+ Birthday weekend photo overload and Happy new years!


The best birthday I’ve had up to date! Danny went all out for my 3oth by planning a fun weekend…I haven’t had a planned birthday since I was in High School. So this was SO fun. Literally I hope he plans awesome birthdays for me every year (he doesn’t read my blog so maybe someone can pass along the hint for me..wink). We drove over to my moms, dropped off the kids and headed to Jackson Hole. Woke up early to catch the sunrise, did a little bit of kissing for the camera at our engagement spot (this was the ultimate present to me because he doesn’t like pda), then grabbed some breakfast and happy birthday hot chocolate at Persephone Bakery, did some light shopping (aka find clothes and decor for the kids…my favorite), had dinner at Trio, went to Rogue One where I cried like a baby, then checked out the town square at night all lit up, went back to my parents and kids in the next day and ate my brother’s deep dish homemade pizza and a birthday cake, opened presents, played settlers of Catan and exploding kittens until we dropped, then ended the weekend with a dip in the lava hot springs….phew long run on sentence over here. Oh and the lava hot springs were amazing… the coolest part…the snow! Big fluffy flakes falling on us as we soak in the springs. The kids LOVED it, especially rome who could live in a bath. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. Literally, going to be hard to top.

Now that my 20s are over and I can reflect on the last decade, I can say I’m really looking forward to my 30s. I can’t believe how much of a different person I am in 10 years. I’m pretty excited to these coming years! My kids are getting smarter, sillier, funnier, and I will love to see what they become. I’m falling more and more in love with my husband every day and look forward to all the family adventures. I’m excited to pursue my sewing even further and now with my husband’s full time help. SO many things I’m looking forward to!



  1. Courtney Morrison Kearns says:

    Such gorgeous pictures Liz! Happy birthday 😘 So glad you’re blogging again!