+ 2 EASY go-to valentine’s day hair tutorials – twisted heart and double braided heart knot


I’m all about cheesy holiday hair and outfits, why not? So embrace the heart for valentine’s day and stick it in your hair do! Make it subtle with the double braided heart knot or make it not-so-subtle with the twisted heart half up do.


Twisted heart half-up hair tutorial

DSC07514s  DSC07520sDSC07518s


Double braided heart knot hair tutorial


DSC07552sDSC07550s DSC07593sDSC07546s DSC07580s DSC07601s    DSC07548s


  1. Sarah Helene says:

    Chic, COOL and creative , indeed! What a unique look with both heart-shaped hair styles! THANKS for sharing! Sarah in Minneapolis

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