+ DIY midi circle skirt

I’ve always been in love with designing and making feminine skirts and dresses, I’m sure it is every girl’s dream to make wedding dresses for a living. I’m no exception to that rule. There is something about the feeling behind the feminine clothing, almost like we are visiting and joining in on those past popular fashions or maybe we just want to feel like a dang woman sometimes. I just get lost in the black and boxy. So naturally I had to make this skirt. This easy, fun bright skirt.
top:h&m     skirt: self-made     shoes: steve madden (old)     necklace: ismini creations   watch: gift (here)

2 yards of fabric (I used a heavier fabric, a polyester twill- thirfted)
measuring tape
sewing machine

1. Cut the skirt out as directed below. My tip on cutting the circle skirt out, fold your fabric in half and find the center. Stick a measuring tape through the end at the center, and mark the half circle out by sliding your length measurement and your waist measurement on the measuring tape around the half circle. Then cut out.

2. Cut the waist band on a bias (optional), which is the diagonal direction on the fabric, the bias has a little stretch to it. I used the edges of what was left from my circle skirt being cut out, and ended up cutting 4 pieces instead of 1, then sewing them together to make the waistband the width and length I needed.
3. Measure your waist, then cut the waist band to be your waist + 1.25″.
4. Add interfacing if you want the waistband to stay nice and stiff, preventing wrinkles and such.
5. I stuck in a basting stitch 2″ from the fold of the waistband to help as a guide when I’m sewing it in and to keep the waistband nice and flat when I sew it in (preventing the front and back of the waistband from not lining up and creating that weird rippling effect).
6. Cut open the circle skirt (if you cut the skirt out on a fold).
7. Pin the waistband to the skirt opening. The waistband and the opening should match up, if not, make adjustments to the opening, by either cutting a little wider if too small or gathering it when sewing the waistband together if the opening is too big,
Starred Photos383c

8. Serge or zig zag stitch (almost a satin (very tight) stitch, with one edge of the zig zag rolling over the side) the edge of the waistband to the opening and the openings of the skirt.
9. Iron the edges of the opening 5/8″ under on both sides to prepare for the invisible zipper. This crease is the guide for your invisible zipper. Pin the zipper in, lining it up to the creased line. So the crease and the stitch line will be the same.
10. I zip up the zipper once one side is done and mark where the waistband line is on the half of the zipper that isn’t sewn in yet. Then sew in the other zipper, lining up the mark with where the waistband meets the skirt.
11.Pin together the the bottom half of the skirt, aligning the creases. Then sew.
12. Stitch across the bottom of the zipper across a 1/4″ to 1/2″ long. Helps prevent that annoying hole when the stitch starts coming out.
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  1. Sarah Heat says:

    Looks great, I love skirts like this.

  2. I love the color that you chose for the skirt! Every girl should have a great go-to circle skirt like this one.

  3. Great skirt, love that colour. So electric!
    Have you ever thought of going all in with a full circle skirt? Now that’s girlie! :)

  4. amazing job! i love the choice of color…


  5. I simply love it!

  6. Pretty sure I just stared at that necklace for 30 seconds before my trance was broken. Beautiful! Love the way you styled this midi skirt — not an easy feat! I’m so in love with cobalt right now, I just did a post on it!
    xx Chloe

  7. Absolutely stunning.

  8. Lovely outfit and perfect skirt :)

  9. Absolutely amazing!! I love this color :)

  10. one of my favorites you’ve done!! :) wish i had your talent xoxo

  11. This is so incredibly pretty. I absolutely adore it! You are AMAZING!!! I would love to try this one day. :)

  12. I think I may use this for part of Halloween costume this year!
    I love it, all I need to get is the materials.

  13. Nicholette says:

    Oh my! While making another one of your skirts last week, I found myself daydreaming about making a circle skirt–and then you posted this in my FAVE color! Love it!!

  14. fantastic tutorial, I love the colour!!!


