+ - - - - - - DIY cross flounce top refashion

cross flounce

Oversize or maxi dress (or material can be used too)
basic top you like the fit of
scissors, pins, sewing machine or needle and thread, pins

-Grab an oversized or maxi dress or you can grab a yard and a half of material.
-Cut the dress’s bottom from the top.
-Lay a top on the dress’s folded fabric.
-Mark and cut
-Lay out that top piece again and cut out the back piece. I made sure to make the side seam be the center of the top’s back. if you want you can round the back’s arm hole less than the front.
-Sew up the shoulder seams.
-Cut out the sleeve’s from the original dress to reuse.
-Cut open the sleeves
-Match the center of the sleeve’s curve to the shoulder seam allowing a little tiny bit of gather at the top of the sleeve’s curve near the shoulder seam, if you want.
-Pin and sew.
-Line up the sides of the top and the sleeves with right side of the fabric touching and sew.
-When you make the front flounce piece you can make it any size
-measure the length from mid shoulder to a few inches below your armpit. this is your CROSS FRONT MEASUREMENT
-If you want a looser flounce or circular ruffle then you will want to make 2 semi circles with the inner half circle being that front measurement you just took. When the 2 half circles are sewn together you get one big circle that will go around you top.
-or If you want it really flouncy then make 2 small circles with the inner circle being that measurement you just took. making one circle for the front and one for the back. Cut them open and Sew up the little circles ends together.


For making the flounce-
Take the cross top measurement (as you see in the video) then plug it into this equation:
Circumference=diameter x pi
-So the front measurement for me was 20 then I would double that for to include the back. This is the circumference aka the entire length you want the inner circle of the flounce and the length from your shoulder down the front side and back around to your shoulder again.
-So for a less ruffley (looser than the “after” shots in this video) then you need to do Make a big circle and for me it had to be 2 half circles. By plugging your circumference (the cross front measurement x2 ) into the equation then you know that you will have to divide be 2, then by pi (pi is equal to 3.14). So for me:

40=diameter x pi

The diameter is the length you will straight across the center of the circle. Then add the 4.5″ on both sides to make up the ruffle width. To double check you will measure the inner circle to make sure it is that front cross measurement which for me was 20. You can see in the video where this measurement is.

The more ruffly you want the flounce the smaller the circle. For this exact top I cut 2 circles that had the inner circumference of the cross front measurement each with the added 4.5 inches. So Each of my circles had the inner circle or edge circumference of 20 (which was my criss front measurement).

20=diameter x pi

So this would be the straight across center of the circle measurement with added 4.5″ on both sides to make the circle. And the inner circumference aka the complete length around the inner circle is 20 or your front cross measurement.

For the most part….if this is sill confusing….which it was for me, then just test it out first with some extra material before you cut it from your main fabric or dress.

-Either way you must zig zag stitch the inner and outer edges of the circle to prevent fray.
-Then hem the outside edge of the circle under once 1/8” then iron
-Pin where you want the flounce-y ruffle to go making sure to pin the piece upward with right sides together.
-Sew the inner edge to the top.
-Then sew the neckline with a rolled hem by sewing 1/4 twice.
-If you need to you can hem your sleeves here with the same rolled hem
-I decided to take up the sleeves later!
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+ - - - - - - DIY very easy lace shift dress


Well, the story behind this dress is simple; I found some pink lace from savers and I really wanted a girly Valentine’s dress. Yes boring but true. Fortunately for me, I did finish it in time to wear on VDay, but unfortunately I didn’t get this out in time for you guys to have on VDay. Life just got in the way. And now….thankfully that life is getting better thanks to antibiotics.  Here it is anyway!

Dress: made by me // Coat: f21(old) // Shoes: topshop // sunglasses: rayban


2 yards of lace fabric
2 yards of lining (I chose knit because of the comfort and stretch)
Boxy top and A line skirt (or something close enough!)
scissors, matching thread, sewing machine

1. grab 2 or more yards of lace and lining fabric. My lining is knit because I find it more comfortable.
2. also grab a boxy top and an A-line skirt. Fold them and the fabric and match the folds up.
3. Mark the arm hole shape like so, then follow the top and skirt down to make an A-line shape and make sure to add seam allowance.
4. Repeat to make the back of the dress.
5. Now line up the fold of the inside out sleeve to the fold of the lace. 6. Mark the curve of the arm hole and taper down to an A-line shape.Like so. I found that the top of the curve and the end of the curve are within a square. And I decided to make it elbow length instead!
7. Cut out the lining fabric to to be the same as the lace front and back piece, but take it in a little so it doesn’t bunch underneath.
8. Sew the shoulder seams of the lace dress together.
9. Open up the dress so you see the neck hole in the center.
10.Grab the center of the sleeve and pin it it the shoulder seam right sides together. Then pin the sleeve outwards from there. If the dress doesn’t like up perfectly thats ok because we will be matching it up later when we sew it.
11. sew the sleeve to the arm hole and repeat with the other side.
12. Leave the lace dress inside out and the sides up. sew along the sleeve down the sides to close up the dress.
13. Grab the lining pieces and line them up right sides together. Sew up the side and shoulder seams.
14. Then hem the sleeves under with a rolled hem by rolling the edge under 1/4 twice and sew.
15. Try the dress on and mark any adjustments as well as mark where you want the neckline and the lining’s hem to hit.
16. Cut out the neckline on the lace and the lining to be the same
17. Turn the lining and the lace dress inside out. Now slide the lining into the lace and match up the neckline and sew.
18. Turn the lining into the dress and you’re almost done! Unless you want to add a topstitch to the neckline here you can. Last hem the bottom of the lining.


