+ - - - - - - sneak peek of my kitchen before and (almost) after + stool inspiration

I don’t know if you can tell but, we are lacking proper counter stools….hence the top of my 2 year old’s head.

So, when we bought the house, we felt trapped in eddie bauer land. Everything was forest or sage green, dark taupe, burgundy, gold, brown, tan. Just a little too 90′s for my taste. But the “bones” were there. It just needed a coat of paint, new floors, fireplace, and a new master bathroom. Though if you took a tour of my house currently, its pathetic how it is lacking in furniture and pretty much anything else. But at least we remodeled and I have the exciting time to pick out things to decorate!
So about that kitchen…out came the solid surface tan and brown striped counters, replaced with a light gray quartz by pentalquartz called polished carrara. The sink is my favorite, I had no idea how much I would love a huge under-mount stainless steel one basin sink, I can’t have the biggest pile of dirty dishes in there without it bugging my husband too much. I finally added some white subway tile backsplash, that I have been obsessed with ever since I lived in a house filled with it in San Francisco. We also took out the yellowy maple floors and put down some dark engineered hardwood oak. The cabinets and drawers and walls were all painted a crisp slightly warm white called Atrium white by Benjamin Moore. I’m obsessed with this white. It isn’t stark but it isn’t too warm. I picked up some 10 packs of polished nickel knobs and pulls from lowes for a very affordable price (wow, online stuff can be pricey). and added those in too. I did replace the very worn out or broken appliances with new ones I grabbed a deal from on black friday! Seriously amazing deals that day. I didn’t know until after the remodel that the littlest things like replacing knobs and paint make such a big difference.




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+ - - - - - - DIY reversible kiss clutch – great v-day accessory


I’ve always loved clutches, maybe because they aren’t mommy bag or maybe because you can buy or make elegant, fun, or funky ones and wear them to spice up your outfit and style. With this one, painting some kisses on them make it the perfect accessory for your Valentine’s date! Maybe you can pair it with the v-day date dress I made last week! After I made it and styled it for this post, I realized it would actually make a really cute computer and ipad case, toiletry bag as well!


dress: diy swing dress   clutch: self-made (tutorial below)     necklace: from mom   shoes: steve madden 

+ - - - - - - DIY watercolor lip art for your V-day decor

IMG_6494titleI love Valentine’s day and even more, I love valentine’s day decor! All about pinks and reds and hearts and love. Just plays to my feminine ways. When I thought of a fun v-day decor this year, I really wanted something I could keep in my office year round. Though I don’t have any (literally any) experience with painting or whatnot, I gave it a go and thought it was fun! I will say when I tried it in a smaller size, it was much easier, so if you are nervous about watercoloring, go for a smaller image. Happy pre-v-day!
You can check out how to make the you+me print here, and I picked up the pretty fashion print here.

+ - - - - - - Dressing my 29 week bump and it’s a…..


I can’t believe I have reached 29 weeks. Seriously! Less then 3 months. I’m starting to feel big now, and the thought that I will get way bigger freaks me out. In fact I’m measuring big for how far I am, yes another big baby in my future. I thought that wouldn’t be the case, well because everyone says girls are usually smaller….yes it is a girl! Yes, I can’t believe it. In fact, I got an extra ultrasound to check. I may have started crying the technician said there were no boy parts, I mean, I love boys but I deserve a girl. Not saying that others don’t. But I really really do. I have 8 brothers and 12 brother-in-laws and 2 sons and one very manly husband. I’m ready for a girl. A lovely little thing I can dress up, share secrets with, go shopping with and most importantly be best friends with. I know a lot of that sounds cheesy, but truly I have been dreaming of her for as long as I remember. My husband even acts a little differently with this pregnancy, almost like I’m more delicate because I have a little lady in my belly. Its quite cute.

But this time is different. I’m experienced and will be more prepared. I also feel like I get to start fresh. Now that I’m moved into my newly remodeled house, with a newly painted pink nursery to set her up in, I feel like this will be a whole different baby experience. Well, I think so, maybe. Having a girl vs. a boy. I can’t wait to buy dresses and make dresses. Oh I’m so looking forward to this. I’m mostly looking forward to have a daughter that will always be my daughter forever, who, despite the junior high days and some of high school days, will be my buddy (yes, son terminology I will have to work on that). Well, I dream anyway. Oh and side note….did I mention my very first diaper bag? Yes, I felt like it was finally time to own one and I’m so excited to use this adorable petunia pickle bottom backpack. Perfect travel companion/laptop bag. Can’t wait to test it out.

IMG_5897cIMG_5912cIMG_6000cIMG_6066cIMG_6052cIMG_5919c IMG_5893cIMG_5928c

top: nordstrom
jean top: thrifted/altered
necklace: thia pan trading
pants: sevens
shoes: franco sorto
coat and hat: h&m
bag: petunia pickle bottom

+ - - - - - - DIY gathered natural waist dress with 3 options

IMG_6364cc Perfect Valentine’s day date dress! Not just the color but the fit! Very flattering and feminine. I made this before I was pregnant and decided to take out the top to make it fit my belly. You can make this dress 3 ways too. Giving you some different options of look and different levels of easiness. Can’t wait to wear this to our date, and to take it back in when I’m done with this pregnancy! IMG_6343cIMG_6299cIMG_6145cIMG_6384cIMG_6357ccIMG_6377cIMG_6142c

Photos taken by John + Ashtyn Dickson

+ - - - - - - DIY very easy maternity sheath dress tutorial (non-maternity included!)

As a pregnant lady, one of the biggest battles (along with stretch marks and nausea) is fitting into clothing. Let me tell you how much I HATE pants right now. Obviously buttoning them up, or even fitting in them isn’t a possibility. I have 2 pairs of pants that fit me somewhat comfortably but as of last week, one now doesn’t. As you can conclude, I prefer knit dresses and skirts….boy oh boy are they comfy. And cute too! Thus a quick maternity sheath dress is born, also last DIY’s pencil skirt. Hoping to make myself more sane during this pregnancy. I have made quite a few sheath dresses, like a non-maternity floral contrasting one and this refashioned one, which tells you I’m all about the comfort. I really would prefer to tie a jean top around the waist to cover up the booty paired with some all stars and a baseball cap and I’m ready to go run a million errands for my house remodel.

dress: selfmade (DIY below)     non-maternity DIY dress: here and here      hat: h&m        shoes: franco sarto (found at nordstrom rack)   mood lip stain: amazon