+ How to make an 80’s inspired side ruffle knit skirt DIY


Here is a new, modernized spin on an 80’s skirt – the side ruffle knit  skirt perfect to dress up or down this upcoming season.

Supplies + Instructions:

All you need is 1.5 to 2 yards of light to med weight knit fabric that has good stretch.

Make 2 rectangles or squares depending on the length you want the skirt – one side of the will be your hip measurement – this will be the stretchy part. the other side is the length you want the skirt to be but doubled.  Once you have cut that out, find the center of the pieces on the skirt length side and mark the actual length from the center of the piece.

Fold the piece in half at that center and cut outward from those markings to the corners of the square or rectangle. You would be left with a trapezoid witch looks like a triangle with the top point cut off.

Pin the trapezoids together right sides together. Sew up the side except the smallest side. When sew up the angled sides you need to make it curve inwards 4 to 6 inches depending on how much you want the skirt to be asymmetrical.

Turn right side out and iron.

Run a basting stitch along the long end about 4 inches in then gently gather it till the ruffle is the length you want the skirt to be matching the short end.

Fold and pin the skirt ends on top of each other making sure the measurements are correct, you can double check the fit with anther knit skirt you already own or just pin it in place and then try to slip it on.  Sew it together through the basting stitch. For me I couldn’t get the waist as small as I liked with out pulling the ruffle weird. I added a few darts or if you would rather keep it simple you can go for the elastic option! Grab 1.5” wide elastic and measure it to your waist will stretching it. Then sew the ends together. Pin the elastic to the outside of the skirt then stretch it as you sew it to the very top edge of the skirt. Then Fold it inside and sew the top edge again while you stretch it.

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