+ My minted favorites and Christmas Cards


After I bought my house, I thought the hardest process was the remodeling….but really I found it to be the decorating! I never had experience with decorating an entire house before, or even a little one. I lived in a rented home before and didn’t have a desire to really change things up, not even the furniture that was left there. So….luckily, I have stumbled across many helpful sites and companies that have made this decorating process SO MUCH EASIER. One of those companies was MINTED! Their super pretty art prints have made my house so much more beautiful and homey. Admittedly I have only put art up in the kitchen and front room! But I will soon enough get to the rest of the rooms.


Also, another perk to finding MINTED are their pretty Christmas cards. I have never before ordered Christmas cards and loved their many designs, the customization, and the option of foil pressed! So dang pretty.  Here are a few links below my Christmas cards (foil and regular).

Holiday Photo Cards
Simply Stated Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Please check out some of my favorite picks from Minted that I’ve either purchased or yet to! Links below!


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