+ DIY reversible kiss clutch – great v-day accessory


I’ve always loved clutches, maybe because they aren’t mommy bag or maybe because you can buy or make elegant, fun, or funky ones and wear them to spice up your outfit and style. With this one, painting some kisses on them make it the perfect accessory for your Valentine’s date! Maybe you can pair it with the v-day date dress I made last week! After I made it and styled it for this post, I realized it would actually make a really cute computer and ipad case, toiletry bag as well!


dress: diy swing dress   clutch: self-made (tutorial below)     necklace: from mom   shoes: steve madden 




quarter to half yard of canvas fabric (or heavy duty fabric that will take paint well)- I doubled up on this to make the white very white without a chance of seeing the lining fabric

quarter to half yard of lining fabric (this can be anything you want really as long as it isn’t going to show through), if you want to make it reversible, which this tutorial will be, then you can make it more fun so you can flip it inside out whenever you like.

16″ Reversible Separating Metal Zipper

stamp (some here here or here)

fabric or craft paint (love martha stewart’s glittery one here)


sewing machine





*before cutting, stamp or stencil lips onto you bag. I painted my stamp with a light coat and eyeballed where it should go.

1. Cut out 4 squares that are the same size measuring 13.5″ (side to side) x 11.5″(top to bottom). Cut out 2 smaller pieces that are 2″ by 2″ for the ends of the zipper.

2. Cut your zipper down to 12″ to 12.5″, leaving an inch or so at past the teeth on both ends to be sewn into the 2 smaller pieces. Take one of the smaller pieces and fold two of the opposite sides in 1/2″, then fold it again, but down the center making a nicely folded piece that is 3/4″. Repeat with the other small piece. Then slide in the extra ends of the zipper into the fold and topstitch across it. Be careful not to break your needle by running into the zipper teeth, you will have to work around it.

3. Take one of the front fabric pieces and lay it face up on a table, then take your zipper and lay it front facing down centered onto the fabric piece lining up the zipper top edge to th top edge of the fabric piece. So the fronts are touching right sides together (rst). Pin it together.

4. Then take a lining piece and line it up to the top edge of the zipper and main fabric piece with the front or the lining (right ride) facing toward the front side of the main fabric. So the lining’s front side will be sewn to the wrong side of the zipper. Repin all 3 layers together. Sew a quarter inch away from the teeth all 3 layers together.

5. Flip the lining and the front fabric piece over to conceal the zipper edge and ends. Topstitch this down.

6. Repeat step 3 and 4 and 5 to the opposite side of the zipper.

7. Then pin and sew together the lining pieces but leave out a 4 or 5″ opening and pin and sew together the front main fabric pieces completely. Making sure you leave a little space between the zipper’s fabric covered ends and the closed ends.

8. Pull the main fabric through the opening of the lining, then sew the lining opening shut by hand in order to keep the seam concealed if you want to reverse it. Push the lining through to sit nicely inside the main fabric.


  1. Love that print! Beautiful clutch and DIY!

  2. I love the size of the clutch and that is an amazing dress, great work!! xx


  3. I love the dress! Did you make it or refashion it? You look adorable, by the way. I hope I will look as good as you when I am pregnant!

  4. Perfect look, I love your shoes!

  5. Gillian says:

    Love your blog. I have been following for years. I’m so excited you are expecting! I am too, and I’m also having a girl. Pretty sure our due dates are close. I am so excited to sew up some maternity clothes. My wardrobe is rapidly shrinking with my expanding waistline! Thanks.

  6. Helena A. says:

    You are very classy!
    Love the clutch and I am going to do it!
    Kisses from Portugal!

  7. Such a cute clutch, dress, necklaces and shoes. You make pregnancy look fabulous!!!!

  8. How cute!
    P.S you look great!

  9. I have to say I am totaly into this clutch. I love all kinds of accessories.

  10. in love with your blog.
    you look so good in red dress.
    and your bag is really special.


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