+ - - - - - - DIY fringe sweater refashion

I’m obsessed with all this fringe around here and I thought it can’t be that hard to stick it on a sweater….and I was pleasantly surprised! It was easy and really really amped up a sweater to looking newer and fresher. Enjoy the simple refashion below!

fringesweat3fringesweat   fringesweat4

+ - - - - - - DIY dried eucalyptus and fruit table setting (with those free printable placemats)


Those of you throwing a little Christmas dinner party, this may be super easy for you to do last minute. Grab a few candles, a bag of cranberries,  a few bunches of dried eucalyptus (or buy it fresh), print off some Plum Box Press free placemats, and dry up some orange slices. Just layer the eucalyptus, stagger the candles in, and last, throw in some fruit! If you want to throw a free placemat under the plate, then wrap some rosemary around it, it always has a nice touch.

To dry up orange slices, I thinly sliced some cuties, coated them in sugar, threw them on a drying rack then put that on the oven rack, and let cook 2 hours (flipping halfway) at 200 degrees. I realized the thinner sliced it was the less time it needed. Like half of them burned because they only needed to be in for hour and a half.

spoons and cups from target, rest from the grocery store. FREE placemat here

dsc04667 dsc04666dsc04650 dsc04654 dsc04567

+ - - - - - - DIY 15 minute lace skirt video


This skirt is the ultimate feminine and flirty skirt. I can’t believe how easy and quick it is too. I made it just in time for holidays and I’m only out $6 after thrifting the lace and buying the lining and elastic. My favorite part….NO hemming. Can’t wait to try this on 10 other fabrics! Supplies and instructions that go along with video below.



2.5 to 4 yards of thin to medium weight lace fabric
2/3 to 1 yard stretchy lining fabric (nice you won’t need to hem or serge
2″ wide elastic size of you waist
scissors, thread, sewing machine, pins


  1. You’ll need 2/3rd to 1 yard of a knit or strechy  fabric for the lining. 
  2. Fold the lining in half and place a stretchy skirt down the middle of your lining. Then mark outwards on one side to make an A-line shape. Also mark the center of the skirt. 
  3. Fold at the center and cut the line you marked.
  4. Round the bottom of the skirt starting at the sides toward the center of the skirt at the fold.
  5. Flip the skirt to be right sides together or the outsides of the fabric pieces touching.
  6. Pin and sew the side together. This will become the side seams
  7. Serging optional because knit doesn’t fray!
  8. Grab a lace fabric that isn’t too thick so it can be gathered a lot. At least 2.5 to 4 yards. The more you have the more gathered and full it will be. I picked one that had a nice lace edge at the bottom because I liked that look and I don’t have to hem it!
  9. I will mark where I want the fabric to hit at my waist and legs. Cut and leave an extra inch at top for gathering and the waistband.
  10. Fold fabric in half making sure to line up the to shorter ends. Sew the side up to make a big tube.
  11. Sew a basting stitch or the longest stitch around the top of the raw  edge of the lace
  12. then pull the ends of the stitch gently, till the skirt gathers to match the same size opening of the waist’s lining
  13. turn the skirt and lining fabric right side out
  14. slid the lining into the gathered lace skirt and pin it together matching up the lace’s one side seam to one of the lining’s side seams.
  15. Sew the two skirts together at the top and serge if you want.
  16. Sew the two ends of the elastic together with a satin stitch which is a tight zigzag
  17. Get your 2” wide elastic and measure your waist as you stretch it a little.
  18. match up the sides of the elastic with the sides of the lining and skirt. remember the skirt’s waist won’t be as small as the elastic. 
  19. That is why you will be stretching the elastic as you sew.
  20. Sew it together with a zig zag stitch making sure to get the lace’s gathered stitch hidden just under the elastic and again, most importantly stretch it as you sew
  21. When you put it on for the first time you may hear threads snapping and that is totally normal because the straight non stretchy basting stitches are just coming undone and the zigzag stitches are there to keep everything together!

+ - - - - - - Free Christmas Printables from Plum Box Press!


I’ve teamed up with Plum Box Press today to give you guys some free printables for a prettier Christmas! Ashtyn, the designer and owner of PBP, makes such pretty and creative invitations and party accessories, she helped me design and host my sister’s baby shower last year. She also happens to be my siser-in-law and she is pretty great! Go check her out and while you’re at it download placesettings for that Christmas dinner, or a print to throw up on the wall, or some wrapping paper and tags for the presents you need to finish wrapping. Happy downloading! Links below. P.S. have you seen her amazing hair?

dsc04646dsc04817-2  dsc04822dsc04853

merry christmas tags
christmas print
christmas placemat
christmas wrapping paper b&w
christmas wrapping paper

+ - - - - - - My minted favorites and Christmas Cards


After I bought my house, I thought the hardest process was the remodeling….but really I found it to be the decorating! I never had experience with decorating an entire house before, or even a little one. I lived in a rented home before and didn’t have a desire to really change things up, not even the furniture that was left there. So….luckily, I have stumbled across many helpful sites and companies that have made this decorating process SO MUCH EASIER. One of those companies was MINTED! Their super pretty art prints have made my house so much more beautiful and homey. Admittedly I have only put art up in the kitchen and front room! But I will soon enough get to the rest of the rooms.


Also, another perk to finding MINTED are their pretty Christmas cards. I have never before ordered Christmas cards and loved their many designs, the customization, and the option of foil pressed! So dang pretty.  Here are a few links below my Christmas cards (foil and regular).

Holiday Photo Cards
Simply Stated Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards

Please check out some of my favorite picks from Minted that I’ve either purchased or yet to! Links below!


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

+ - - - - - - DIY fabric envelope gift wrapping + storage bonus (perfect for framed art and pictures)


Perfect for those of you that want this year’s Christmas Wrapping to last! I double this a storage item for those delicate items like picture frames. Happy wrapping! Thanks to Minted for contributing art! Stay tuned for more art picks tomorrow.

-fabric (Depending on the size of you gift)
-ribbon or trim to wrap around (need to be length of the fabric once cut x2)
-the present you are wrapping
-scissors, sewing machine, thread, pins