+ ShoeMint Giveaway + DIY t-shirt into low back or lacey back top

I have been holding onto this tee shirt for a few years, not knowing what to do to it. I didn’t want to make it a shirt for the boys and I didn’t want one for me. I wasn’t a fan of that big logo. SO, I decided to cut it out and make it a low back top. It was very beautiful if I were to say, wear it on the beach with a swimsuit underneath. But because I’m no where near that, nor no where near a vacation for that, I covered the low back with a lace piece making it way more wearable. I just throw a nude shirt on underneath…and done! You can check out the before picture after the page break below. But now on to the mort exciting matter….a GIVEAWAY!
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I’m so excited about any giveaway that involves shoes….I love shoes, my most favorite part of my wardrobe. And right now over at ShoeMint, I’m loving all the many different styles, and many Spring-y. I’m loving the new collaboration with Aldo, one of my favorite places to shopShoeMint’s shoes are affordable, quality (with real leather/suede), and cute. And with all the new monthly arrivals with over 30 styles that are current and on trend. I’m constantly checking their free members-only site with personalized everything (I feel so special).

If you aren’t feeling lucky or you’re impatient like me – go ahead and click this HERE to get 20% off your first purchase! With free shipping and returns it is stress-free worry-free shopping experience.

ONE winner will win 1 pair of shoes (US and canada only) –
1. Click HERE to sign up at ShoeMint for free (you will not regret it!)
2. Leave a comment back here with what your favorite pair of shoe mint shoes are.


Check out the before picture and instructions below!

top: refashioned (tutorial below)     bottom: forever 21 refashioned (tutorial here)   shoes: ShoeMint


1. Cut out tee shirt back or front like this, and cut out the ribbing.
2. Hem the edges under a half inch or so. Knit is easy because you just stretch it as you go! You can see this in step 3. You can take in the sleeves a little if you want by following this tutorial.
3. place a lace piece (preferably a stretchy lace) over the low back.
4. pin and sew
5. cut off the extra lace.


  1. I love the selection Shoe Mint gave me, I would wear the SCHUTZ FLORALITE

    Vanessa* Everyday Embellished

  2. simple but nice idea

  3. Shoemint is great! I love the Stacey flats. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Kristie says:

    I love the Jayden sandals in black!

  5. The Demi in brown leather :)

  6. Yasmine says:

    I love the idea, do you sew a hem on the top part of the lace ?
    Regardin Shoemint I am obsessed with Katrine boots in brown <3

  7. I am loving the MELISSA PAPEL flats! So cute!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and great shirt refashion!! :)

  8. I love this Diy, it’s so creative


  9. I love the Tegan sandal in white. I have been using ShoeMint for months and I always love the selections and amazing sales.

  10. i want the baileys that your wearing! and very cute top!

  11. I love the black Alexandra boots. Awesome diy, too, by the way! It’s very sweet and simple.

  12. Vanessa R says:

    Dr. Scholl’s The Lucia in Turquoise would be my choice. I’m always impressed with your refashioning skills! Usually your DIY’s are WAY out of my current skill level (I’m filing them away for when I’m a little more advanced,) but I think I can manage this one. I’m super excited to give it a try!

  13. I LOVE this shirt. Thank you for the tutorial.


  14. I love, love, LOVE the classic pump in royal blue! Its 100% ME!

  15. BethanyA says:

    I signed up for ShoeMint a while ago, and have loved them!! Right now I am crushing on the Valerie in Brown! That would be so fun to have some new shoes for Spring! Thank you!

  16. I looooove Katrine and Raquel!

  17. Annaliese says:

    Love ShoeMint’s Stacey flats!

  18. i like the payton

  19. I love the black and brown tegans!

  20. I love the Valerie wedge heels!


  21. Bailey!

  22. Xochitl says:

    I LOVE the Bailey ankle boots in dark taupe! Yep the same as yours :) I have been looking for something like this for ages! Thanks for the giveaway xx

  23. Love this tutorial! I get so many free t shirts, I’ll have to do this to a few of them :)
    My favorite shoe from shoemint is the Bailey, in black. I love how you style the taupe ones! Been taking notes.

  24. I really like Bailey in Dark Taupe like you have. Unoriginal but they are my favs on their site right now! I really like the classic pumps too but a 4″ is too much for me to handle.

  25. jenny z. says:

    love the melissa petal shoes! :)

    great-looking top, by the way, it looks so chic!

