+ Our [messy+imperfect] Easter photos

He gave up looking for candy after his first few and just started unwrapping them and eating them and watched beck grab all the rest. The way he carried his bag was my favorite….he carried it around following Beck during the scavenger hunt the whole time, unless he was stopping to unwrap and eat some candy of course.
I could only make take pictures of this little one if he was helping me with the camera remote…so he was technically the photographer as well. Remember the velcro bow tie I made a few years back? Tutorial here.

Thank heavens for camera remotes and the impromptu desire to take pictures of our little family pre-chocolate mess. I love how my family photos aren’t perfect, Beck pretending to hold a stick (we just took it away in the previous picture) and Oli manning the remote and getting mad if we snatch it from him (first picture), but I actually love that. It shows their little personalities and corkiness. I’m glad I’m stuck with these 3 boys forever.

OUr easter day consisted of a fun egg hunt…then fun scavenger hunt to find their easter baskets buckets (so manly right – actually I ran out room so I had to upgrade) and presents (tee ball set). I will say, when you get older the feeling of some holidays gets lost or you grow out of it. But when you have kids, you appreciate them and love them in a whole different way you know? Then we headed over to their grandma’s and grandpa’s for Easter dinner with the whole family.

Remember that bowtie and skirt? Skirt refashion tutorial here and Bow Tie tutorial here



  1. Honestly the cutest family photo in the world. I love that it’s impromptu and the furthest thing from staged – which can seem fake and generally uncomfortable. Happy Easter!

  2. I have been your wonderful blog for a while now. But it is the very first time that i comment. You are so beautiful!
    I love your DIYs!
    Would you please tell us how your skirt is sewn?


  3. Oh Liz! I loved this! I can’t believe how big Beck is! Such a cute family.

  4. Not perfect, you say? They’re the prettiest family portraits I’ve ever seen, gorgeous! You have a superb family, really. (And I lòve your skirt!)

  5. marinella says:

    I love your skirt! Lovely family!
    Hugs from Bologna !

  6. Your family is as fun and beautiful as your blog and tutorials are!!

  7. You have a lovely and sweet family! congratulations for your blog. Ana

  8. Roxanne says:

    Oh, MY! What a great group of cutie-pies! Not imperfect…just right!

  9. OOOhhh you have a lovely family!! your children are really cute!!


  10. Your skirt is amazing and looks so perfect! What a nice family session!