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I started to notice last spring that the more I focused on being a mother and giving them my extra time, the happier and more cheerful I was. I started to feel a little relaxed even. Over the past 3 plus years most of my mental creative focus went to my blog and all my extra time and energy too. You would see me running into my sewing room with kids on my lap or during nap times or hushing kids as they tried playing with me and I was typing away at my computer. Admittedly, I started to feel guilty. Blogging and sewing was at one point my obsession and passion, but after having a few kids, and they got a little older, it became more of a chore. A nagging in the back of my mind. This only started feeling that way in the last year or less really. I’ve always felt fulfillment from it, that is why I still stuck with it. But I wanted to feel what it was like to just be a wife and mom, 100%. No blogging, sewing, events, social media, everything. Just a mom. I just wanted to relax and let go for a month. or 3. See how I would feel. just test it out. And my conclusion…I gained perspective and appreciation.

But, in the last month, I’ve been itching to do projects, to sew, to share my projects. I’ve misssssssed it. I’m excited to sew and blog again. I’ve realized, I need it. I want it. I just need to let go of my perfectionism. I want to love being a mom and being a blogger at the same time. I do feel accomplishment with being a mom, but I need my creative outlet back. So, I’m back. I have to be.

Halloween was a blast…Beck ran for candy till he dropped and Oli fell asleep after the first house. Oli wouldn’t let me dress him in anything but his batman costume for a week…at least he is a hard worker over at the new house patching away.

But wait….there are some BIG changes I have to tell you about…..
I mean BIG. We bought a house! We started remodeling it and I’m so excited! I had no idea how much time and decision making I would be putting into it. And for an indecisive person that is quite the challenge. I hope you don’t mind some house remodeling before and afters and diys?

I’ve been horribly sick. I mean, I only could eat cereal and toast for 3 months kind of sick. In fact, that sickness hit me a week after my last post in August. Yes, I’m pregnant! 17 weeks now and going strong. In the past week, I’ve just started feeling like I can do things, I have never been so sick with pregnancy. I’m so excited….VERY excited. More details on this next week. Yes something very important to throw at you…but I’m so happy about it I couldn’t wait to tell you all.


  1. I missed you while you were gone! But I appreciate the perspective on balancing mothering and blogging (something I’ve been wondering about… for when I get to that point in my life). Big Congratulations on the new pregnancy!! So exciting!

  2. Karen Kelly says:

    I called it weeks ago! I’m pregnant too, and can totally sense other pregnant women. Ha ha. Congrats! Glad you’re back.

  3. Maria Lilia says:

    It should be a girl !!, congrats

  4. Congratulations my dear!!! For now, family is the first priority!! Wishing you much happiness and success with everything you do!!

  5. So glad to see your blog is back! I don’t know you personally but fell in love with your work and beautiful family about a year and a half ago because I found myself always pinning your projects from Pinterest. I would always get excited to get the email that you had another post. Congrats on your news, of house and baby, and can’t wait to start getting your posts again.

  6. Congratulations!

  7. I recently used a lot of your amazing sewing and fashion instruction to teach the Young Women’s group at church. You are an inspiration to many, especially me. Please, PLEASE, enjoy the balance between family and your blog because I would rather have you healthy and blogging less often than torn apart with guilt over “should-haves.” Congratulations on your blessed news!

  8. I literally laid down for my nap (just had a newborn and have a toddler, life is exhausting!) and thought, I must have unfollowed her. I haven’t seen her post anything in a while. Glad to see you’re back! Family comes first and being a mom is my fav :)

  9. Helena A. says:

    I agree with you when you say that you wanted to spend time with your children! They grow up so fast and when you now it, they are already adults! Believe, I know it for experience. I’m 45 years old and have a 18 years old son, and I look back and think “I wish I had more time with him while he was growing!” (but I was working…). So I think you should post 2 times a month so you can enjoy the childhood of your sons!
    And a BIG congratulations for both the pregancy and the house!!!!!!
    YES, I want to see befores and afters and DIY’s for the house! I enjoy them so much!
    I am SO glad that you are not really sick, you are ONLY pregant! 😀
    Kisses from Portugal!

  10. Congratulations! as a blogger and a mum of three I know life is full of challenges but we could notn do without them!
    It’s always a pleasure visiting your blog. Very inspiring!!
    Hope everything goes well!

  11. So glad to hear you are back! I went looking for you recently because I wondered if something was wrong with my bloglovin feed, but nope, nothing for months. Congratulations on the forthcoming baby! I’m excited for some diy maternity, I’ll be needing them, too!

  12. First Congratulation… So exciting to bring more little people into this world, and they are so lucky having you for a Mom !

    I have great respect for a human being that will follow their feelings about where they need to put all their energy. I can so relate to what you are saying. I am a beginner in the social media world and am already struggle with the balance of being able to be there for my kid, homeschooling and start a new adventure with living of my creativity with selling it and blogging about it.

    Thank you for sharing and enjoy your family great adventure…

  13. I’m so glad to have you back blogging, and so happy about all the GREAT news
    Love from France xx

  14. Allison says:

    Congratulations! I’m so glad you’re back, and I’m very happy that you’ve found some work/life balance.

