+ DIY Girl Suspender Skirt Video tutorial

I’ve always wanted to make this quick skirt since she was born…and now I’ve finally done it…can’t believe it took me till now. And now that I’ve made one I want to make one for everyone I know and about 100 more for Rome. This could be called the scrap skirt too, it uses barely any fabric and it takes maybe 10 minutes to make.

1/2 yard to 1 yard of fabric (almost anything would work, I would used a stretchy knit)
1 skirt she wears that is similar (or measure her waist and triple or quadruple)
*the more fabric you have (aka how much you gather up with the elastic) the more gathered and full it will be!
1″ wide elastic measured around her waist when stretched (another width will work too)
thread, scissors, sewing machine, pins, iron

Instructions: Video below – optional: if you want the suspenders to be adjustable then add some buttons to the inside of the waistband in the front where your suspender ends will go, and a row of buttonholes to ends of the suspenders that will attach to the buttons.





  1. OMG this is the cutest skirt and little girl I have every seen!!! Adorable. Now if only I had a little girl. Maybe I could make it into shorts for my baby boy. LOL

  2. Sarah Helene says:

    What a unique Photo Shoot! Love the suspended skirt! Lots of Mom’s LOVE sewn into it!

  3. This is lovely and though a classic, with your choice of fabric it becomes a go to sweet look baby can wear for EVER!! So sweet and the perfect thing for Christmas sewing.

    Thank you!