+ - - - - - - DIY flutter sleeve wrap dress refashion video – V-Day dress series part 1


Ok, ok, I know I’m a bit of a sucker for a good wrap dress I know. But I couldn’t resist. It was a bit too short for a maxi dress so midi it was. If you want some similar tutorials check out HERE and HERE.

1.Try on the dress and mark your natural waist with a half inch for seam allowance. then Cut.
2.Lay the top down and cut up the center front. Then cut out a new neckline into a deep V shape
3.Fold it in half and cut off some of the extra material.
3.Roll the neckline under 1/4” twice and sew. also sew up the side seams.
4.Try the top on and criss cross the front into a wrap. pin the wrap edges down where you want it to hit.
5.Also double check the natural waist and cut any extra off if necessary.
6. mark and sew how much the side seams and sleeves need to be taken in. It needs to be 5 inches wider than your natural waist (once wrapped).
7.Add a basting stitch the the back half of the top at the bottom edge and gather till the top is the same size of your natural waist while wrapped. This will make it a little more loose.
8.Set the top aside and make the bottom. Lay the bottom half down and cut it to the length you want and the make the width a little bit wider than your natural waist, make sure to include seam and hem allowance.
9.Then taper the corners of the bottom like so.
10.And also round the waist a little too
11.Hem whole bottom edge of the skirt by folding under 1/4” twice and sewing.
12.Place the top and the bottom pieces on top of each other right sides together lining up the waists. When pinning, gather the very bottom corners of the top at the waist to make a nice gathered look. If the skirt’s waist is too long then gather a little bit of it around the middle back.
13.Sew along the edge.
14.Try the dress on again and make any final adjustments to the sleeves, then hem them by folding under 1/4” twice and sew.
15.If you aren’t going to use ribbon or premade ties this is how you can make them. Take strips of the left over fabric from the dress and cut them in inch wide pieces. 15.Sew these pieces together to make 2 long strips. Then fold in the edges of these strips to hide the raw edges and sew. I just did this as I sewed to be fast.
16.Attach these ties to the waist on both sides.
17.Seam rip a half inch opening in the side seam where one of the ties will be pulled through.
18.Secure the opening down with a few stitches.




+ - - - - - - DIY 10 minute no-grommet lace up top



1. Try the top on and roughly mark where you want the buttonholes to be.
2.Lay the grosgrain ribbon across the V neckline 3 times with equal gaps in between.
3.Add pins on both sides of the grosgrain to show the buttonhole’s start and finish
4.Mark a centered line between each of the pair of pins to show where the buttonholes will be.
5. Sew the buttonholes. If your sweater is thinner or vertically stretchy, then you may need to reinforce with ribbon or whatnot so the buttonholes don’t turn out wonky or stretched out. You can use a button hole foot here if you like but it isn’t necessary.
6.Cut open the button holes
7.Lace the grosgrain ribbon through the hole
8.Shorten the ribbon to the desired length and burn the ends to prevent fraying



IMG_3624 copy



+ - - - - - - DIY Boxy Ruffle Dress Refashion video



When I saw this oversized dress I just knew what I was going to do! Only because I saw something very similar when I was browsing online, something I could afford. Which is usually the case. As long as you can find a boxy dress (it can fit you! It just has to have at least 8″ to 10″ (more would be even better) of extra length so you can cut off the bottom for a ruffle. Happy weekend.

1.Try the dress on, mark where you want the ruffle to begin…then cut on this mark. Keep in mind the width you want the ruffle because the fabric you cut off will become the ruffle.
2.Lay a boxy dress flat on top of the dress you’re sewing. Mark around the boxy dress. I left a little more room because I wanted it to have a little more flow
3.Sew along the lines and try on inside out. Make adjustments if necessary. If you need to take in the shoulder seam more you can, but I like a dropped shoulder seam. Also, You can hem your sleeves shorter here as well.
4.Cut off the extra and serge or zig zag the raw edge to prevent fraying.
5.Measure the bottom of the dress you cut off and cut it almost in half, you will need to add about a half inch to the non hemmed piece.
6.Hem the edge of the newly cut half of the ruffle piece to mimic the very bottom of the dress’s hem.
7.Sew all of the pieces together to make a very long tube
8.Sew a basting stitch along the very top unhemmed edge of the tube.
9.gently gather to make it the same size as the bottom of the dress opening. make sure not to snap the thread.
10.Pull the right side out dress into the inside out ruffle matching up the seams if you can. Pin and sew.
11.Serge or zigzag stitch the edges to prevent fraying.


+ - - - - - - How to remove pilling, aka lint balls (2 ways)

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 7.57.52 AMTwo easy peasy ways to remove pilling! You know those annoying fuzz balls that roll up on the top of your fabric? Well, I have a few simple tricks to get rid of them and they are life changing (for the wardrobe that is)!

Lint Shaver
Optional – lint roller

1. Lay item to be de-pilled as flat as possible. Any bumps or ridges can result in a hole! Be very careful!
2. gently and slowly run your razor along the surface (or you can just use a lint shaver). I find the razor to have the best outcome. I always run a the lint shaver over the harder to get parts. If you are looking to quickly de-pill then use the lint shaver, it will work great!
3. If you used a razor, then roll some tape or a lint roller over all the fuzz that was shaved off. Done!

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 7.57.04 AMScreen Shot 2017-01-17 at 8.00.39 AMScreen Shot 2017-01-17 at 7.59.04 AM

+ - - - - - - DIY loose peplum eyelet top refashion – video tutorial


I love a good refashion, I love to be challenged and I’m a sucker for before and afters. I picked up this top at the local thrift store, lover the pretty thick lace it had. I couldn’t resist. Some similar drawing diys in the past you can follow as well here and here.

instructions from the video:
-Try on the top and mark your natural waist and where you want the sleeve to end..
-Cut the sleeve and waist 1/2″ below the mark you made
-Put the top back on inside out and mark where you need to take it in. Just as an added help I put a boxy top on top of the lace shirt to make sure that I am marking it right.
-Sew along the marking
-Take the bottom half that was cut off and the extra sleeve that was cut off and cut them all open. match the extra pieces up to make sure they are all the same width.
-attach these pieces all together to make a long piece
-Fold the long piece in half and sew the short ends together into a big tube
-sew a basting stitch along the top of this tube
-pull gently till it gathers to be the same size of the waist opening of the top half
-Put the right side out top half into the inside out ruffled bottom half.
-pin them together and sew
-Cut out the lace edge of the sleeve and neckline if that is the look you are going for. Or you can hem them instead by folding under 1/8” two times.


+ - - - - - - DIY 5 minute distressed jeans video


Grab a pair of jeans you’re sick of and distress them!! Takes 5 minutes and you have a new pair of pants in rotation. All you need is some tweezers, scissors, seam ripper, and some no fray glue (optional).

top: target//pants: h&m//shoes//shoes: steve madden//bag: INC