+ DIY metallic pencil skirt

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Why do I love this skirt so much?! I’m in love with metallics right now and have seen metallic skirt popping up. And I can’t help but be drawn to them…maybe because their shiny? Sure, maybe. But more because they’re so pretty and so unique. It was easy to make, especially because I used a lot of fabric glue, which save time…and more time. I found this material in the halloween section at Jon-anns, and found it very easy to work with. Just be careful with ironing (it can melt) and pulling (don’t make the skirt too tight or snug). Now…time to find a silver material?
top: hm      necklace: inpink (similar)    shoes: here or here

1 yard of gold material (I got mine in the halloween section at joanns – I only bought 2/3 yard)
7-9″ invisible zipper
no sew hem tape or fabric glue or needle and thread
measuring tape

1. Cut out your pencil skirt.
Take down you measurements of:
a. waist + 2″ (for comfort and seam allowance)
b. widest part of hip area + 4″ to 5″ (for comfort and seam allowance)
c. length from your waist to your widest part of hip area + your waist fold/hem 1.25″
d. length you want your skirt + 2.5″ for hemming (that is both top and bottom together)
divide measurements a and b by 2. Then According to your measurements cut out the front piece of your skirt. Right now make yours skirt slightly taper down from your hips to the bottom. It will almost be straight. We will pencil it more later. Take the front piee you just made and fold it in half so the sides are touching. Then cut out 2 more pieces (making sure they are opposites so the will line up right when you sew it to the front piece) that are a quarter size (i.e. half of the front piece). But ADD 3/4 inch at where the future middle back seam will be (the straight part of the quarter piece) to each piece for the zipper and the vent.
Sew the side seams together leaving the back middle seam open for the zipper.
2. Install the zipper by first ironing a crease 3/4 Inch under, stop just below the zipper. Line up the invisible zipper (where the thread will hit) to the crease and sew. I left the 1.25″ from top for the waist hem. Repeat to the other side.
3. Turn inside out and at the bottom of where the zipper was sewn, pin and sew starting at the crease lines, but taper inwards till 5 or so inches above the bottom. Taper inwards at least 1″ for the vent.
4.  5 or so inches above the bottom, make 2 cuts at the extra material. Iron the front piece open to at least 1″ so it lines up with the middle back seam.
5. Add an extra piece to the soon to be back piece (other piece).
6. Fold it back wards into the inside of the skirt and iron/pin. let the back piece with the extra piece lay flat on top of the 1″ piece from earlier (the piece that will be the front piece).
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7. HERE is where you will pencil your skirt! Try your skirt on and make any adjustments to the skirt. If you need to take it more fitted (make sure you sit in it) or if you want it to be more “pencily” taper more from your hips to the bottom of the skirt.
8.You can either needle and thread the edges closed, or use no sew hem tape or use fabric glue (I used fabric mod podge that worked amazingly!) for the top and bottom hem (each 1.25″ or so). With the top I cut notches to help with puckering. I wouldn’t suggest sewing topstitches here because working with this fabric can leave permanent holes if you mess up! My material doesn’t fray because the gold is bonded to the woven back, which means, the edges stay intaked with the boding material. If you want to be on the safe side, you can serge all the edges.
9. Sew the top of the vent together so they will always line up.
10. Iron all seams on a lighter heat because this particular material can melt.
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  1. Such a classic great look! Love your style!!!


  2. this look is great for work! i love how you pair it with a classic white top… great job!

    any ideas about silk blouses? is it really hard to work with silk?


    • If you use the right needle it can be doable, but I get so nervous. I’m totally okay with messing around with polyester chiffon or Georgette instead only bc I have kids and polyester doesn’t worry me. Plus it is cheaper. But if you want to use silk, just sew slowly and with a needle for delicates.

  3. This skirt is indeed enticing. I think I may just have to try this – I need some fun new staples for my wardrobe.

    Any further helpful tips on self drafting? I’ve never tried it before and am a little nervous.

    • I’m thinking about doing some video tutorials on drafting. Would that be something people would be interested in you think?

  4. Is that an evil eye necklace I spy? I love this look!!

    Funny, I made a leather pencil skirt last night and used glue for hemming (I figure I won’t be throwing leather in the wash). Except I used a totally toxic leather glue that made my head spin (or maybe that was because it was 2am?).

  5. Love this skirt! You make me want to head out to the fabric store after Halloween get some metallics!

  6. Crazy! I’ve been really in love with metallic lately as well! I love how this skirt turned out, it’s gorgeous. :)

  7. you are really gorgeous!! i love your DIY

  8. Wow, I can’t believe you made that! Great work.


  9. love love love it! i’m definitely gonna try to make it :)

  10. Beautiful skirt!<3

  11. Love it!! Really going to try it.

    Let me know what you think about church clothing at:

  12. Very pretty! I just used a very similar fabric to make a skirt for myself :)

  13. You, my friend, are a DIY superhero.

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