+ DIY big kid teepee (a $22 project!) – on the 7th day of XMAS tutorials

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I’ve always always wanted one of these when I was little, and I was excited to find out that my boys were into the whole cowboy and indian thing! Giving me the perfect excuse to make a teepee! Now, it took my a while to figure out but now looking back it is SO simple and easy to do. Because the teepee is very large I had to illustrate it instead of showing you guys through pictures. I love how it turned out and it would make a perfect gift and play tent for your the little ones in your life (xmas may have come just a little early for these too).

6 wood poles of some kind about 6.5 feet to 7 feet long (mine were 6.5′) – I bought mine from lowes for $0.37 a piece.
At least 5 1/4 yard heavy cotton  – $15 all together
at least 6 feet of cording (there are fun colorful ones at the hardware store)
measuring tape
sewing machine
optional – paint, brush, painter’s tape



  1. Hermosa casita!! Me gusto mucho la idea…. congratulations …

  2. This looks like so much fun. My son is going to be 2 in Feb. Maybe when he gets a little bit bigger, I’ll make this for him! I’m definitely pinning it!

  3. fredrika w says:

    Very cool. I am trying to think of a reason to makeperfe
    one for… well, for me! Lol! But hey, why not?
    Did u use canvas drop-cloth? I have some laying around,
    and it seems like the perfect fabric for this project…

  4. I love this. There is something so appealing about a little space to crawl into. Very clever. I wonder if it could be made out of sheeting or old duvet covers.

  5. Shalynn says:

    LOVE! I seriously already have all the materials and am going to do this project tonight! Thanks so much for the inspiration and tutorial! Two questions: how tall does the teepee end up being? Also, in step one, I understand that I make a diagonal line from the 3″ to the 17″, but what is the measurement down the middle? Does that make sense? The angle will be 63″, but what about the length down the middle? Maybe I’m “special,” because I feel like I need that measurement. Thanks!

  6. Gooood-ness, this is adorable! Not to mention every child…. and adult’s dream!


  7. I love this so, SO much! I want a teepee in my room!

  8. Very cool 😉

  9. i love so so much

  10. I have all the supplies and am about to make this for my son’s birthday, but am confused about how to attach the wood poles. Do you sew an extra strip of fabric inside the teepee to support the poles?

  11. Have to say, I love your blog!!! You give great inspiration – when I see something that you have created, I just want to do it myself immediately 😀

    I was wondering which program you use to do your instructions because it looks so cool?!

    By the way you have a huge follower in Denmark, keep doing what you do – it is amazing 😛

  12. Hi, I think this is awesome! I want to make an adult sized teepee, so tell me what size is this pattern for and how do you recommend I convert the size to larger…like a 12 foot circumference?

  13. Jessica says:

    How did you find wood poles for that cheap? We were at Lowes just yesterday and each pole was $10 on average. Share your wisdom!

  14. Has anyone converted this to metric?

  15. Paula Fowler says:

    Just finished making this for my grandson for Christmas. While I have sewed my whole life, since 16 and I’m 52, the directions were a little difficult to follow. The top picture wasn’t labeled “layout” so I assumed it was part of the amount I needed. In the end, I now have enough for another tent!!! I didn’t put the piece around the top as I couldn’t figure out from your directions why I needed it. It is too big up top, but I’m going to zigzag on top of a piece of twine and mom can “cinch” it up. I told hubby the big hole was more authentic, so the smoke from the fire he builds inside will be able to escape up top! lol. Also, couldn’t figure out how to anchor poles to inside, but since I had pinned several other patterns, found one that had me sew a strip of fabric over each seam so pole could fit through. I did that last, but should have done it as I went as at that point, there was a lot of fabric to deal with. I made mine from a painter’s drop cloth so my grandson can decorate it with markers when he gets big enough to know where markers go and don’t go. Thank you so much for the pattern. Can’t wait to see his reaction when he comes to our house!

    • From the looks of the diagrams, she created a seam for the poles from the existing tent fabric whereby you would not need to add additional fabric to the seams. But it seems to me that would take up a lot of fabric from the tent creating a smaller circumference. However, maybe that is why your whole at the top was so large. By creating those pockets for the poles it would have taken up a lot of that excess fabric. Hope any of this makes sense.

  16. Danny Nguyen says:

    Kids are so fascinated by tent, tepee (teepee, tipi) and canopy. They love the adventures of camping in their home.Camping tent site

  17. If you are considering making this, run far far away. Seriously terrible directions – all the spelling mistakes should have warned me. They over simplify steps, which made for frustrating assembly. I wasted 2 days sewing & putting up (not to mention wasted money), and the thing is on verge of collapse. I agree with the prior commenter that there is way too much space at the top, and I didn’t make the same mistake as her with doubling fabric. The top is so wide that the fabric keeps sliding down. Looks like a sad, baggy sack.

  18. Hello There,
    I will making this teepee using your fabulous instructions fro my kids for christmas! Thank you for sharing! I’m supper excited to see the finished product.

  19. Thank you! I have been looking for this pattern to make my grandchildren Teepees. I made them for my children this very same one 30 years ago. Thanks again. From a very happy grandmother of 10.

  20. Thank you thank you thank you!! I’ve been looking for plans for a TeePee for older kids! Everything I have found has been too small or full size (way too big!) And your diagrams are awesome. Most tutorials aren’t so detailed and make it hard to decide how much fabric, etc! I am making this as a school fundraising auction item. I think it will be a hit!

  21. Wow! How you get this idea. Thanks for share this dear. After seeing this Step by step inforgraphic, i get shocked. This will be a Cheap Tent for my kids also . This was really awesome. Just Brilliant Ieda.

  22. I made it tonight. It took me less than 3 hours, I didn’t bother with heming the bottom or top, it is going outside and doesn’t have to look perfect. I couldn’t get the “door” to line up perfectly but it is for my kids to play in and I don’t think they are really going to care! I got wooden beams, 1.5″x.5″ 8ft long (I cut over a foot off) for $0.89 each, I just bought cheap cotton for $16, I think if I waited I could of found thicker fabric for the same price but I was going for thrift and wanted to finish by tomorrow. It stands up easily, we’ll see how the kids do with it. I may drill holes in the bottoms as well so I can stake it in the ground.

    • Oh and I didn’t have enough fabric for the tabs or the piece for the top I only bought the 5 1/4 yds

  23. Heather A. Martin says:

    Love this. I have a fort kid and decided to make him a tee pee for some summer fun. Your blog have me some great ideas!!!! My son is 9 and tal so i went a bit bigger. I did it all for 26 dollars. I used curtain blackout fabric with a Joann 60% off coupon. 6 yards at 54 inches made a monster of a tee pee. Turned out fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

  24. Whitney says:

    I spent a lot of time making this (because I messed up twice and had to rip out stitches and resew). But I did follow directions and now I have to figure out how to rip it all apart again and fix it. The top hole, which I cut to size and sewed to size, is way too small for all 6 of my poles, and the teepee falls over without the support of the 6th pole. I bought 1×2 poles and the seems are ripping at the top also. Just a heads up to anyone who is making this, if 1×2 poles are all you have, use a little more fabric or maybe add another half panel or a full panel.

  25. Questions…how do you keep the fabric up. I have made a few of these..but the fabric seems to slide down the PVC pipe or poles. I have made the casing for the poles tighter at the top. but still doesn’t seem to hold. HELP ? Suggestions!


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