+ My first runway show – as a designer

This was my first time I have ever designed something outside of my DIYs and definitely  outside of my comfort zone (read next paragraph!). I was given the year 1999 to design for and instantly the things that popped into my head were PINK, stars, glitter, Spice girls, buns and all those fun preteen things I loved. So hence, I designed a modernized baby spice ballerina…which was me…1999… 6th and 7th grade. The sweater was actually refashioned from 2 sweaters to make an asymmetrical twisted feel with a side asian inspired (thank you 1999) tie. The dress is a very sheer skin tone pink (1o yards of it!) with hand sewn silver star sequins – yes quite the nod to the innocent tween days. I was going to go full sheer dress…..but didn’t have the guts and threw together this sweater. If I had known about all the black mesh, pasties, bondage incorporated into other designs, I would have been a little more fearless. But, ehhhh, it was my first design to be seen on a runway. In the end I was happy with it, It portrayed what was 1999 was to me. But, I  would definitely do things differently the next time around. I wouldn’t hold back.

I’m not going to lie to you guys….I feel way way vulnerable posting this. I’m not sure why exactly, but I’m nervous. Maybe because I’m worried about being judged or whatnot but honestly I’m just its over and I probably wouldn’t change anything because this experience has taught me so many things. 1. Don’t hold back – don’t let the fear of what others are designing or others are thinking to affect you. I stuck with the pink and the girly despite knowing that this even is more on the edgy side. Because thats me. But I did cover up the dress because I wanted to feel safe. Which I shouldn’t have done, but at least I felt comfortable and happy with what I made. 2. Don’t let designing take over your life! Don’t agonize over designs day in and day out because you think it won’t be good enough. Just stick with what you like and what you originally thought through. I’m sure there are people out there that are going to judge but I don’t care. I just checked this off my bucket list and now I can, if I want, I can do another with more confidence without holding back!

p.s. can you spot my refashioned top? Check it out HERE!
slugslug2IMG_5426 2
^^baby spice anyone? buns forever!
^^Tall girl with long hair = straightening hair standing up! tall girl problems? I wouldn’t know.;)
IMG_5541 2
^^Colours of the world, Spice up your life, Every boy and every girl, Spice up your life – anyone remember 1999 feelin’ it?
^^last minute tweeks
^^quick pic before showtime!
IMG_5546 2
IMG_6047  IMG_6056


  1. Love it! 90s. But classy. You are very talented.

  2. Oh, the 90s… teenage me would have been all over the star glitter! And I do remember wearing a lot of boxy type sweaters back then, too, so I love what you did with the sweater reconstruction. Congrats on your first runway show!

  3. You are so, so, so, sweet!
    Although we don’t know each other (I am from Zagreb, Croatia) I am very proud of you!!

    Greetings from Croatia,