+ DIY maternity swing top


1 to 1.5 yards of a med to light weight flowy fabric (can be woven or knit)
Dress or top you can trace the armholes around
sewing machine

1. Cut out the front and back piece to look like so. I used a top or dress’s sleeve seams to mimic where I need to have them on this top. Do this by laying it down on the fabric and marking out the seams. Then cut. Mark the length + seam allowance of at least and inch or so and taper outward form the armpit to that length of where you want the top to hit. The wider you taper the safer it is because you can always take it in. If you don’t want to do sleeves, just a cap that is sewn in, then cut cap sleeves into it and hem the sleeves like this tutorial HERE
2. Sew the shoulder seams and side seams of the front and back piece together.
3. Hem the bottom to the desired length.
4. Cut out the sleeves by mimicking it from the picture below, and making sure it is as wide as your shoulders (biceps area) at the top points and your lower arm at the lower points. Make sure the curve at the top will measure as wide as the sleeve opening. Try on the sleeve before you sew it on. If you are uncomfortable with sleeves try this tutorial HERE instead.
5. Sew the sleeve’s seams closed, making two tubes. Then hem the bottoms of the sleeves by folding a quarter of an inch under then a half inch. You don’t have to do that exactly, but something similar.
6. Attach the curved openings of the sleeves to the armholes, pinning right sides together by placing the sleeve turned right side out into the shirt that is inside out. Pin first to make sure the openings are close to the same size. If anything the sleeve opening can be bigger and you can gather it a little at the top of the sleeve where the high curve is. Sew.
7. Here is how to make and attach the neckline HERE. If you want to make it even more simple but less professional finish, just fold under quarter inch and sew. Keep it it little so it easily makes it around the curves.
8. Finish off the neckline by folding it over, inside and topstitching it down into place.

**And when you are all done with being pregnant, just take in the sides a few inches by tapering it less from the armholes and you have a tighter swing to the top!
swing top


  1. I LOVE this. The color is so good as well. :)

  2. Hi Liz! I love your work! How do you do your DIY instruction pictures? This concept would be so much easier for my post.

  3. i like this, verry nice

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