  15. Beautifull skirt! Great collor! You must feel so proud doing it all by yourself!
    Plus, it looks fantastic on you!

  16. It figures that you thrifted the fabric! I’ve got to lengthen a skirt of the exact
    same color/fabric!!! Now I need to go scout around to find a match… I was
    sooo hoping you could help me out. I only need 2 1/2 inches. As soon as
    I saw your post I thought my search (that really hasn’t started yet… I just
    decided yesterday that it was going to have to be added at the bottom instead
    of the top) was over. Oh well, no one said life was easy. LoL….

    • lengthening a circle skirt? If its a circle skirt, then I would add to the top for sure, because you will have to cut out a circle and then add that circle to the skirt. If its just a gathered skirt that was previously a rectangle pre-sew, then the bottom would be just fine to add to.

      • No, it’s not a circle skirt or a gathered. It has a waist band,
        it’s just that your skirt… is the exact same color of my mom’s
        skirt… just hard to match fabric color!
        Thanks anyway.

        • Oh oh….gotcha 😉

          You could always dye some or make it a color blocked type skirt. I’m sure you’ve already thought of that!

  17. awww I love these! so adorable on you! thanks for the tutorial

  18. Courtney Kearns says:

    This is adorable and I’m obsessed with circle skirts. You make me want to sew all day long!

  19. Fabulous. The color and style are so on trend.

  20. Beautiful! I’ve linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip:

  21. The skirt is gorgeous! I love the color.

  22. the colour is amazing!!!


  23. You should sell those! I would be interested in placing an order. 😉

  24. Hello Liz,

    I don’t quite get how to cut the circle and the circle in the middle. So you have pics of how you cut it? Also, for the cut
    For the waist (the middle circle), does that mean waist divided by 3.14 divided by 2?


    • I had the same question – I didn’t think this is meant to be a full circle skirt so that would mean that if you are only dealing with a half circle, the waist cut needs to account for the full circumference of your waist even though the rest of the skirt is only a half circle.

      As far as I can tell the inner circle should be drawn using a radius of “waist/3.14” ( NOT “waist/3.14/2”) and then the outer circle drawn from the length of the skirt plus 1 inch plus the above defined radius.

      Did anyone run into this problem and fix it? Am I assuming incorrectly that this is a half circle skirt?

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  26. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I’m going to attempt this with a beautiful flannel that picked up this weekend. I hope I don’t mess it up!

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  33. This is absolute gorgeous! I love it. I’m going to attempt to do this. Do you have any videos of your sewing tutorials? I’m a newbie, and I need alllll the help I can get!!


  34. Wouldn’t the interfacing make the bias of the waistband not stretchy?

  35. I love this! I bought a sewing machine years ago with dreams of learning how to make my own clothes and it has sat in my closet ever since. I really need to pull it out and learn how to make beautiful items like this!

  36. NewbieSeamstress says:

    Love this! Do you think this could work with a cotton eyelet? It is kind of stiff, but I love the fabric. If not, is there another similar pattern you could recommend? I am itching to try it!

    • Yes you can definitely can use eyelit! It will be a bit stiff, so it will stick out a bit more, but that would be fine by me! I don’t mind poofy skirts

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  38. This is just what I’ve been looking for in the shops and have failed to find! Maybe I could make my own! I don’t quite understand this bit in the instruction:
    ” Stick a measuring tape through the end at the center, and mark the half circle out by sliding your length measurement and your waist measurement on the measuring tape around the half circle.”
    I am not sure how you’re marking out the cut out for your waist? Would be very grateful for further explanation!
    Thanks, P x

  39. I love this SOOO much, I made two of them out of some circular table cloths! I have yet to die them but I think I’m going to go with a dark blue and a maroon. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Love your website too!!

  40. What was the length of your skirt? It seems to be about 23-26 inches, depending on how tall you are.

  41. I love this skirt I am going to make it today. Did you use two panels for the skirt or one whole circle?

  42. Just finished making my skirt using your template- FANTASTIC!
    I love mine so I just wanna say thank you so much. I made mine using a crepe in coral with a slight stretch to it and it falls beautifully.

