+ DIY lace skirt with sheer and metal zipper (upcycled from curtains)

Here is a quick skirt that is can be pretty for those important events or sexy for your valentine’s day date thanks to the lace’s sheer edge replacing the hem. You can even switch out the lining to be a funky color to make it really stand out or find really interesting lace. I found this 3D material at the thrift store as curtains and instantly fell in love…The color is so pretty and the fuzzy scalloped pattern is so interested. Not sure if it is classified as lace, but that is the fun party – its funky and unique. I’m also planning on making  a fun swing raglan top with the remaining material and I’m so dang excited. Now get started and get sexy!

top: armani exchange (similar)      blazer: olivia moon @nordstrom (taken in with this tutorial)     Skirt: self-made (tutorial below)   shoes: steve madden (similar or similar)   initial necklaces:  miaearrings

yard or so of lace fabric (I made mine for curtains thrifted at DI)
yard or so of lining fabric (make this a knit, I like a tricot lining)
skirt you like the fit of, one that isn’t too penciled-this tutorial doesn’t have a vent for walking ease
-mine is a tighter at the knees A-line, but not 100% pencil. If you want a pencil, make it shorter.
matching thread
zipper – invisible or regular (mine was a pink metal zipper)
sewing machine

1. Cut out the skirt and lining by tracing using another skirt as your guide (you can see the original marking in the lining. I actually made the lining a bit more snug because it stretches and I didn’t want any bunchiness underneath that you can see through the skirt.
2. Sew up the sides of both the inside skirt and lace leaving the length of the zipper unsewn on one side. I made both have the zipper on the left side, and the lining’s raw sewn edges will be inside the skirt (so make sure the opening of the zipper will be on the right side so when the skirt is all sewn up the raw edges are hidden in the skirt).
curtain pencil
3. Take the lining fabric which will be right side out and slide it into the opening of the lace fabric which will be inside out. Make sure the raw edges of the lining’s seams are hidden inside the skirt touching the raw edges of the lace. Pin and sew the top
4. Flip the lining out and over the lace (it should be a little tighter the lace because it is knit and you don’t want it to bunch) and pulled down at least 1.5″ to 2″ for the waist band. Your skirt and lining wrong sides (the side with the raw edges) will be touching and the right sides will be the outside and inside of the skirt (side that touches your legs). Pin in place.
curtain skirt

5. Install the zipper by aligning the top of the left side of the zipper to the top of the fold on the outside of the lace about 1/2″ to 3/4″ – depending on the how deep your seam is on the bottom side seam of the skirt – remember the waist band where the few inches are folded to the inside are still there).
6. Once you have installed both side, fold the zipper inside and trim the lining mine up better with the zipper.
7. Make sure when you fold the zipper inside you fold the top non-metal teeth part under so it touches the zipper and the lining.
8. Then fold the lining 1/2″ or so, then lay it up to line up just to the zipper’s teeth down to the zipper’s end.
9. Now topstitch the waistband down to mae the waist band. Stretch the knit lining as you go.
curtain skirt1

10. Instead of hemming, cut out the edge of the lace.
11. Then cut the lining to be a few inches or so shorter then the edge of the lace. If you are using Knit, then you don’t have to worry about hemming. You can hem if you want at least an inch.


  1. you look so beautiful! as always!

    Kejmy ♥.

  2. Awe!!! So pretty!! I wish I knew how to use my sewing machine! Gorgeous!

  3. this looks so beautiful!!it is amazing that you came up with this!!!love!

  4. so cute skirt and fabric


  5. Wow, that skirt is beautiful! I also love the fabric – I didn’t read the whole title at first and then I was like ‘What? Curtains? I don’t believe it!’ :)

  6. Just beautiful!
    Now I’ m not afraid to use my curtain fabric anymore 😉
    Thank you!

    Greets from Berlin <3

  7. Absolutely beautiful! You are so talented, maybe one day I’ll be daring enough to delve into the world of skirt making with the use of this tutorial 😉 (and the fabric you used is gorgeous, lovely colour too!)

  8. This is awesome!!! I can’t wait to break out my sewing machine and start using all of your tutorials! Thanks so much!


  9. I love this! It’s such a beautiful idea and you really executed it well. A lovely colour too :)

  10. C.’est fantastique! You look fabulous!

  11. Another great project! I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who shops the curtain fabric aisle for fashion ideas:)
    I appreciate all of the hard work you put into your tutorials. Hoping for lots of good opportunities for you this year:)

  12. That is so pretty and I love that it is upcycled from curtains….I often use curtains as fabric for other items!

  13. This skirt is so pretty and elegant, can’t believe it is the result of upcycled curtains! Well done, you created a beautiful garment!

    I am following your blog now. I would love if you could follow back or have a look at mine :)


  14. Wow!! what a beautiful skirt.

  15. Bracken says:

    This is lovely I was looking for something for valentines day. I have some cream net curtain offcuts so intend to try this
    Thank you for sharing

  16. I ´m french, sorry for my lever in english … You are an artist, i love your style and your creativity !!!! I ´m happy to discover Cotton and curls !

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  18. LilyandSparrow says:

    This is such an elegant piece, and I love that it’s upcycled from curtains.
    I was wondering what sort of needle you used? I tend toward a ball point for knits, and a sharp for lace. Since you’re sewing both at the same time in parts of this tutorial, what would you recommend?

    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful designs!


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