  15. Oh I am sooo glad to see you are okay, and back, because I was like, either a tragedy happened…or…she is deciding to cut back and focus on mommy and wifey land. Sooo glad to see it was the latter. Never lose that perspective and good on you for actually doing it!

    But we are all so happy to continue to be inspired by your creativity! Blessings on you and yours.

  16. Glad to see you back! I’ve been keeping an eye on your blog almost everyday and wondering when you wld post something :-) Cant wait to see your home serious post and congratulations to both big news!

  17. this is wonderful – im very happy for you!

  18. The most important thing is that you are okay!!!
    Congratulations! You would love being mum of three kids :-)!

    Greetings from Croatia,

  19. Twins?

  20. I’m so happy you’re back ! I miss you. I’ve started sewing for few months and your blog is so important for me with all your tutorials. So thank you !
    And so CONGRATULATIONS for your pregnancy and the house :)
    I wish you all the best.

    Greetings from Paris,


  21. Congrats!! on the baby and house! :-) I’m so glad you’ve decided to come back- I absolutely love your blog/style and have done MANY of your tutorials and look forward to more! But I’m also glad you have been able to put your life into perspective and take a lil break- always a good thing.


  22. How wonderful – congrats! x2! I did miss your fab projects while you were gone. They were such a huge inspiration for me when I started sewing last year. So glad to hear you’re back :)

  23. Glad that you’re back blogging, your blog was one of the first that I followed for refashioning clothes. It’s lovely that you took a little more time off, I don’t know how mothers get time to blog, I have a lot of respect for you all. Exciting news on the pregnancy and the house. Can’t wait to see your renovation projects. :)

  24. Great news! Congratulations! :)
    And welcome back… We missed you!

  25. Missed you and more importantly CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  26. What fantastic news! All the way around… Love to see before and after remodeling pictures, and mommy pictures too

  27. Yahhhhh your back! I usually don’t comment but I just wanted to say congrats! I have a feeling it is a girl too 😀 can’t wait to see some more DIYs although I find I hardly have time to sew with just a 14 month old!

  28. whhhha ! It is such a good news!!! Take time to be a Mum, it is so precious. I would love to do the same, but no baby… So be a mum first and sew after!!! Thanks for sharing your mind.

  29. Congratulations! I am just getting out of the AWFUL (awful!!!) morning sickness stage here, too!…and I must admit that I am SO EXCITED that you are pregnant as well, because it means awesome pregnancy sewing projects for the next several months! Hahaha! May the rest of your pregnancy be blissfully awesome!

  30. Beth Shully says:

    Just want to say that I am happy for you. I am beyond having toddlers but still very active in my company as a mentor, organizational and artistic influence. In the beginning years we spent growing our business and having three kids in four years. It is still crazy after 32 years. I felt guilty so many times, mostly because I wasn’t able to afford to have someone do things for me. Every step forward always involved another person that enabled me to move our business forward and for me to be able to parent our children. The best thing for the first nine years was living over our business with a sitter upstairs. I could run up and read a story, make sure boo boo’s were kissed and cuddle at will. When bedtime came ,I could go downstairs and work with the monitor on. I love my children, I love my job. You are great!!
    Do what you can and when you can do it.

  31. <3 wow, congratulations! I was so disappointed but I understand, I have a kid too and everything is less important now. I hope You'll post something sometime though. :)

  32. I am so glad you are back! I was starting to get worried and wondered if you were okay. Congratulations on your pregnancy! And I totally understand about balancing, I always wondered how you just throw projects after projects on your blog when you had little kids! I sew about once a month right now with 3 kids because I just can’t sew in the day and they demand my attention too much and I can’t stop and go with sewing, I get too focused, I need to be alone. And at night after the kids are asleep, it’s the last thing I want to do, I just want to plop in front of the t.v and relax! And that is why I can’t have just a sewing blog even though I would love my blog to be more niche and have it be just sewing and fashion. But I know I’ll regret the time I don’t spend with my kids, especially this precious stage where they want to do everything with me and always be next to me. :) I hope you find balance and do what makes you truly happy!

  33. Congratulations! I’ve been checking in almost daily over the past few months and I’m so glad you’re back. With a new baby, house, and the boys, it’s sounds like you’ll have plenty of projects to fill up the blog. Glad to see you back and having a creative outlet for your talents. My blog is my ‘mommy time’ ater my daughter is asleep, but I never regreat extra time with her. Sending positive energy your way.

  34. Congratulations!!

  35. Yay, congrats! Boy or Girl that baby is gonna be a star. I totally understand the need to fuel your own creativity while trying to be a present mother. It’s hard to find balance and it’s a constant juggle But time flies, babies don’t keep and things gradually get less hectic. At least that’s what I keep telling myself! I think if you are aware of yourself (as it seems you are) you’re one step ahead already! Also, how do you look so fabulous while pregnant? And with the nausea too? I feel like pregnancy morphed me into a bloated shadow of my former self. haha Anyways, I hope you get some relief soon. I had the nausea bad with my second….I can relate! xo from Portland, OR

  36. I really look forward to read your new posts <3 And nice that you`re back! I wish you all the best for your growing family!

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