+ DIY this — trumpet skirt (2 ways)

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This is one of the the cutest, most feminine skirts you can make…follow my detailed tutorial here or read on. There are 2 ways to make a trumpet. You can follow my instructions in the tutorial to make the top half or you can do something even more simple and cut out the top half  the way I do in this tutorial. When you get to the  ruffle part you have 2 choices- you can either make it with a circle (like the tutorial) or you can do something even more simple and cut a long rectangle that is twice the length of the skirt’s circumference (where you will be attaching it). Then hem the bottom of the long piece, then ruffle the top of it. Attach like the tutorial says. If you want to avoid the zipper and make the skirt stretchy….make it knit!


  1. these skirts are very original


  2. I think I pressed the wrong button or something! I couldn’t find any tutorial attached!?

  3. I love this skirt!!


  4. Roxanne says:

    And I know one blogger who would look fab in it…namely YOU! xo

  5. Stephanie says:

    Just stumbled upon your blong and feeling so inspired!! Love these skirts and style!! Where is the tutorial? X