+ - - - - - - DIY tie front cut-out dress or swim coverup refashion


*Try to find a shirt thats a little thicker so you it isn’t too see through!
1.Seam rip our cut off any pockets sleeves and collars.
2.Turn the piece inside out and line up a skirt on top plenty of room all around because the skirt half will be more A-line shape and we are going to add darts to the top. Sew up the side seams. If you don’t have enough extra material for a waistband anywhere else, then steal some now at the top of the skirt before you add darts.
3. If darts are too daunting you could just cut the side seams to taper to your waist measurement. But I find darts simple!
4.To add darts mark the center front of both front and back of the skirt. Mark half way between that marking and the side seam and bring it out an inch or sew depending on how much you need to bring it. Have the top of the dart be 4 or 5 inches long taper very gradually into a triangle shape, making the tip of the dart point a half inch or sew point outward toward the side seam so it isn’t going to be straight down. Repeat with the front.
5.Cut off extra material for the waistband where ever you can find it- I ended up taking it from the top of the skirt. Take it in to be your exact waist size. And iron it to be a 1 inch wide band be folding the ends in 1/2” and again down the center.
6.Slide the top of the skirt into the waistband opening and pin.
7.Sew the waistband’s front and back together at the bottom edge.
8.Set that skirt aside for now and grab the sleeves. cut each sleeve into 2 pieces, making sure that the main piece will be at least the width from your waist to the armpit.
9.Line up the sleeves to be right sides together and sew a straight line down the bigger ends. Cut off the extra material and serge.
10.Sew under the top and bottom of this piece 1/4” twice and topstitch in place. try it around you chest to check how it fits.
11.Grab extra material and cut out 4 pieces that are going to be a skinny V shape. sew the 2 long sides together right sides together and flip right side out. I did later take this off and mad them twice as wide because they covered a little more of my chest.
12.Pin it right sides together to the the sleeve end, gathering the sleeve end while you sew. Serge the edge.
13.Take the top half and place it on the inside of the waistband centers lined up. Pin and sew them together from 2 inches past the front side seams.
14.Last make or buy straps and mark where you want them – and sew them on! I made the strap mimicking the waistband but much thinner.

tiecollIMG_8284IMG_8243IMG_8335IMG_8276    IMG_8348IMG_8229

+ - - - - - - DIY midi button front sundress with bow sleeves!


I was asked to be included in the sundressing series over on Melly Sews (you can check out other projects too!)! I did a refashion in one of her series YEARS ago and you can see that HERE! This dress was pretty easy to do actually, just lots of (lots and lots) of seam ripping and rattaching and taking in. I’m quite in love with the yellow number!
YELLCOLLIMG_7715IMG_7682C0004.MP4.23_56_12_26.Still007 IMG_7685IMG_7654

+ - - - - - - How to make a DIY babydoll top with tassels refashion

start out with a top that fits you will in the shoulders and chest, something to repurpose, pins, scissors, measuring tape, a few yards of tassels, thread and sewing machine
1.Cut off anything extra from your to-refashion piece, like an elastic waist band and fold in half.
2.lay the top folded in half down on the maxi skirt, both fold touching.
3.Cut out the top of the shirt, following the curve of the shoulders to an inch or so past the shoulder seams, then straight down toward and inch outward from the armpit and and inch and a half below.  then cut straight across an inch and half below the armpit.
4.Sew the shoulder seams shut.
5.then measure how long you want your top to be by finding the length from an inch and a half under your armpit on your top to the bottom hem.
6.the bottom of the fabric will be about at the smallest 56” wide which was my measurement. The wider you make this the more gathered it will be. For more bustier women definitely add more width here. I cut mine on the fold here too making it a easier and straighter cut
7.Sew up the side seam to make it into a tube, then add a basting stitch to the very top .
8.Gather the top of the tube to be as wide as the top half of the shirt.
9.Set that aside. Now lets add the tassels. With the top half right side out, place the front of the tassel trim down onto fabric RST with tassels pointing toward the neckline and shoulder seams. Pin
10.Sew the trim just before the scalloped edge about 1/4” in, so you can see a little bit of the trim edge and the tassel once sewn
11.Pin the bottom tube half front to the trim of the top half, sew it 1/4” in from the scalloped trim edge as well but on the other side of the trim.
12.Sew together leaving the armpit area unsewn. Just the front and backs of the top and bottom are sewn together.
13 .Sew up the side seams into the armpit helping to conceal the edge of the armpit trim and making a nice side seam.
14.Trim off any extra tassels of bulky trim from inside if you need.
15.Cut out the neckline and sew it under 1/8” twice
16.Topstitch the edge of the fabric 1/16” or 1/8” off from the tassel trim on the top half of the shirt    to make it look more finished.