+ - - - - - - Last Minute sew and no-sew Valentine’s Day projects

you+me sharpie canvas

I’ve always been a sucker for seasonal decor and cheesing it up on any holiday…..Valentine’s Day is NO different. I’m posting just a few of some past tutorials and outfit DIYs to do in case you haven’t fulling embraced the VDay spirit or you’re just feeling crafty. Or like me….you don’t have anything you want to wear. So get your crafting/sewing pants on and have some fun!

For those who are looking to make something for you HOT date….look no further. Here are a few sewing and non-sewing ideas below. Also checkout my DIY section for even more clothing diys including maternity.

wide pleat wrap skirtmaxi wrap skirtasymmetrical wrap dressflutter sleeve wrap dress


2 EASY go-to Valentine’s Day heart inspired hair tutorials

heart-felt banner and 3D vintage book pages banner

DIY reversible kiss clutch

XO stamped top


“Follow the string” idea – fun gift surprise idea!

+ - - - - - - 2 EASY go-to valentine’s day hair tutorials – twisted heart and double braided heart knot


I’m all about cheesy holiday hair and outfits, why not? So embrace the heart for valentine’s day and stick it in your hair do! Make it subtle with the double braided heart knot or make it not-so-subtle with the twisted heart half up do.


Twisted heart half-up hair tutorial

DSC07514s  DSC07520sDSC07518s


Double braided heart knot hair tutorial


DSC07552sDSC07550s DSC07593sDSC07546s DSC07580s DSC07601s    DSC07548s

+ - - - - - - DIY 20 minute chiffon gathered skirt – VDay outfit series #2



2.5 to 4 yards of chiffon (sheer) fabric
2/3 to 1 yard lining fabric
1″-2″ wide elastic size of your waist
scissors, thread, sewing machine, pins


1.Grab at least 2.5 to 4 yards of sheer fabric. The more fabric length you have the more gathered and full it will be look. You can always take out some fabric out if it seem too puffy.
2.Cut the fabric to be the length you want plus extra few inches for the hem and the gathering, and if you are indecisive like me to decide later what length you want it. You may have to sew 2 long strips together like I did. In this case sew on of the sides together to make it a long strip.
3.Sew a basting stitch around the top of the skirt fabric
4.then pull the ends of the stitch gently, till the skirt gathers to match about the size of your waist
5. Sew the sides up to make a big tube. Then try on the skirt to determine if it was the right amount of puffiness. If it is too puffy at the waist, Cut some of the chiffon out and re gather to your waist again. Serge or sew edges with a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying because this kind of fabric will fray like crazy.
6.Now lets make the lining….You’ll need 2/3rd to 1 yard of fabric for the lining.
7.Lay out a skirt on top of the lining fabric thats folded. Then mark outwards on one side to make an A-line shape, fold down the center and cut the other side . Gently round the bottom and waist a little.
8.Sew up the sides then serge or a zigzag stitch the edges to prevent fraying which I don’t show this. then try the lining on, make any adjustments and mark where you want the hem, hem the bottom with a rolled hem of a 1/4” twice.
9.turn the skirt and lining fabric right side out and slide the lining into the gathered chiffon skirt and pin it together matching up the side seams.
10.Sew the two skirts together at the top and serge! Again I would serge or zigzag stitch the edges here to prevent the nasty fraying. I’m sorry I don’t show this!
11.Measure your waist with the elastic then Sew the two ends of the elastic together.
12.match up the sides of the elastic with the sides of the lining and skirt. remember the skirt’s waist won’t be as small as the elastic. pin.
13.Sew it together with a zig zag stitch or you can use a straight stitch as long as you stretch it while you sew.
14.Try it on again and hem the chiffon, which I did a rolled hem of 1/4” twice.

DSC07336sDSC07429sDSC07362sDSC07374s DSC07380s     DSC07420s

+ - - - - - - DIY silky fitted Kimono sleeve crop top video


1.Grab some 1 to 2 yards of satin or flowy fabric, like polyester or silk which is what I’m using here. fold it in half to make a rectangle that is the length you want plus a few inches and the width to be at least as wide or wider as one of your boxiest tops. Make sure to incorporate the longer sleeves. Its always good to over estimate! Honestly If I had more fabric to work with I would have made it a little wider.
2.Mark around the top of the shoulders down to elbow length sleeves, making the sleeves wide and boxy like a rectangle .mark the shirt pretty wide if you can, At least 5 to 10 inches wider than a regular shirt. You can always take it in later. It will end up looking like so.
4.Sew up the side seams and the shoulder seams right sides together. Serge the edges if you like. Try the top on again and see if you need to make any adjustments.
5.Cut notches into the armpit corner or serge raw edges really close to the seam so the armpits don’t bunch after turning right side out.
6.Cut out two, two inch strips that are the length of the sleeve’s opening when folded, then sew the sort edges together right sides together to make a little tube.
7.fold it in half and pin the edges or the folded tube to the edge of the sleeve opening right sides together and sew close to the edge.
8.Fold the fabric inside the sleeve and pin it down concealing the new band you just sewed previous.
9.Then topstitched sleeve band down 3/4” in and right along the edge
10.Try the top on and mark and cut where you want the new neckline to be but make sure to add seam allowance. I did a simple rolled hem which is folding under 1/4” twice and sewing. But If I have enough material I would have loved to put in a neckline facing which would be preferable. I have a tutorial for a neckline facing in my youtube channel.
11.Hem the bottom by folding under 1/4” then 3/4” and sew along the 3/4” from the bottom to just get the fold sewn to the shirt. Then topstitch the edge as well which will end up matching the sleeve hem.DSC07468s DSC07447sDSC07499s