+ Quick outfit with a tailored blazer and tutorial

This is a very quick way to tailor your blazer…I’ve done this about 6 or so times now on a few blazers, my brother in law’s jacket and an overcoat. It is pretty straight forward and easy! It does take lots of patience, ironing and for the bigger jobs, time. This jacket was a small men’s blazer thrifted by my sister-in-law (maybe a bigger juniors). This one took me a little more time because I had a lot of seams to take in. I actually took in 9 out of 11 seams and removed the flap in the back. I turned out greater than I thought and I will definitely see myself wearing it with everything. Now if I hadn’t run over my cute wide brimmed hat I would have paired it with that!

pants: h&m      shoes: old (similar, similar)    top: refashioned (tutorial here)    blazer: altered (tutorial here)   necklace: sosie



  1. Roxanne says:

    Blazers look sharp for dressing up or down and you look great in them. So classy and so cool! Love it!

  2. Beautiful! I love the blazer.


  3. Thanks for the blazer alteration tutorial! There have been a couple of times I’ve avoided a cute thrifted blazer because it was a little too big, and now I don’t have to!

    Rays of Rossi

  4. may i just say, first of all, that you are a very beautiful lady, and your creativity is amazing.please keep it up. i have been following your blog for a year plus, and you never cease to amaze me with your creations, how can one person be so gifted?
    have a great day.

  5. I just found your blog and I’m glad that I did! You are one beautiful lady and I really like your style. I’m also really excited that you do tutorials because my greatest desire in life right now is to become a proficient sewer with my machine I got for Christmas. So thanks for the inspiration :)

    Your newest follower,

  6. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been looking through your blog for a few months but this is the first time I’ve commented. I just have to say how much I adore this look as well as the rest of your outfits. They’re just my style! I did hate to hear that you ran over your hat, though. Bummer! I couldn’t live without my straw Fedora.
    Anyway, your blog is amazing and I especially like that you give such detailed instructions on your tutorials. I plan to start one of your super cute projects soon.