^^black eye and messy face per usual

+ - - - - - - How to make an 80’s inspired side ruffle knit skirt DIY


Here is a new, modernized spin on an 80’s skirt – the side ruffle knit  skirt perfect to dress up or down this upcoming season.

Supplies + Instructions:

All you need is 1.5 to 2 yards of light to med weight knit fabric that has good stretch.

Make 2 rectangles or squares depending on the length you want the skirt – one side of the will be your hip measurement – this will be the stretchy part. the other side is the length you want the skirt to be but doubled.  Once you have cut that out, find the center of the pieces on the skirt length side and mark the actual length from the center of the piece.

Fold the piece in half at that center and cut outward from those markings to the corners of the square or rectangle. You would be left with a trapezoid witch looks like a triangle with the top point cut off.

Pin the trapezoids together right sides together. Sew up the side except the smallest side. When sew up the angled sides you need to make it curve inwards 4 to 6 inches depending on how much you want the skirt to be asymmetrical.

Turn right side out and iron.

Run a basting stitch along the long end about 4 inches in then gently gather it till the ruffle is the length you want the skirt to be matching the short end.

Fold and pin the skirt ends on top of each other making sure the measurements are correct, you can double check the fit with anther knit skirt you already own or just pin it in place and then try to slip it on.  Sew it together through the basting stitch. For me I couldn’t get the waist as small as I liked with out pulling the ruffle weird. I added a few darts or if you would rather keep it simple you can go for the elastic option! Grab 1.5” wide elastic and measure it to your waist will stretching it. Then sew the ends together. Pin the elastic to the outside of the skirt then stretch it as you sew it to the very top edge of the skirt. Then Fold it inside and sew the top edge again while you stretch it.

80s2 80s 80s3

+ - - - - - - How to make a diy ruffle sleeve with open bow back (bridesmaid dress idea!) VIDEO


Supplies + Instructions:
This feminine dress showcases pretty gathered sleeves with an open back tied together with an oversized bow. This dress is perfect for church or something special like a wedding or it can even be a bridesmaid dress.

*You’ll need a longer dress- preferably one that has a zipper down the center back. If it doesn’t you can add one later.
*Also need a fitted top or dress that has darts
*matching thread, scissors, pins, marking device or pins for this, sewing machine
1.Cut the sleeves off, and any unwanted trim (which you may need to seam rip and resew), and cut off the bottom half too as well as the zipper, leaving a little extra to keep the gathering or pleats in place. Also seam rip out the zipper from the center of the top if there is on or cut up the center to make a place for the open back.
2.Turn the top inside out and lay the fitted top down over it. mark where the new sleeve opening and shoulder seams with be trying to keep the collar intact. Also mark where it needs to be taken in at the sides – leave a little bit of room on the sides, if you are taking in and moving the darts. If the darts are where they need to be the take it in as much as you need. If you need to move the darts, then seam rip them and mimic the top or dress you already own to mimc where it needs to be sewn on the dress.
3.Sew and trim off the extra. Serge or zig zag stitch to prevent fraying.
4.Try on the sleeves and mark how much it needs to be taken in and sew along the marking.
5.Slide the right side out sleeve to the inside out top and pin together. Sew.
6.Cut off some of the length or get extra material elsewhere and cut out 20+ inches long and 5 to 6 inches wide of fabric. I liked cutting it from the bottom because it would already be hemmed.
7.Fold it in half and sew up one side and run a basting stitch along the top.
8.Pull the basting stitch to make it gather to the width of your sleeve opening.
9.Pin right sides together matching up the seams if you can. Sew and serge.
10.Line up the top with the bottom and check out how much need to be taken in with the skirt. There are 2 options to take this in. ONE – you can just take it in from the sides or two – you can seam rip the pleats and make them wider and sew them into place.
11.Pin and sew the top and the bottom together making sure to perfectly line up the zipper to the open back, concealing the zipper top and also preventing the zipper pull from coming out.
12.Now make or cut off ties from extra material or use some ribbon or grosgrain and pin it to the top seam ripped or cut open neckline or upper back. Sew it into place as well as hem the opening edges by folding it under.
13.Hem the bottom of the skirt by rolling under 1/4” then 3/4” to 1” and sewing on the upper folded edge.


collbowback2IMG_7192IMG_7174IMG_7114IMG_7136IMG_7220IMG_7107    IMG_7142IMG_7246IMG_7126 IMG_7169

+ - - - - - - Little wild horse slot canyon – distressed jeans


This little slot canyon was our one day trip to check out how our kids did in slot canyons. And let me tell you….kids LOVE them. They are scary and interesting and cool. They thought they were parkour masters and rock climbing experts by the end. Not much complaining.

I was wearing my distressed jeans…you can check them out here!