+ - - - - - - DIY split sleeve with bow detail top refashion (+cute open back!)


pants: gap//shoes: sam edelman(old)//sunglasses:rayban
Heres a fun blouse with split sleeves and bow details…and bonus….open back! I loved how this turned out…just may have shortened the bows a little bit.

-Grab a dress that has a lot of material or about a yard and half of fabric.
-Cut the dress’s bottom from the top.
-Lay the top out onto the bottom of the dress dress lining it up with the original bottom hem, If your dress has a button front or a center seam in the back, then lay the top down the center. Otherwise, lay it where you can salvage as much fabric as possible, then cut it out.
-Sew up the shoulder seams and the side seams.
-Grab a top that has long sleeves and lay it out on some of the remaining fabric. Trace around the sleeve making an A-line shape for a peasant looking sleeve. Make sure to cut a front and back piece, instead of one big one.
-Sew up the shorter side of the sleeve’s front and back together and serge or sig zag stitch. Then serge or zig zag stitch the 2 long edges separately.
-sew the top 2 inches and the bottom 2 inches of the sleeve’s long sides. Sew the serged edges once or twice under. This will end up looking like a topstitch.
-Grab more fabric and cut out a 8 – 3″ by 15” strips these will become the bows. I ended up making mine longer later because I liked bigger bows.
-Fold up each strip in half and sew the edge and one end. Flip them right side out and iron.
-Sew 2 of the strips together to make a long strip for the cuff.
-Pin and sew where you want the non cuff strips to be. I put them just above my elbow.
-You can sew under the edge of the bow before you attach it if you want to hide the serged edge.
-Serge the bottom of the sleeves
-Measure and mark your wrist around the center seam of the cuff and add a half inch to both sides.
-Pin the center of the cuff to the center under seam of the sleeve. Pin the wrist markings close to the other sleeve seam.
-gather the sleeve end into the cuff as you sew.
-Top stitch the serged edge back under into the sleeve.
-turn the sleeve right side out and slide it into armhole of the top which is inside out. Pin and sew. I also\ gathered a little near the top of the sleeve near shoulder seam.
-If you have button up back or open back then sew it closed here if you want.
– Hem the neckline by folding the neckline under 1/4” twice and sewing near the outside edge but do not stretch as you sew because you don’t the hem to roll out.

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+ - - - - - - DIY denim grommet lace-up dress refashion


Spice up any simple denim dress by adding a split neck with grommet lace-up detail….especially fun when its refashioned from an oversized outdated number! And bonus, for me, hammering in the grommet was a bit therapeutic.
shoes/sunglasses: target

1.First, grab an oversized dress and a shift or boxy dress you love the fit of. Then fold both in half and lay the shift dress on top. I made sure the bottoms of the dresses lined up so I didn’t have to hem the bottom and I could keep that factory made denim hem.
2.Mark and cut out the shift dress shape leaving extra room for error and for a more boxier look.
3.Sew front and back’s sides and the shoulders together. Then serge using a serger or a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying.
4.Try the dress on and mark the neckline as well as how long you want the slip to be.
5.Mark the center front of the dress to the length of the slit or split and cut down that line.
6.grab a big remnant piece left over from cutting out the dress and pin it on the outside of the dress. Sew close around the split. Other fabric here would work fine too.
7.cut through that new piece down the center between the slit again and cut into the corners.
8.flip that piece inside the dress and sew around the edge of the newly lined split.
9.place the grommets around near the split to measure and mark where the next sew line will go as well as sew down more of that inside fabric.
10.cut out the extra material around from the second sewn line from the split.
11.hem the neckline by either doing the easy thing by doing a rolled hem which is folding it under 1/4” twice and sewing or you can do my preferred method which is sewing in a neckline facing. I’ve mad a video tutorial for this in the past and you can find a link to it in the description below.
12.For the sleeve you can either do a rolled hem like the neckline or you can you can fray check the edge, then cuff them and tack them into place.
13.You will not see the neckline or the sleeves done here as I start the grommet process, but I did sew the neckline and sleeves before I actually put the grommets in. Space out the grommets evenly and mark where the holes will be.
12.cut out the holes with your scissors and poke the grommets through two double check
13.Next you’ll need a hard surface like concrete, a grommet or eyelet kit from a craft or tool store, fray check, and hammer!
14.Slide the little metal anvil piece underneath with no fabric under it, then place the bottom grommet piece on that and slid it through the hole of the front of the dress, here you can fray check your fabric just in case. then place the little washer, points facing down, toward the grommet and place the little tool or setter into the center of the hole of the grommet and washer.
15.Hit it with a hammer till it is secure.
16.Lace up the grommets with a shoelace or other type of ribbon or string.


