+ DIY 10 minute side stripe jeans refashion


Want to take out your pants a little, make them into boyfriend jeans or just want to add some flare?? Well this tutorial was fun and easy! Will take just 10 minutes and 2 pairs of jeans you have fallen out of love with. For me these pants were way too tight both of them….they had major bleg (butt-leg). So i would always need to cover them with a jacket or  what not. So! Instead of going to the second hand store….its back into my closet.

Supplies: 2 pair of jeans, scissors, sewing machine or needle and thread, marking chalk, thread

1.first, cut the side seams out of a pair of jeans. If you already like the fit of your pants then take a little more out to match the same width of the piece you’re putting in.
2.take another pair of pants and check to see if it is similar enough to match up the pockets. If it a little off it will just add to the personality of the pants.
3. cut out 2-4 inches from side seams of the second pant, including some of the front pocket. Make sure both piece are cut the same – I marked it first to make it straight.
4.match up the pants and piece’s front sides right sides together. Pin to keep it all matched up.
5.At the sewing machine, unpin the top of the jeans till just under the pocket, then open up to the inside and pinn the top of jean pockets together. Sew them together till the end of the pocket.
6.Repin the side back up, making sure to cram the just sewn pocket into the pant leg.
7.sew the rest of the side all the way to the bottom.
8.Line up and pin the other side of the piece right sides together.
9.Do the same with the other leg.
10.Serge all the seams with a zigzag stitch to prevent fray
11.Cut the extra off at the ankle and I made it uneven to make it fun. fray the end by pulling the thread with a seam ripper.



  1. I am in love with your blog and your posts are so inspiring, it honestly makes me want to sew and I hope that one day I will be able to make some of the stuff I have book marked from your site (with a lot more practice :)). I also love your home space, which I catch a glimpse of now and again!

  2. Hahahaha what’s butt leg?!? 😁
    Great job, it looks so factory made I would never know!!!


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