+ How to make a DIY babydoll top with tassels refashion

start out with a top that fits you will in the shoulders and chest, something to repurpose, pins, scissors, measuring tape, a few yards of tassels, thread and sewing machine
1.Cut off anything extra from your to-refashion piece, like an elastic waist band and fold in half.
2.lay the top folded in half down on the maxi skirt, both fold touching.
3.Cut out the top of the shirt, following the curve of the shoulders to an inch or so past the shoulder seams, then straight down toward and inch outward from the armpit and and inch and a half below.  then cut straight across an inch and half below the armpit.
4.Sew the shoulder seams shut.
5.then measure how long you want your top to be by finding the length from an inch and a half under your armpit on your top to the bottom hem.
6.the bottom of the fabric will be about at the smallest 56” wide which was my measurement. The wider you make this the more gathered it will be. For more bustier women definitely add more width here. I cut mine on the fold here too making it a easier and straighter cut
7.Sew up the side seam to make it into a tube, then add a basting stitch to the very top .
8.Gather the top of the tube to be as wide as the top half of the shirt.
9.Set that aside. Now lets add the tassels. With the top half right side out, place the front of the tassel trim down onto fabric RST with tassels pointing toward the neckline and shoulder seams. Pin
10.Sew the trim just before the scalloped edge about 1/4” in, so you can see a little bit of the trim edge and the tassel once sewn
11.Pin the bottom tube half front to the trim of the top half, sew it 1/4” in from the scalloped trim edge as well but on the other side of the trim.
12.Sew together leaving the armpit area unsewn. Just the front and backs of the top and bottom are sewn together.
13 .Sew up the side seams into the armpit helping to conceal the edge of the armpit trim and making a nice side seam.
14.Trim off any extra tassels of bulky trim from inside if you need.
15.Cut out the neckline and sew it under 1/8” twice
16.Topstitch the edge of the fabric 1/16” or 1/8” off from the tassel trim on the top half of the shirt    to make it look more finished.

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