+ DIY velvet wrap dress refashion video



  1. try on the dress and mark your natural waist then add a half inch for seam allowance. then Cut.
  2. Also mark where you want the sleeve end and leave a half inch for hemming
  3. and cut 
  4. try on the top half inside out, then mark and sew where you want the top to be taken in. 
  5. lay out a skirt you like the length of over the bottom half of the dress you cut off. Then cut off the extra length
  6. If you have a back seam to the skirt, cut that part open. Unless you just have to sides seams then cut up one of the side seams.
  7. fold the skirt in half and mark a curve on the open side like this
  8. hem the curve by rolling the edge under 1/8” then  1/4”
  9. lay the skirt back down on the table and fold it into a wrap, 
  10. flip the top inside out and slide the right side out skirt into the top matching up the waists. Pin. Keep in mind where you want the seams of the skirt to hit when ou pin it to the top half of the dress. I also let the back of the skirt have a little more fabric that I will later gather so it isn’t too tight around the booty. But you can adjust the wrap however you want depending on preference
  11. Sew the waists together! You can use a zigzag or what I do is use a straight stitch but stretch the material as I sew so it will have a nice seam and still stretch. 
  12. Hem the sleeves the same way you would hem the curve.

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  1. Sooooo now I NEED a velvet dress! I have never seen a velvet dress that I loved before but this is adorable! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Tali Hoffman says:

    Beautiful job! And love your shoes! Where are they from??

  3. Sarah Helene says:

    Lovely indeed — velvet dress is so luxurious! FAB photo shoot outdoors! Sarah in Minneapolis