+ - - - - - - DIY very EASY dress to jumpsuit or romper refashion


Watch: Daniel Wellington

Make this jumpsuit from almost any dress or cut the legs short and make it into a romper perfect for Summer! As I was sewing this together I was shocked with how easy this was. And if you are lucky enough to find a dress that already has a zipper then its literally going to take you less than a half hour! Can’t wait to make a romper sometime very soon.

jump10        jump

+ - - - - - - DIY triple ruffle top from dress refashion video


One of the funnest refashions yet! Super easy!

trip2trip3trip56 trip4   triptrip6

+ - - - - - - super easy DIY Jean pants to Jean skirt refashion video

IMG_6379 2IMG_6217coll

Shoes: forever21 // top: similar, similar // skirt: DIY, or similar, similar, similar // sunglasses: Ray ban 


+ - - - - - - DIY Star-embroidered sneakers//no-sew video


Inspiration taken from the runway….stars, stars, stars! Gold, silver, on your clothes and my favorite…. on sneakers!

Famous Footwear is challenging everyone to stepforward by championing their confidence to be their best self. For me, everyday is a mini stepforward towards a career and being a better mother. Honestly, the second I hit 30, aka when I stopped my year long blog hiatus, was the second I dropped 70% of my doubt, insecurities, the things that held me back mentally from reaching my goals. For years and years that I blogged, I earned nothing while working 60 hour weeks, I often compared myself to others which didn’t help, I didn’t think I was good enough, I couldn’t focus on being a mother, often stressed and upset, my life didn’t “look perfect” because I didn’t have the funds or energy, even though I blogged for years, I still didn’t know the ins and outs, tips and tricks of it all. I was being left behind. Hence the year long, much needed, hiatus. I wanted to focus on being a mom and not being stressed. It was supposed to last about a month but it lasted a year. A year of reevaluating, pondering, growing, focusing on family, sewing for the fun of it – my thoughts/feelings/actions started to switch. I had more confidence, less self-doubt and the Gusto to start it all back up again and this time let it be fun with feelings of excitement and motivation towards my goals in life. This time around blogging/sewing/building a brand has helped me be a better mother! Which I thought was crazy. I’ve done a big overall stepforward with more self confidence in my career and as a mother.


Thank you to Famous Footwear  for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.


+ - - - - - - My first runway show – as a designer

This was my first time I have ever designed something outside of my DIYs and definitely  outside of my comfort zone (read next paragraph!). I was given the year 1999 to design for and instantly the things that popped into my head were PINK, stars, glitter, Spice girls, buns and all those fun preteen things I loved. So hence, I designed a modernized baby spice ballerina…which was me…1999… 6th and 7th grade. The sweater was actually refashioned from 2 sweaters to make an asymmetrical twisted feel with a side asian inspired (thank you 1999) tie. The dress is a very sheer skin tone pink (1o yards of it!) with hand sewn silver star sequins – yes quite the nod to the innocent tween days. I was going to go full sheer dress…..but didn’t have the guts and threw together this sweater. If I had known about all the black mesh, pasties, bondage incorporated into other designs, I would have been a little more fearless. But, ehhhh, it was my first design to be seen on a runway. In the end I was happy with it, It portrayed what was 1999 was to me. But, I  would definitely do things differently the next time around. I wouldn’t hold back.

I’m not going to lie to you guys….I feel way way vulnerable posting this. I’m not sure why exactly, but I’m nervous. Maybe because I’m worried about being judged or whatnot but honestly I’m just its over and I probably wouldn’t change anything because this experience has taught me so many things. 1. Don’t hold back – don’t let the fear of what others are designing or others are thinking to affect you. I stuck with the pink and the girly despite knowing that this even is more on the edgy side. Because thats me. But I did cover up the dress because I wanted to feel safe. Which I shouldn’t have done, but at least I felt comfortable and happy with what I made. 2. Don’t let designing take over your life! Don’t agonize over designs day in and day out because you think it won’t be good enough. Just stick with what you like and what you originally thought through. I’m sure there are people out there that are going to judge but I don’t care. I just checked this off my bucket list and now I can, if I want, I can do another with more confidence without holding back!

p.s. can you spot my refashioned top? Check it out HERE!
slugslug2IMG_5426 2
^^baby spice anyone? buns forever!
^^Tall girl with long hair = straightening hair standing up! tall girl problems? I wouldn’t know.;)
IMG_5541 2
^^Colours of the world, Spice up your life, Every boy and every girl, Spice up your life – anyone remember 1999 feelin’ it?
^^last minute tweeks
^^quick pic before showtime!
IMG_5546 2
IMG_6047  IMG_6056

+ - - - - - - DIY men’s top to bell sleeve button up refashion


Here’s a cute way to repurpose a men’s top by simply taking it in and adding some fun bell sleeves!
-Take a men’s top and lay your top over it. Cut off the shirt’s arms and the bottom.
-Cut out the top how you want it to fit, including the armholes by using your shirt as a guide. Always cut a little bigger because you can always take it in later
-Sew up the side seams and serge or zigzag stitch the edge to prevent fraying. try it on and make sure everything fits correctly.
-Try on the sleeve and mark just above the elbow. Then mark how much you will need to take it in.
-Cut the sleeve just above the elbow and sew along the marking to take it in and serge.
-Curve the top of the sleeve to mimic this shape, if you need help then grab one of your shirts and mimic the sleeve curve from it.
-Take the bottom that you cut off or grab supplement fabric and cut it into an aline shape, I had to use 3 pieces taken from the bottom of the men’s shirt and and the ends of the sleeves. Once you have sewn it up into an a-line shape, then round the bottom of the bell. serge the sides.
-Flip the sleeve right side out and slide the inside out bell over the sleeve, pin and sew. Then serge.
-Flip the shirt inside out, and pull the right side out sleeve into the armhole opening. Pin, sew and serge.
-Hem the bottom of the bell sleeve by sewing under 1/8” twice and sew. Then Hem the bottom of the shirt 1/4” then a 1/2”.
-Iron all the seams flat
-If you need the collar to be tighter then snip as much as you need taken in, centered just between the collar band and the yoke. Take in the inside at the yoke tapper from the entire size of the cut down a few inches or more. Then take in the collar and collar band on the backside as much as the width of the cut. Serge off the extra material. Then sew the collar band back to the yoke. Sew down the back of the collar to the bottom of the collar band of the top of the yoke to make sure to conceal the serged collar edge.

IMG_5650IMG_5659IMG_5698 IMG_5677 IMG_5655IMG_5702 IMG_5705