+ DIY Tribal Fringe Necklace

A tinge of fringe is an easy way to add texture and unique style to your look. Inspired by vintage macrame and tribal jewelry, I designed an easy-to-make statement necklace that injects intriguing and playful charm into your wardrobe. Inexpensive to recreate and completely customizable, this project can be altered and adjusted to fit your own taste. Explore this look with a variety of colors, textures, and knotting for your next DIY night. Check out the tutorial and another version of this necklace after the page break.

What you’ll need:
-Large Wood Beads
-Cording (cut with a 2ft length)
-A Clasp and Ring
1-2. Add a clasp to the cording and thread three wooden beads. An easy way to attach and knot the clasp can be found here. Tie a string of cord onto the necklace. The knot should be in the center of the string, dividing the string in half.
3. Add more stings and make sure the knots are all the same.
4-5. Grab three of the strings that are on the necklace. Tie a knot with the left and right around the middle sting.
6. Alternate knots (left over right, right over left). Repeat a few times until an inch before desired length.
7. Group two sets of knots together by pairing strings into three sets.
8. Make one knot like in Steps 4-5.
9. Finish by knotting each original string.
DIY tribal fringe

contributed by the lovely tawnee.


  1. Stephanie says:

    First comment! I think everyone is speechless because the photos are so dang beautiful. It’s that or they are distracted by the UGG ads. JK, but really. This is really unique. I think the hard part about this necklace is the neckline. Any recommendations?

  2. Breanna says:

    No joke, I opened your blog and a girl at work saw it and said “Oh, they have Uggs at Costco!” I replied that I hate Uggs and she asked “why are you on the Ugg website then?” This necklace is REALLY cute, but I can hardly see anything from the overwhelming ads. I like your blog, but I’m disappointed you sold out and are so obviously cashing in. Money can be made in much less distracting ways that don’t completely alter the experience of your blog.

    Also, I would love more photos of outfits with this necklace– you post a zillion photos of yourself in one outfit but hardly anything with this. It’s a little tricky to style and more photos would be nice.

    • The necklace goes with a lot of silhouettes. Wear it under a buttoned-up collar, higher necklines, or simple dresses.

  3. Love this necklace! I think that the pictures are beautifully done and the tutorial is really easy to understand, I’m pinning it for later! as a fellow blogger, I can understand how busy background can be a distraction but, it is your blog after all! Thank you for the inspiration and I cant wait to make it for myself! I found you on pinterest and am now following your blog! Love you WIW posts! BTW, are you in Utah? I have a FB group full of Utah bloggers that you should check it out :)!

  4. This is amazing, genius love it!

  5. Adore how this necklace pairs gracefully with your style.

  6. Beautiful….. Love this necklace!

  7. So different and original neckless!!!


  8. Beautiful!

  9. I absolutely LOVE this! One of my favorite posts-for real!

  10. Do you have a video tutorial of this necklace!! looks perfect for a costume I’m creating!!

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