+ DIY tie front cut-out dress or swim coverup refashion


*Try to find a shirt thats a little thicker so you it isn’t too see through!
1.Seam rip our cut off any pockets sleeves and collars.
2.Turn the piece inside out and line up a skirt on top plenty of room all around because the skirt half will be more A-line shape and we are going to add darts to the top. Sew up the side seams. If you don’t have enough extra material for a waistband anywhere else, then steal some now at the top of the skirt before you add darts.
3. If darts are too daunting you could just cut the side seams to taper to your waist measurement. But I find darts simple!
4.To add darts mark the center front of both front and back of the skirt. Mark half way between that marking and the side seam and bring it out an inch or sew depending on how much you need to bring it. Have the top of the dart be 4 or 5 inches long taper very gradually into a triangle shape, making the tip of the dart point a half inch or sew point outward toward the side seam so it isn’t going to be straight down. Repeat with the front.
5.Cut off extra material for the waistband where ever you can find it- I ended up taking it from the top of the skirt. Take it in to be your exact waist size. And iron it to be a 1 inch wide band be folding the ends in 1/2” and again down the center.
6.Slide the top of the skirt into the waistband opening and pin.
7.Sew the waistband’s front and back together at the bottom edge.
8.Set that skirt aside for now and grab the sleeves. cut each sleeve into 2 pieces, making sure that the main piece will be at least the width from your waist to the armpit.
9.Line up the sleeves to be right sides together and sew a straight line down the bigger ends. Cut off the extra material and serge.
10.Sew under the top and bottom of this piece 1/4” twice and topstitch in place. try it around you chest to check how it fits.
11.Grab extra material and cut out 4 pieces that are going to be a skinny V shape. sew the 2 long sides together right sides together and flip right side out. I did later take this off and mad them twice as wide because they covered a little more of my chest.
12.Pin it right sides together to the the sleeve end, gathering the sleeve end while you sew. Serge the edge.
13.Take the top half and place it on the inside of the waistband centers lined up. Pin and sew them together from 2 inches past the front side seams.
14.Last make or buy straps and mark where you want them – and sew them on! I made the strap mimicking the waistband but much thinner.

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