+ - - - - - - DIY ruffle bell sleeve top refashion from men’s dress shirt


Pants: gap//top:self-made refashioned//shoes: enzo
For some reason, I’m a bit addicted to ruffle and bell sleeves. I have a hard time convincing myself to not make one every time. Literally almost made one 10 times this month. Made a little easier with sleeves just incorporated into the top.

Supplies: oversized button up (used hub’s too big dress shirt), top you like the fit of, scissors, sewing machine, pins, thread

1.Grab an oversized button up top and cut off the arms, the collar and the yoke in the back to flatten the box pleat, and seam rip the pocket off.
2.Lay a top down the center and cut around one half including the sleeve, folding it over and cutting the other side.
3.Sew the front and back shoulder and the sides together. Serge or zig zag stitch to prevent fraying.
4.Try the top on and make any adjustments, mark and cut where you want the neckline to be.
5.Cut on one sleeve into 2 rectangles at least 5 or more inches wide and 10 to 20 inches long once sewn together into a tube, the longer it is the more gathered and full it will look. Mine were about 15 inches long and 5 inches wide.
7.Sew the rectangles into a tube, then sew a basting stitch along one side.
8.gather the basting stitch to fit the sleeve opening. Repeat with the other sleeve.
9.Turn the shirt right side out and pull the sleeve end into the ruffle opening, pinning right sides together
10.Sew them together.
11.Hem the bell sleeve with a rolled hem by sewing 1/4” twice
12. sew the neckline under with the same rolled hem as the sleeve. Try to be careful here to not stretch or pull too much because it can look warped or roll forward.
13.Hem the bottom if you need.

I wore this out on my date last Friday, and danny (his idea! wha? Not usually his thing) wanted to take some pics while we were there. We ate at Sundance which is my favorite place. This was post garlic fries, hamburger and fried brussel sprouts.


+ - - - - - - DIY 10 minute side stripe jeans refashion


Want to take out your pants a little, make them into boyfriend jeans or just want to add some flare?? Well this tutorial was fun and easy! Will take just 10 minutes and 2 pairs of jeans you have fallen out of love with. For me these pants were way too tight both of them….they had major bleg (butt-leg). So i would always need to cover them with a jacket or  what not. So! Instead of going to the second hand store….its back into my closet.

Supplies: 2 pair of jeans, scissors, sewing machine or needle and thread, marking chalk, thread

1.first, cut the side seams out of a pair of jeans. If you already like the fit of your pants then take a little more out to match the same width of the piece you’re putting in.
2.take another pair of pants and check to see if it is similar enough to match up the pockets. If it a little off it will just add to the personality of the pants.
3. cut out 2-4 inches from side seams of the second pant, including some of the front pocket. Make sure both piece are cut the same – I marked it first to make it straight.
4.match up the pants and piece’s front sides right sides together. Pin to keep it all matched up.
5.At the sewing machine, unpin the top of the jeans till just under the pocket, then open up to the inside and pinn the top of jean pockets together. Sew them together till the end of the pocket.
6.Repin the side back up, making sure to cram the just sewn pocket into the pant leg.
7.sew the rest of the side all the way to the bottom.
8.Line up and pin the other side of the piece right sides together.
9.Do the same with the other leg.
10.Serge all the seams with a zigzag stitch to prevent fray
11.Cut the extra off at the ankle and I made it uneven to make it fun. fray the end by pulling the thread with a seam ripper.


+ - - - - - - DIY cross flounce top refashion

cross flounce

Oversize or maxi dress (or material can be used too)
basic top you like the fit of
scissors, pins, sewing machine or needle and thread, pins

-Grab an oversized or maxi dress or you can grab a yard and a half of material.
-Cut the dress’s bottom from the top.
-Lay a top on the dress’s folded fabric.
-Mark and cut
-Lay out that top piece again and cut out the back piece. I made sure to make the side seam be the center of the top’s back. if you want you can round the back’s arm hole less than the front.
-Sew up the shoulder seams.
-Cut out the sleeve’s from the original dress to reuse.
-Cut open the sleeves
-Match the center of the sleeve’s curve to the shoulder seam allowing a little tiny bit of gather at the top of the sleeve’s curve near the shoulder seam, if you want.
-Pin and sew.
-Line up the sides of the top and the sleeves with right side of the fabric touching and sew.
-When you make the front flounce piece you can make it any size
-measure the length from mid shoulder to a few inches below your armpit. this is your CROSS FRONT MEASUREMENT
-If you want a looser flounce or circular ruffle then you will want to make 2 semi circles with the inner half circle being that front measurement you just took. When the 2 half circles are sewn together you get one big circle that will go around you top.
-or If you want it really flouncy then make 2 small circles with the inner circle being that measurement you just took. making one circle for the front and one for the back. Cut them open and Sew up the little circles ends together.


