+ DIY ruffle sleeve top video

Ever since I’ve seen this top from Jcrew, I have been dying to make it. I particularly made this one for fourth of July, hence the vintage star patterned fabric. And you would be surprised at how simple and straight forward to make. Its especially helpful when you use a deconstructed top – If you have a top/pants/coat/ etc that fits great but you don’t love anymore….stop before you donate! Seam rip or cut along the seams to take the top apart and turn into a pattern. Like you can see in the video below. If you are wondering what kind of fabric to use….I liked a medium stiffness so the ruffle sticks out in a light or medium weight of cotton or knit. I think the jcrew shirt is a medium knit fabric and the ruffle isn’t hemmed.

rufflesleeve1rufflesleeve3rufflesleeve10rufflesleeve5 rufflesleeve4rufflesleeve11


  1. I loved this tutorial video! Quick and easy – the perfect sewing project :)

    Julia – http://bunnybaubles.com

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! Pretty pics, so lovely.

  3. Your blouse is super-cute, and you and your daughter are adorable. I recently hacked a pattern to make a sorta gathered-neck blouse with bell-sleeves, too, coincidentally. (Well, they are really popular right now!) I was just wondering though, why you didn’t gather to ease the top edge of your sleeve before you inserted it into your blouse armhole opening. Your blouse looks like it fits you in that area and you did make it boxy, as you said, so it has ease, but I’m wondering if it would be more comfortable with that little bit of added ease in the shoulder joint area? Can you tell any difference in the sleeve without the gathering at the sleeve cap, as far as freedom of motion or how it feels on your arms? I found your blog just tonight through allfreesewingdotcom and am going to read through all your DIY’s (when I get home from Thanksgiving holiday in OK!) Thanks for posting this cute tute!

    • It’s funny you say that…I was going to add a little but I cut it a hair to small so I didn’t have room to gather a little but it is still comfortable! The shirt isn’t too tight there. Plus I need to make these tutorials as simple as possible!