+ DIY [vintage inspired] oversized tee shirt take-in

Everyone needs this tutorial, it is a needed tutorial for every member of your family. Whether you want to make shrink a shirt for one of your kids or yourself! I quickly finished this up during my kids eating lunch, so about 15 or 20 minutes. Easy! This was just a vintage inspired cuff style tee take in. Here are the links to a non-cuffed, plain tee shirt take in-here, here, here. Even though I have only shown how to do this with a kids tee, it is the same thing for any size.

top: [was] brother’s           pants: h&m     necklace: h&m            shoes: joe’s jeans via hautelook

oversized shirt
sewing machine

1. Turn shirt inside out and pin and/or mark how much you need to take in. Cut off the bottom to inch from where you want the bottom to hit. Also cut off your sleeve leaving a few inches for the cuff, if you don’t want to do a rolled cuff, then cut off an inch form the bottom where you will want it to hit.

2. Sew and cut off extra. You can serge, zig zag stitch or leave alone the edges. Knit doesn’t fray so you can just leave it be if you like.
3. Cuff the sleeve a twice, at least an inch every roll and sew a 4 different short stitches every quarter around the cuff. If you don’t want a cuff, and you only cut it an inch from the where you want it to hit, then fold it under 1 inch and sew.
4. Hem the bottom under an inch. Iron the cuffs and bottom.


  1. great T-shirt. great idea :)

  2. great T-shirt. great idea :)

  3. Such a cool idea….I am into vintage and charity and sometimes well actually a lot..I see things I like but they are the wrong size…I need to invest in a little sewing machine….


  4. I like this in theory but the only issue I have is that when you sew down an oversized shirt, the shoulder seams slump down your arm and it tends to look weird! Folding up the sleeves like you did was a good cover-up, but still something to keep in mind if anyone out there wants to attempt something like this.


  5. Yay! So excited to try this!

  6. Perfect. I always do this!

  7. great tutorial!
    I will do it!

  8. This is adorable Liz! And your lace dress is fabulous on Project Sewn today–so pretty. Good luck!

  9. Roxanne says:

    Fun stuff, as usual! Which brother was the lucky one to donate?

  10. What do you use to get such a professional looking hem on the bottom of the shirt? I tried taking in a large shirt awhile back but gave up after the hem kept getting rumpled up from stretching while I sewed. Any guidelines I should follow? Or do you use a serger for this?

    • A walking foot helps keep the layers together. A server isn’t necessary but it makes things easier.

  11. Lucky you, for your brother to give you his Ramones shirt!!!

  12. Una gran idea y el tutorial me parece muy claro y preciso. Se ve fácil y práctico.

  13. Just did this with an over-sized Tshirt to accommodate my nearly 27-week baby bump. I love it, great instructions, doable even for this sewing novice. Thanks!!


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