+ Very easy 5-step hem tutorial

Everyone needs to learn how to hem, whether it is for yourself, your husband, your kids, your bf or whoever…it is one of sewing basics (along with sewing on buttons). It is so useful, easy, and quick that trying it out for yourself to save a few bucks and a wait may just be worth it.
shoes: shoe cult        pants: h&m

pair of pants
marking device (pen or white eyeliner will do)
iron/ironing board
sewing machine
measuring tape

1. Try your pants on inside out and fold up your pants to where you would like it to hit. Wear shoes you will wear with the pants a lot and walk around in them and watch the folded going-to-be new hemline move to double check that is where you want it. Measure how much shorter it will be. Then MARK the new hemline all around both pant legs on the inside. I used pins, but you can use white eyeliner/pen (I found to be the best) or pins.
2. Cut the pant down to be 1″ from the new hemline mark.
3. Fold raw edge inside 1/2″ and iron.
4. Fold again another 1/2″, iron and pin.
Starred Photos378

5. Sew the edge of the top fold (from the inside or outside…I prefer the inside so I can see the edge of the fold), just shy of 1/2″ from bottom. Iron and done!
OR you can try sewing with a needle and thread. I’ve never done it that way, but I’m sure it is very possible!


  1. fantastic post!! Love your boots!!!


  2. I have so may things that need to be hemmed, but I never seem to get around to it.

  3. Exactly how I do mine! Great tutorial!

  4. What is the purpose of shortening the hem on pants? I look dorky with the short hem on a pair of jeans I bought by accident that are average length when I take tall, Wouldn’t shortening the hem kinda defeat the purpose of lengthening the leg, which is the whole thing of pleasing to the eye and such, which I thought is how it was suppose to be en vogue?

    • iipuska says:

      Not everyone of us is born whit long legs. Sometimes the pants just are too long to look nice :)

  5. Nice post! Boots are amazing!


  6. Simple. Cute. Stylish. Another great fashion diy

  7. Hi!

    My name is Sofia and I have been following your blog for a while. I love it!! I was wondering if maybe you could make a post were you list some sewing 101’s that are good to know for a beginner. :)

    Thanks for a great blog!


  8. Great tip for jeans Can I make a request that you show us how to sew a blind hem on dress pants please. I need to do mine but don’t know how.
    Many thanks. I love your tutorials. Thank you so much.


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