. Kristi Colunga says:

    The emma boots in the wine color! Perfect for fall.

  62. the sienna boots in black are fab!

  63. I love the Ciella in the stripes.

  64. Ok the __ ? Obsessed!! Like literally I need those in my life.

  65. Oh my gosh, between Bess, Ulla, and Karen I am so torn! Think I’d have to go with Ulla in that fab orange/magenta combo…

  66. Ok what the heck, my link didn’t post for some reason but that comment above was supposed to include these: http://www.shoemint.com/shoes/ciella?id=14152

    and it was supposed to say the CIELLA sandals, not the ____. haha whatever that is! Thanks so much Lizzie for the great giveaway!


  67. The Lola in black is classically gorgeous, and would be the perfect finishing touch to a classic business ensemble (think pencil skirt!), a flirty night out, or even with a pair of great-fitting skinny jeans with a blazer and scarf. Yes, please!

  68. karen w. says:

    love the charley and harper!

  69. Caroline says:

    Oh, well! I would have to go with the Caroline shoes! Duh! How can I resist shoes that are named after me? ;]

  70. The Carrie shoes in pink are sooo cute!

  71. I love the Katie flats in red!

  72. Oh my, I love those Elloise wedges in red! So so cute!

    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania

  73. I am loving the black Lane boots! :)

  74. I would love the Ruby shoes. Do you think they will take me to OZ?

  75. I am absolutely in love with the Emma boot in Olive!! Gorgeous and versatile!! I would wear those all day erry day!! Lol perfect for fall, winter and even into spring!!

  76. Rebecca says:

    The Yosi Striped Red flip flops are wonderful. :)

  77. I love the EMMA boots

  78. Amy Minster says:

    I love the Emma boot. I need those in wine!

  79. I love the Eila sandals in pink! They are so fun and different from what I have now!

  80. I love the Karen. Now to decide on the color….

    Thanks for the give away!

  81. Oh my goodness! I am so not lucky, but it will never stop me from trying… Like you, I am in love with the Emma boots in black. I think they are the perfect little ankle boot for fall. Not to mention, my perfect little black ankle boots are about to kick the bucket.
    P. S. Love your creativity and blog!

  82. I love the Bess heels in black! I could definitely use a new pair of heels :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. tiffany says:

    Love the Emmas, now only to narrow down the colour!

  84. I absolutely love the Emma boots in wine-colored suede. They would be a perfect fall/winter boot!

  85. Megan M says:

    Cute shoes, it’s hard to pick but the Emma boots in wine :)
    Wish me luck!

  86. Courtney says:

    I’m with you, loving the Emma boots! Especially in wine or olive.

  87. Dana C. says:

    LOVE LOVE the Ruby flats in mint green- a shoe with many possibilities in my wardrobe! Thanks for the link!

  88. Chloe S says:

    oh my gosh! The Milly boots are the prettiest I have ever seen. Love x a million.

  89. Michelle MM says:

    I am in love with the Lily boots, and ShoeMint! What an awesome giveaway!

  90. I love the Kali flats!

  91. I instantly feel in love with the emma boot pictures! Black olive or wine I would where the heck out those boots! But olive is my faaavvvoritte

  92. Oh my, the Emma in tan are SO cute. I need those in my life!

  93. I really love the Emma boots…the olive are my favorite (but it looks like they are sold out!). My second color choice would be black…super classy!

  94. As much as I hate to think of fall quite yet, the Emma boots in wine would make the transition a little easier. A good sturdy heel for traipsing around campus and I love the rich colour and the buckles! Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. I love the Yosi Samara Two Tone Flats!

  96. I’m LOVING Shiva heels in black. So sleek!

  97. Lovin’ the olive Emma boots! All signed up and crossing my fingers!!!

  98. Mikayla says:

    I am so in love with the “Max” boots in black. They’re so adorable and perfect got fall/winter.

  99. love, love, love the Emma boots in wine and in black… I’m addicted to boots, and these are probably the most gorgeous pair ever.

  100. I love Emma in Wine

  101. Hellin in beige patent or Carrie in white. YES!

  102. I’m loving the Lina in white. So chic!

  103. Love the Harper sandal.

  104. Really love the Eloise and the Lori wedges!

  105. love the Emma boot in wine! so tough but feminine!

  106. really loving the Emma boot in wine and the Sienna boot in black! actually, really loving all these shoes, which makes sense, since they ask you so many questions about what you’d like :)

  107. I love love love the Bess in blue. It’s perfect for work! I also really like the Lilly. And the Ciella! Okay now I’m probably going to be on this site for the next hour, haha.

  108. Whitney A. says:

    I love the Lina sandals. They are soo cute!!!

  109. Holly L says:

    I love the Kali!

  110. danielle chan says:

    emma in wine or cognac~

  111. Nicole Hamilton says:

    I absolutely adore the Emma in wine!

  112. loving the emma boots in black!

  113. I love the Caroline flats. I’ve been looking for a fun flat to get me through this winter and pregnancy. The maroon Emma boot is pretty fabulous too!!

  114. Nothing like getting a new pair of shoes to brighten your day!

  115. The lola in the black and metallic!

    Thanks for the giveaway. :)


  116. Jordane in grey. So cute and fun!

  117. Milly boot in taupe! Gorg!

  118. laura gonzalez says:

    I’m loving the Elloise wedges in coral!

  119. ruby for sure! though Lily gives her a run for the choice

  120. I like the emma boots in the wine color!

  121. Love the Emma boots in cognac. I have a pair of cognac colored wedges I wear all summer, and I have been on the lookout for a fall/winter equivalent.