  26. I am loving the Stacey flats!

  27. OMG….OMG…that web site is awesome! I signed up and wow! I’ve spend 1hr looking at shoes…in all fairness I have somewhat of a shoe obsession…oh well!
    At first: Leana…then I saw the Nathasha…and THEN: SCHUTZ FIORENZA
    WOW just wow!

  28. I’m sorry I never write a comment even I love your blog, and I follow each message!!! I really love this refashion. I don’t play for the giveaway… I ‘m A french girl, living in France 😉
    Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  29. what a great giveaway. i’ve been in serious spring shoe mode lately. i love the jayden flats in black.

  30. I love the Jaycee!

  31. I love them all but have been looking for black ankle boots! Love yours but in black- the Bailey shoe! Would be so excited to win- I LOVE your blog!

  32. I love the Demi boots in black! :)

  33. My favorite Shoemint shoe would be the Alexandra. Its a great transitional shoe for most seasons and super fun and easy to wear.

  34. Loving the Janelle sandals.

  35. Jacqueline I says:

    I love the Katrine in black! Thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  36. The Leighton in black!

  37. I really loved the brown platform BLAIRE sandals because I love heels but am not especially good at wearing them:) Also, your site is super lovely. Thank you so much for all of the creative tutorials and beautiful pics.

  38. Holly Morchat says:

    Really nice tutorial and the shoes are great! Moving into spring and summer with the Valerie shoe in Tan!

  39. I really love the Estelle boots in cognac! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. i LOVE the Stacey Flats!

  41. That t-shirt is ah-mazing! Well done!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I’d pick some original Dr. Scholl’s!

  42. Rebecca says:

    I’d probably get the Raquel if I don’t get a different pair of sandals before then. Then again, I’m loving the black Alexandra!

  43. I love this shirt! I would choose the Sammie wedge! So perfect for spring!!

  44. Lauren S says:

    I love the black Bovary heels!

  45. ooh, either the Tasha or the Katrine booties! so chic!

  46. Carol G. says:

    I love the Melissa Doris in cream or coral. They look amazing!

  47. I love the boots! Katrine and Bailey are my favorites!

  48. The Adrian and Valerie are my favs!

  49. The Melissa Petal pair in that beautiful cobalt blue color!

  50. I really like the Alexandra boots.

  51. Emily K. says:

    Love the Bovary heels!

  52. Love the Bailey boots! Great diy too

  53. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I love the CLASSIC PUMPs.

  54. All ready for pink oxfords! perfect with a lacy top 😉

  55. I love so many of them! But I think I like the Evalynn flats the most.

  56. Natalie says:

    I might be obsessed with the Estelle boot in cognac. It makes my heart beat just a little faster.

  57. Jennifer Reed says:

    I have signed up for ShoeMint and my favorite pair currently is the Yosi Samantha Fold Up Ballet in whiskey/black combination.

  58. I love how simple this is.
    I would have to pick the Katrine boots in brown. They’re perfect :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Kati Rose says:

    Estelle! They are beautiful!

  60. Jaycee!!!!

  61. I am absolutely obsessed with the Melissa Petal shoes in black–so elegant, but they look so comfy!

  62. I’ve had my eye on the Melissa Petal flats for a while! Cute and practical!

  63. Karen w. says:

    Love the shirt refashion! My fav is the naomi

  64. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I like so many of their styles I’d like them all!!! I think I’d get the Naomi.

  65. Courtney says:

    I love the Bailey boots, I always notice them when you wear them in pictures. So cute.

  66. Rebekah says:

    I would go with Estelle for sure!

  67. Erika Hofgesang says:

    ShoeMint is such a great site! I’d have to go with the Camara platform sandal- perfect summer shoe for sure :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Love the Jayden flats!

  69. So many are great, but I’m really loving the Melissa Doris Special in pink. Perfect for Spring & Summer.

  70. TrishCF says:

    I love the Katrine booties!

  71. Alisha Hodges says:

    I like the Alexandra boots in brown.

  72. Kate E. says:

    I like the Melissa Doris Special in pink.

  73. Loving the classic pumps! And this tutorial!!

  74. I love these, been wanting some loafers!

    also the Stacey in Gray.

    Love this top too! thanks for posting it!

  75. Chinda Phraph says:

    You look fabulous! Love your casual look and those ripped jeans are a must have.
    Would love to enter your giveaway!
    Registered @Shoemint: cphraph@yahoo.com
    My favorite is the Adrian in Black.


  76. perfect jeans!!

  77. I totally adore the Natasha in black! It’s a perfect basic shoe. All of the shoes they picked for me were totally my style, and would work for so many different occasions.

