+ Quilted leather patches to update a sweatshirt

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I’ve seen these pretty leather patches on everything, dresses, shirts, skirt…everywhere and I love it. Makes a sweatshirt have a whole different look! And this was top just came in a pj set with bottoms (just wait and see what I did with the bottoms). You can so this to basically anything!
hat+pants: h&m        shoes: shoe cult        sweatshirt: thrifted/refashioned

quilted leather (mine is faux from jo-ann’s in the halloween section)
sewing machine

1. Cut out 2 pieces that are the look and size you are going for.
2. Pin it to your sleeve.
3. Sew them on!
4. Cut off any extra.
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  1. This looks awesome and I’m so excited because I have a grey sweatshirt just like that! I have been trying to decide whether to donate it for years, and now I have a good reason not to!

  2. This is a really great idea. Wish we had JoAnns in Germany…

  3. The boy is the cutest thing! You both look great..


  4. omg! this is such a great idea…

  5. You are so gorgeous… Jeez!! I like this one, seems relatively quick &easy! :)

  6. Really cool idea!!


  7. This looks great! Question (novice sewer): How do I sew the material on without opening the sleeve if I’m using a sewing machine? It looks too narrow and I don’t want to go through both layers.

    HELP! Really want to try this. :)

    • this sweater was pretty big to begin with, I actually took it in 2 sizes after I sewed on the leather… so that helped give me more of an opening to sew it on. I just inched my way down the sleeve slowly and I had pinned it a ton. Or you could totally hand stitch it! Then you wouldn’t see a topstitch and you wouldn’t have to worry about opening up the arm! Otherwise, you could shorten the length of the leather so you wouldn’t be sewing in the tight part of the sleeve or open it up.

  8. Those patches look awesome! 😀 I love that sweater! I can’t wait to start working with leather, but I should get a -little bit- more sewing experience under my belt first. These look fantastic though, and I really love your beanie. :)

  9. LOVE this! I’m sure my daughter would love it if I refashioned her sweater, hoodie or cardi like this. Thanks for sharing, I love your creativity!

  10. Awesome! I love how edgy and relaxed it is.

  11. This looks gorgeous!
    Absolutely love it!


  12. Love it!! I’ve linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip:

  13. Awesome!! this looks really gr8 :)

  14. Such a unique and crafty idea – and love the distressed jeans look. Looks great together!

  15. is the picture taken in utah? or maybe arizona? I live in northern utah and it looks just like that! 😀

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