  122. fabiola says:

    I like the LILY in black OR EMMA also in black, I need boots for fall! 😉

  123. Roxana Resendiz says:

    How can I pick just ONE, they’re all pretty… but I have to … Bess pumps, Gorgeous, the perfect shoe.

  124. The Emma Boots are just too cute!

  125. I LOVE the Milly in taupe!!

  126. I love the Emma boot in the wine color. All of the colors, really. 😉

  127. TrishCF says:

    I really love the Milly boots!

  128. Stephanie says:

    I love all of them!

  129. I love the black Charley flats! They’re casual yet elegant.

  130. Michael says:

    I absolutely love the Emma in the black, I know I would wear them all year long especially here in Idaho!

  131. I love Romy & Emma.

  132. The Emma boots are to die for!!!

  133. Michelle says:

    Love the yosi samara flats!

  134. black Sienna ankle booties with a gold zipper…my closet needs black boots! xoxo.

  135. Laura Davis says:

    I think I love them all but the Lulu heel is to die for adorable.

  136. I absolutely love the Emma boots in every color but I’m thinking the wine would be perfect for the fall!

  137. I’ve been dying for a pair of classic, strappy heels lately. So SHIVA!

  138. I love any of the sienna, mostly the wine colored triple buckle boots!!

  139. Vero Et says:

    I like the Ruby in mint.

  140. Katherine says:

    Yeah I love that Emma boot. And the Eila sandal is lovely too, which is surprising since I’m not a huge sandal person.

  141. i love the bess pump!

  142. oh how i dream of those emma boots! so cute! thanks for this amazinggg giveaway :) xx

  143. I have been wanting a pair of boots for the longest times and i love the ones that you are wearing on your tutorial post!

  144. i adore the CIELLA flats, in those you can pretend it’s forever summer

  145. I love the Emma boots!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  146. I love these Charley flats in beige! http://www.poppin.com/Yellow-Starter-Set.html

    My ShoeMint account is created under my work address micaiah.cass (at) unishippers (dot) com.

  147. Lauren S says:

    I love the Milly boots!

  148. I love the Lily boots in black!
    Love your blog, great contest.

  149. Natalie says:


    I LOVE these boots! Idk whether I’d get them in black or camel, but either way they’d be gorgeous, and super versatile for fall and winter. Thanks!

  150. Mindy Lewis says:

    I LOVE the Nicole wedges!!!

  151. I love the Emma in Cognac (at least I think that’s the name of the orangish-brown color)!

  152. Caroline says:

    I’d put some miles on Charley, without a doubt!

  153. Gillian McGeorge says:

    I love the Emma boots and Lulu heels!

  154. Hey Liz,
    I’m a 15 year old who loves sewing, clothes, fashion and all that stuff! I learned to sew when I was a kid, but I never really got into it until about a month ago when I stumbled upon your blog. Since then I’ve done a couple of your tutorials and I’ve done a bunch of my own refashions! Because I’m 15 (and jobless…) I don’t have a lot of money lying around to buy shoes with, and I have to wear a uniform for school, so shoes are one of the only ways I can be creative with what I wear. I really like the Lily combat boots (I’ve wanted combat boots for soooooo long), along with about 15 other pairs… :)
    keep on inspiring!

  155. I love the Milly Boot (the ones you’re wearing). Of course, they’re sold out!

  156. Sienna in black! Love the gold accents!

  157. I love the Emma boots!

  158. Carolynn says:

    I love the Lane in both colours! The Sienna in black and grey is cute too!

  159. Love the Milly boots in taupe and black! Perfect for fall

  160. Vanessa says:

    I love the Emma boots in Wine. I have this cute little suede motorcycle jacket that matches them perfectly! Can’t wait for fall.

  161. Sarah Law says:

    signed up for shoemint and loveeee the black Emma bootie. so cute and perfect for fall!!

  162. I would rock those black Emma booties SOOOOOOOOO hard!

  163. Vanessa says:

    I love the Harper – silver, http://www.shoemint.com/shoes/harper?id=13291

  164. Patrizia Worrall says:

    Thanks so much for the great give away. I love the emma in khaki and the cute milly!!
    There’s so many that I like, it’s hard to choose.!!!

  165. silvana says:

    Bess are lovely, so classic and stylish

  166. I adore the ruby flats in mint green. Such a great pair of shoes for the coming season :)

  167. I like Honey in nude/tan.

  168. This is such a great giveaway! I would choose the Emma in burgundy if I won! Such a fun color! Thanks for the chance!


  169. the black milly boots are so cute!

  170. Lindsay says:

    I LOVE the Emma in black! Thank you for the chance to win this giveaway.

  171. Kristen says:

    Loving the Emma style in Olive Suede! x

  172. Maybe I’m a little biased because of the name, but I absolutely adore the Kate in olive leather!

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  176. Nikki Joiner says:

    The Emma boots in burgundy are so beautiful I could cry! :’)

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  178. Valérie says:

    The Emma boots in cognac suede ! :)

  179. Maddy Lee says:

    the emma in wine color is my absolute favorite!!

  180. I love the Emma in black!

  181. Christy says:

    So many to choose from! Love Emma in wine!

  182. Becky from Canada says:

    LOVE the Emma boot in the green :) And I love your blog

  183. Theshellery says:

    I love those black sienna boots, those would match everything in my wardrobe, and I could wear them all day due to the low heel! Such a perfect city work shoe, fashionable and semi-practical!!

  184. Theshellery says:

    I love those black sienna boots, those would match everything in my wardrobe, and I could wear them all day due to the low heel!

  185. Melissa Campana Zig Zag flats in silver glitter. To die for.

  186. I would die to have the Lilys!!!!!!!!

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