  43. Question: How did you get such a long skirt? I can only get about 28″ (before the hem) out of 2 yards of a 60″ fabric.

    • Jessica Guy says:

      I have the same question! It baffles me.

      I’d love to hear your solution.

  44. Hi, I was wondering what type of interfacing you used?

  45. What length for zipper? :)

  46. I want to make a Mrs. Santa costume. I have red velvet 45″ wide and I want the skirt ankle length. I am only 5 ft. Can I use this pattern? Could I use it if I didn’t make it not so round. I am very heavy but I do have a waist.

  47. Hi,

    First of all I’d like to say that I adore this tutorial and your other clothing creations! I was a little confused however… please pardon my ignorance on sewing (I am but a beginner), but I don’t think I’m quite sure whether this is a half circle skirt (180 degrees) or a full circle skirt (360 degree donut).

    In the instructions it is indicated that the fabric should be folded in half before doing all the measuring and cutting out a half circle – and thus I assumed it was a full circle skirt because the unfolded fabric will now form a full circle – yet in one of the top comments, you implied that this was not a full circle skirt. It would be greatly appreciated if you could kindly enlighten me on this, please.

    Thank you in advance and I wish you a great day! :)

  48. Cherise says:

    I am a newbie to sewing (I have only made an apron), Do you by any chance have a tutorial video????

  49. Jennifer says:

    I pinned this a while ago and FINALLY got around to trying it out and I am in love with this skirt!!!! My first try I used a stretch jersey that I picked up a Value Village for $1.50, just in case I screwed up, it only took me 30 mins from start to finish and I’m about to start a second circle skirt with a more luxurious fabric. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing :)

  50. Madeleine says:

    thank you so much for posting! I just made one out of thrift store curtains, and it worked great! Where did you learn to sew?? -Madeleine

  51. Hi, great skirt!!!

    I would like to know: how long is the opening that you create to insert the zipper? Is it long as the skirt or just long as the zipper?

    Thank you and greetings from Italy! :)

  52. Stephanie says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could further explain the equation to the waist of the skirt, I am confused on the waist/3.14/2 situation. Thanks!

    I am just a beginner!

    • The equation is to get the ratio of the circle/half circle you’ll be cutting (see her diagram above). So you take your waist measurement first. Then you divide that by 3.14 (pi). That number is the diameter, which is how far across the waist circle should be, but not the ratio; that’s why you need to divide by 2.

      For example, my waist is 33″ around. If I divide that by 3.14, I get 10.5″. This is how wide, top point to top point, my half circle will be, but to measure down (the ratio), I need to divide by 2, which gets me 5.25″. Now I can use 5.25″ to measure from the center point of my cloth all the way around to form the half-circle that will become the waist opening.

      I hope that makes sense!

  53. I want to know the exact name of the fabric if possible. I’ve been searching for ages for this type of fabric

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  57. Hi!
    This is gorgeous! I had a couple questions about fabrics. What kind of interface should be used and would this work if using a taffeta or suede material?
    Also, can this be made a little shorter?
    Thank you!

  58. You are so beautiful!! I love this tutorial!

  59. Madeline says:

    Hi, I wondered what length zipper did you use?

  60. Great info. Lucky me I ran across your blog by accident (stumbleupon). I’ve book marked it for later!

  61. How do you do this from 2 yds? My bolt is 60″ wide. My waist radius+30″ x 2 comes to 70″. It just won’t fit. I’m only 5’4″so it can’t be my measurements.

  62. Viktorija says:


    Could you explane, how i need to count waist? I need divide my waist from 3,14 and from 2? I don’t know how long I must plot scarp?

  63. Hi! It’s super cute! Would this be too difficult for a 13 year old to make for a 4-H project? If you could, please respond ASAP 😀 THANK YOU!!


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