  78. I’ve been eyeing the Katrine boot for awhile now–so cute and versatile!

  79. Madison Hamilton says:

    I am in love with the bailey’s!! I’m kind of obsessed with ankle boots lately!

  80. Trish Worrall says:

    I love the fasia and the stacey.
    Thanks for the opportunity! Cheers!

  81. I would love the Blaire for summer!

  82. Caitlyn S. says:

    I love the Alexandra boots or the Valerie sandals/heels. I also love Tasha and Roslyn lol. I love them alllll. I like Alexandra the best because I broke me ankle a few months ago and need some flats.

  83. My favorite pair of shoes : Leighton Wedges <3 so cute!

  84. courtney b says:

    i subscribed and i love the natasha heels! :)

  85. Loooove shoe mint and currently loving Payton. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  86. Rebecca Pelletier says:

    O my…the leanna or the payton…decisions decisions…too hard.

  87. Julie Nava says:

    I’d pick the Katrine in black. :)

  88. Heather says:

    I am absolutely loving the taupe Norah booties… *swoon*

  89. I really like the Alexandra boots.

  90. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I love the Valerie wedges!

  91. I love the NATASHA nude shoe! :)

  92. The tithe demote Demi in brown. Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. I love the natasha heels!

  94. Tiffany says:

    the schutz floralite and fiorenza are gorgeous! Also liking the stacey, anise, rylie, tegan, bovary, katrine, and karla. Yes, I have a shoe addiction!

  95. Amy Lynn says:

    Your shirt creation is super cute! Thanks for the Shoemint Giveaway :)

  96. Lovely shoes ♡ I especially love the black Demi boots!
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  97. salas.mayra@gmail.com says:

    Love the tutorial. I believe in my past life I was a fashion designer or a seamstress, hence in this present life I cannot sew anything. I Love that you inspire me to want to do this top.

    Checked out the shoemint and found that the ALEXANDRA boot in Cognac is my favorite.

  98. your tshirt tutorial is awesome- very inspiring and fun for spring! I may borrow your idea! And I love the Leighton in black sandals! Makes me excited for spring!

  99. Megan A says:

    I really like the Baileys, I could use them in my rotation :)

  100. I love the Jayden sandals!

  101. I love the Valerie heel! And thanks for tutorial!!

  102. meredith says:


  103. I like the Natasha in black!

  104. I love their classic pumps in grey

  105. I love the stacey flats!

  106. Dave Whalley says:

    Love the idea. If you want some new ideas or logo on your shirt you can visit this website http://www.davarni.com.au.

  107. I love the Classic pumps, the stiges, and all of the Schutz….just couldn’t choose!

  108. I love the kendel!

    About hemming knits: I always have trouble with this! It always puckers on me, and never sits smooth like yours. Do you think you could make a video demonstration on how to hem knits? Thanks!

  109. I love so many Shoemint shoes, but the Tegan really stood out to me. Love this refashion & thanks for the giveaway!

  110. boots are amazing

  111. I love the Anise flats in brown. Cute! Thanks for the shot at a giveaway! :) I registered under my work email micaiah(dot)cass(at) unishippers.com

  112. the Kendel boots are my favorites

  113. That’s such a great refashion! I love the boots you choose actually, they’re nice and rugged. Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. I looooooove the black flats, with the gold toe. FAAAVE

  115. Endyra <3

  116. Such an awesome giveaway! I love the Gabi sandals in black!


  117. I love the Marlee lace pumps! Gorgeous!

    boldsubtletyblog (at) gmail (dot) com

  118. latanya says:

    I like the Evalynn

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  119. I love the Peyton and the Leighton!

  120. Kim Henrichs says:

    I love the Leighton heels in white!

  121. I absolutely love that website! The torrie flats in black are definitely my shoes

  122. the Adrian in black!

  123. The Demi booties in brown are great and perfect for Spring weather that can’t decide if it wants to be warm or freezing :). Thanks for the giveaway.

  124. jasmine gonzalez says:

    The Jayce E in cream for sure! !! :)

  125. The Shoemint website is awesome! Right now I’m in love with the Alexandra boots in cognac. Love the tutorial:)

  126. At almost 8 months pregnant, I’m all about flats right now, and I *love* the Torrie – the blush pink is adorable, and the black would go with anything!

  127. latanya says:

    I like the Evalynn

  128. I’m in love with the Aaron heel for the spring and summer!

  129. The Katrine in brown!
    The perfect transition to spring… It’s still snowing here!


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