+ 2 quick ways to permanently (or temporarily) take in a flowy skirt

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Here are a few quick ways to take in your skirt! Sometimes you thrift the most perfect skirt, or in my case this lovely from a sample sale that happened to be 3 sizes too big and you need a permanent fix to your skirt. Or if you are in the baby having stage of your life or happen to be borrowing a skirt and need to to be changed temporarily, then this is the tutorial you will need! These two options are easy and perfect for those flowy skirts (and sometimes dresses).
Photos by Corey Bryson

First way: works great if you have a little bit to take in.
1. Try on skirt inside out and pinch/measure how much needs to be taken out.
2. Find the center back or side seam and take out how much you need to be taken out. Like the picture below. Only sew the waistband.
3. Pin the inside flap of extra material down centered to the new seam. Then sew the two sides so it lays flat.

Second way: works great if you have a lot to take in.
1. Try on skirt inside out and pinch/measure how much needs to be taken out.
2. Find the center back of you skirt and take the measurement of how much you need taken out and double it (for example 5 inchesx2 = 10 inches). Take that measurement centered in the back of the skirt and center the double measurement (so for this example 5 inches out from the center on both sides equaling 10 inches). Make sure the backside width of your skirt’s waistband (the part that was just gathered) is 1/2 or your waist. Add or subtract pleats if necessary.
3. Start pinning/pleating making the pleats about 3/4 inch pleats to 1 inch pleats. Try to space them evenly. Because I had to take in a lot I made sure to pleat the side seam (the seam opposite of the zipper) inside a pleat to conceal the seam, so it doesn’t look like the side seam was pulled quite a ways backwards.
4. Top stitch on the top and bottom of the waistband (center of the waistband if you desire). If this is a temporary fix, then use a longer straight stitch so it can be easily seam ripped).
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