+ DIY Lucky You print for St. Patrick’s day

Beck loves holidays, he is ALL about them. He loves the excitement, the rituals, the traditions, the crafts, the stories, the parties, and he really really loves the decorations. He finds them fun to make and fun to put up. Lets just say, he has basically been wearing green for the last week anticipating the big St. Patrick’s Day. When he looked up at the mantle and realized that there was nothing up there. I felt a little bad and decided to throw something together. Hence…this little print. I paired it with a green succulents and a creepy fox dead head (we found) and voila! 

Instructions: I downloaded this font, typed it out in photoshop, saved it as a .jpg, then sent it over to costco to be printed (12×12 lustre) which ended up costing a whopping $3. Then I mounted onto some cardboard with spray adhesive glue (because I didn’t have the white mounting board I would have used on hand). I learned about this cheap/cute way to print with some help from my friend Heidi (thanks Heidi!).


  1. simplicity but really nice print!! I love St. Patrick day, it’s a really fun day!!


  2. Lovely post!