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The first thing that popped into my mind after I finished sewing this top was….wow this is SO Spring-y and girly I love it. My husband’s was…that would look good with just panties (but I digress and tmi…sorry and not sorry). All I needed with this top was a warm sunny day, picnic blanket, lunch, my boys, a bike and trailer, and some flowers hanging from my bike basket. Instead I got a freezing cold and on/off rainy day, parked outside of a random building on a random street with my littlest napping in the car 5 feet away as I was peering in on him in between pictures to make sure he wasn’t waking up. When will spring really get?!  Oh and did I mention this top is PERFECT for pregnancy too?

pants: hm    top: self-made tutorial below   hat: oasap   lipstick:mood lipstick (I’m obsessed)

Extra needed supplies:

1.5″ fabric (non-stretchy/woven)


1. Cut out the piece in the shape below by laying down a non-stretch fabric onto the fabric (non-stretch/woven). Then cut the front piece -making sure you start out a few inches below the armpits to the top of your chest then tapering back down to a few inches below the armpit. The back will be cut out a few inches under your armpit, tapering down 4 to 6 inches then back to the other side a few inches under the armpit.

2. Sew the two pieces together, making sure the outside fabric sides are touching.

3. Cut out the bottom piece by making a rectangle, making it as long as  your chest measurement is around plus half your chest measurement (ex: 32″ bust + 16″ of your half bust = 48″ long) or double your chest measurement (32″ x2= 64″). The longer this length is the more gathered it will be.

4. Then split (just marking not cutting) in half and on the back half cut out a nice slopping U shape that will mimic the back piece (when gathered) of the top half you just cut in step 1. It is ok if you aren’t completely accurate. The hemming will fix any mess ups.

5. Gather the top of the piece to be the length of your top half’s bottom opening is around.

6. Pin and sew the top and bottom together, right sides together (outsides touching).

7. Make a facing and sew it to the neckline using this tutorial HERE.

8. Hem under 1/2″ to 1″. Iron!

girly gathered yoke top







  1. Yay thank you so much for posting this adorable shirt tutorial! I cannot wait to make one. Seersucker is the cutest fabric. :)
    -Shana / blessingsandbubblegum.blogspot.com

  2. It’s nice to see the result of your DIY! Well done!

  3. I love tops like this. Unfortunately they are super unflattering on me. But I really adore yours. It looks just so…Cute.


  4. Pretty!! I have a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later this morning that links to your tutorial:

  5. this is so cute, where did you get the fabric? x

  6. despite the difficulties, the pics are great! and the top too! it is so spring perfect!


  7. Hélène says:

    So perfect! Thanks for the tutorial.

  8. I love love your top, its so pretty!!


  9. LOL!!!! It’s my first visit here via Project Sewn…a big congrats to you on that…and you’ve got me laughing out loud. Could this be a naughty sewing blog, hahaha. I know, assuredly not! You’re too cute and sweet looking! Looking forward to seeing your makes.

  10. verry cool

  11. can anyone tell me if poly cotton would work for this? x

  12. This top is so neat and cute. I love it. Think I’ll try making one for myself. Like how you styled it

  13. Sarah L says:

    Thank you for this. I am new to the site. How do I know how big to make the top halves? Do I literally print your picture and scale up and cut out? Thanks for your reply

  14. chelsea says:

    I would also love to know exactly how to get this pattern printed right?
    should I just enlarge the photo? Do I just measure my shoulder to shoulder width ?
    I would love to make this, but have no clue where to start….

  15. Lovely top I’m your fan!! 😀
    Sorry asking this but, how much is 1.5″ fabric in cm?

  16. This is a very sweet top! How much fabric did you use? I purchased some seersucker and found that in order to make the lines vertical and have enough for the ruffled bottom I needed more width than is sold at my fabric store. I purchased from the apparel section. Any help would be great!

  17. Lindsay says:

    Is there anywhere I can’t print the pattern

  18. why cant it be stretchy fabric? I love this kind of fabric and I have some, was looking for a project and found this one! :(

  19. Hello! I stumbled here thru Pinterest! I really wish to make this top, but it’s difficult to do it because the tutorial is a little ambiguous on how to make the top half of the shirt. Are we supposed to print out the pattern hoping it will scale?

  20. JoEllen says:

    Your measuring instructions are extremely vague. Is there a pattern for this or more precise measurements for the neck and depth of the armholes? What is the 1 1/2 inches of extra fabric for? How much is needed for cutting the shirt? Thanks.

    • Sandy N says:

      I so agree with you. I can’t figure out where to start either. Do wish there was either a printed pattern or better instructions. Love the top but need more detail for us mediocre sewers.

      • JoEllen says:

        I’m not a mediocre sewer and you probably aren’t either. This pattern is just missing measurements. If the person who claims to have made the pattern had made a pdf of the pattern or given measurements then it would be something to consider.

  21. Wonderful seller on . Great doing business with you!

  22. bellissimo


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