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I’ve made many many patterns, but I have never given them out to the public. This is my very first one I will share with you and I hope it all makes sense! I’ve always be in love with fringe and I’m so especially happy that it is a trend right now. So naturally I had to make a fringe bag….and I loved it. Its easy and quick and it was made under $5! Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD – fringetotepattern here! 


half yard of fake leather

half yard of lining material


scotch tape

paper clips


1. Download and cut out the pieces with the e-pattern. Make sure your margins are set to 1/2 inch, are your picture is the full image. Each page naturally has 1/2 margins.

2. Sew the 2 side  pieces of the tote bag to the backside and bottom side. Leave the front piece open. You will line up the lowest and lightest triangles of the big main fabric piece you cut out to line up with the bottom corners of the side pieces.


3. turn right side out.



4. Paper clip the fringe to the front un-sewn part of the bag, lining the tops of the fringe pieces with the darker triangles. There are 3 rows of lighter triangles you match up with the 3 fringe pieces.





5. Top stitch each fringe piece in place and trim off the extra fringe.




6. Take scotch tape and separate some fringe on the edge, about 1/4″-1/2″ in. Then when you sew the bag together, you don’t have any pieces getting stuck in the seam.



7. Paper clip and sew the side to the front fringe-y part. Then topstitch 1/8″ from the side seams onto the side pieces, folding the extra material under the topstitch.



Ignore the straps (that comes later!)




8. Sew the lining pieces together like you sewed the main fabric pieces together, but skip steps 3 to 6. So just sew the little rectangle side pieces to the long main lining piece. But this time leave a pig 6″+ opening in one of the side seams. You an see in the picture it is a bottom seam, I changed the pattern to have less pieces, but it is the same idea.

***If you want the opional pocket, add this to the large main lining piece first sewing one of the longer edges under on the pocket. Then pin it’s un-sewn sides under 1/4″, almost center on the front piece of the main lining piece. Top stitch it down, leaving the already top sewn half open.



9. Turn the lining right side out and the main fabric inside-out. slide the lining inside the main fabric.

10. Paper clip the top edge’s together.






11. Pull the main fabric through the hole of the lining, seam rip it open more if it is too small of a hole.



12. Sew the opening shut by pinning the raw edges inside and sewing on top. Remember you will be doing this on the side seam of the lining, not the bottom since I have changed the pattern since these pictures.







13. Fold the lining fabric inside the tote bag.






14. Sew the straps together by making 3 folds- the long edges inside a 1/4″ and the center.

15. Then topstitch the edges 1/8″ on both long edges to make it look nice and flat.strap

16. Pull the lining and part of the top of the fringe inside the bag at least 1″ to 1.5″. The paper clip in place. Add your straps about 3 inches from side seams leaving about 2 to 3″ inside bag like so. Then top stitch the edge of the top of the bag 1/8″ down as well as the straps. All the way around.



17. Then seam rip open an inch of the lining from the bag and slide in ends of straps. Sew down like so.







  1. Hernoso!!! :)

  2. This looks great! I’m always looking for DIY leather bag ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous fringe bag! And breton dress too! Very cool outfit!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for sharing- I’ll definitely need to try this out. I need more fringe in my life.

  5. Roxanne says:

    I agree with Colleen…AWESOME! And great for a Mother’s Day gift, too!!!

  6. Pam Jones says:

    I know the post is about the fringe bag, but what about THAT DRESS?? Did you make it or buy it cause I LOVE it!

  7. LOVE IT!!! fantastic DIY

    DIY blog

  8. This is super cool! Thank you for sharing!

  9. The end result looks amazing! I love the outfit you styled it with :) xo

  10. Pam Jones, I believe the dress is called, “Evelyn (rouche)” or something like that. Liz has a tutorial on taking in the dress.

  11. Love this bag!!! Did I miss the window for the free download of the pattern? I’d love to make it, please.

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  13. So stylish!Thank you for the pattern and tutorial!

  14. Beverly says:

    Great looking bag. Thank you for sharing I will get on it right away.