For making the flounce-
Take the cross top measurement (as you see in the video) then plug it into this equation:
Circumference=diameter x pi
-So the front measurement for me was 20 then I would double that for to include the back. This is the circumference aka the entire length you want the inner circle of the flounce and the length from your shoulder down the front side and back around to your shoulder again.
-So for a less ruffley (looser than the “after” shots in this video) then you need to do Make a big circle and for me it had to be 2 half circles. By plugging your circumference (the cross front measurement x2 ) into the equation then you know that you will have to divide be 2, then by pi (pi is equal to 3.14). So for me:

40=diameter x pi

The diameter is the length you will straight across the center of the circle. Then add the 4.5″ on both sides to make up the ruffle width. To double check you will measure the inner circle to make sure it is that front cross measurement which for me was 20. You can see in the video where this measurement is.

The more ruffly you want the flounce the smaller the circle. For this exact top I cut 2 circles that had the inner circumference of the cross front measurement each with the added 4.5 inches. So Each of my circles had the inner circle or edge circumference of 20 (which was my criss front measurement).

20=diameter x pi

So this would be the straight across center of the circle measurement with added 4.5″ on both sides to make the circle. And the inner circumference aka the complete length around the inner circle is 20 or your front cross measurement.

For the most part….if this is sill confusing….which it was for me, then just test it out first with some extra material before you cut it from your main fabric or dress.

-Either way you must zig zag stitch the inner and outer edges of the circle to prevent fray.
-Then hem the outside edge of the circle under once 1/8” then iron
-Pin where you want the flounce-y ruffle to go making sure to pin the piece upward with right sides together.
-Sew the inner edge to the top.
-Then sew the neckline with a rolled hem by sewing 1/4 twice.
-If you need to you can hem your sleeves here with the same rolled hem
-I decided to take up the sleeves later!
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+ - - - - - - DIY very easy lace shift dress


Well, the story behind this dress is simple; I found some pink lace from savers and I really wanted a girly Valentine’s dress. Yes boring but true. Fortunately for me, I did finish it in time to wear on VDay, but unfortunately I didn’t get this out in time for you guys to have on VDay. Life just got in the way. And now….thankfully that life is getting better thanks to antibiotics.  Here it is anyway!

Dress: made by me // Coat: f21(old) // Shoes: topshop // sunglasses: rayban


2 yards of lace fabric
2 yards of lining (I chose knit because of the comfort and stretch)
Boxy top and A line skirt (or something close enough!)
scissors, matching thread, sewing machine

1. grab 2 or more yards of lace and lining fabric. My lining is knit because I find it more comfortable.
2. also grab a boxy top and an A-line skirt. Fold them and the fabric and match the folds up.
3. Mark the arm hole shape like so, then follow the top and skirt down to make an A-line shape and make sure to add seam allowance.
4. Repeat to make the back of the dress.
5. Now line up the fold of the inside out sleeve to the fold of the lace. 6. Mark the curve of the arm hole and taper down to an A-line shape.Like so. I found that the top of the curve and the end of the curve are within a square. And I decided to make it elbow length instead!
7. Cut out the lining fabric to to be the same as the lace front and back piece, but take it in a little so it doesn’t bunch underneath.
8. Sew the shoulder seams of the lace dress together.
9. Open up the dress so you see the neck hole in the center.
10.Grab the center of the sleeve and pin it it the shoulder seam right sides together. Then pin the sleeve outwards from there. If the dress doesn’t like up perfectly thats ok because we will be matching it up later when we sew it.
11. sew the sleeve to the arm hole and repeat with the other side.
12. Leave the lace dress inside out and the sides up. sew along the sleeve down the sides to close up the dress.
13. Grab the lining pieces and line them up right sides together. Sew up the side and shoulder seams.
14. Then hem the sleeves under with a rolled hem by rolling the edge under 1/4 twice and sew.
15. Try the dress on and mark any adjustments as well as mark where you want the neckline and the lining’s hem to hit.
16. Cut out the neckline on the lace and the lining to be the same
17. Turn the lining and the lace dress inside out. Now slide the lining into the lace and match up the neckline and sew.
18. Turn the lining into the dress and you’re almost done! Unless you want to add a topstitch to the neckline here you can. Last hem the bottom of the lining.