+ Sandals, sandals, (affordable) sandals

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I’m so excited for warmer days! And last week it felt like mid spring, hitting mid 60s the whole time. I was so high on the weather that I did looked for lots of sandals. I love all the different styles and types these days. Metallic, heeled, flat, lace-up, gladiator, formal, casual, edgy, knee-high, wrapped, etc. I put up an assortment of pretty ones, trust me I had to pull back. Way back.

I also love this one, this one, oh and these!


  1. Love the shoes! Shoes are my weakness and I want more than I can ever afford.

    Btw. The links for nr9 and nr10 direct to the same url 😉

  2. Nice shoes, my favourite ones is the number 15, they are really cute!!!


  3. Thanks for posting these! Now that it’s starting to get a little warmer, I am obsessed with finding a pair of flat sandals and I’m definitely feeling the black Forever 21 ones you have here. (Hi, I’m Anne. I love your blog.)