+ DIY denim grommet lace-up dress refashion


Spice up any simple denim dress by adding a split neck with grommet lace-up detail….especially fun when its refashioned from an oversized outdated number! And bonus, for me, hammering in the grommet was a bit therapeutic.
shoes/sunglasses: target

1.First, grab an oversized dress and a shift or boxy dress you love the fit of. Then fold both in half and lay the shift dress on top. I made sure the bottoms of the dresses lined up so I didn’t have to hem the bottom and I could keep that factory made denim hem.
2.Mark and cut out the shift dress shape leaving extra room for error and for a more boxier look.
3.Sew front and back’s sides and the shoulders together. Then serge using a serger or a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying.
4.Try the dress on and mark the neckline as well as how long you want the slip to be.
5.Mark the center front of the dress to the length of the slit or split and cut down that line.
6.grab a big remnant piece left over from cutting out the dress and pin it on the outside of the dress. Sew close around the split. Other fabric here would work fine too.
7.cut through that new piece down the center between the slit again and cut into the corners.
8.flip that piece inside the dress and sew around the edge of the newly lined split.
9.place the grommets around near the split to measure and mark where the next sew line will go as well as sew down more of that inside fabric.
10.cut out the extra material around from the second sewn line from the split.
11.hem the neckline by either doing the easy thing by doing a rolled hem which is folding it under 1/4” twice and sewing or you can do my preferred method which is sewing in a neckline facing. I’ve mad a video tutorial for this in the past and you can find a link to it in the description below.
12.For the sleeve you can either do a rolled hem like the neckline or you can you can fray check the edge, then cuff them and tack them into place.
13.You will not see the neckline or the sleeves done here as I start the grommet process, but I did sew the neckline and sleeves before I actually put the grommets in. Space out the grommets evenly and mark where the holes will be.
12.cut out the holes with your scissors and poke the grommets through two double check
13.Next you’ll need a hard surface like concrete, a grommet or eyelet kit from a craft or tool store, fray check, and hammer!
14.Slide the little metal anvil piece underneath with no fabric under it, then place the bottom grommet piece on that and slid it through the hole of the front of the dress, here you can fray check your fabric just in case. then place the little washer, points facing down, toward the grommet and place the little tool or setter into the center of the hole of the grommet and washer.
15.Hit it with a hammer till it is secure.
16.Lace up the grommets with a shoelace or other type of ribbon or string.



  1. I love this dress so much! I actually saw one like it last year on Pinterest and couldn’t figure out where it was from. Thanks for sharing!

    Julia – http://bunnybaubles.com


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